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Begin again! New moon in Virgo + transformational energies with Leonine Venus square Saturn AND Mars.
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Azure - Healing Colour 25th August: For gentle calm if you feel stressed and confused. Hex:#F0FFFF #spiritual
Thurisaz - Rune 25th August: You may be under threat from those in authority but do not act beyond ... #spiritual
Four of Cups - Tarot 26th August: You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head... #spiritual
Peachpuff - Healing Colour 25th August: For a sense of balance and calm in difficult situations. He... #spiritual
Ehwaz - Rune 25th August: Movement with regard to large concepts for the benefit of all is indicate... #spiritual
Page of Swords - Tarot 25th August: You could get some news but its not what you wanted! Read more ... #spiritual
MOVED: Sienna - Healing Colour 24th August: This topic has been moved to Alternative Medicine & Spi... #spiritual
#spirituality How to Contact Your Spirit Guide by Pendulum Dowsing: How to Contact Your Spirit Guide by Pendul...
Sienna - Healing Colour 24th August: You maybe in the brown stuff but stay calm and think you way o... #spiritual
Kaunaz - Rune 24th August: Trust in your own abilities to overcome difficulties and put plans into ... #spiritual
Two of Pentacles - Tarot 24th August: Have some carefree fun to create a sense of balance and propo... #spiritual
#spirituality Virgo – Lovers Guide for Men and Women: Virgo – Lovers Guide for Men and Women Virgo is an astro...
Light Sky Blue - Healing Colour 23rd August: Inspires and helps you communicate your ideas. Hex:#87CEFA #spiritual
Raido - Rune 23rd August: The travellers rune, you could be approaching the end of a journey. Read ... #spiritual
The Chariot - Tarot 23rd August: Keep moving forward and don't let minor issues get in the way. Rea... #spiritual
Pale Violet Red - Healing Colour 22nd August: If you are weary this energises your spirituality and... #spiritual
Tiwaz - Rune 22nd August: Creative energy to achieve justice and balance for all.  Read more on Tiwaz #spiritual
Three of Cups - Tarot 22nd August: A celebration either because of a reunion or meeting someone tha... #spiritual
#spirituality Telekinesis – Moving Objects with the Power of the Mind: Telekinesis: The Power of the Mind by K...
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Rosy Brown - Healing Colour 21st August: Helps you retreat from life and recharge your batteries. H... #spiritual
Othila - Rune 21st August: Home life seems to be the focus, but perhaps you need to get out more of... #spiritual
Six of Swords - Tarot 21st August: .A time for movement both inward and outward, time away would he... #spiritual
#spirituality The Tower – Tarot Love Relationship Outcome & Reversed: Pictorial Key to the Tarot By A.E. Waite...