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Tony,JULY 15th
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woow 🙊�@naelauran_n_: 😳😳😳😩😩😩�"
Whas happening on the 15th , Pool party at my house, bring your own pool
I am sick and tired of people who think deodorant is an option
I would like to apologise to anyone I have NOT offended. Please be patient I'll get to you shortly
kanye make his clothes for people that wanna be Assassins Creed characters
Retweeted by Tony,JULY 15th
I Want A Vanilla Milkshake From Checkers !
Retweeted by Tony,JULY 15th
I hate when people cry in front of me like should I pat their head, should I grab their ass I don't fucking know :s 😰
#goodmorning 👊💋🚬 #usherraymondiv #beyoncé #jayz #justinbieber #iggyazalea #nickiminaj #chrisbrown #keepdoingwhatyoudo
USA BELGIUM turns out to be the Best
I wanna spend the rest of my fucking life fucking @Norluh_07
Me: *drinks stoney ginger beer* CeeDee: you're busy getting stoned eyi! Me: I can't do this (/_\) @Ozmik_
Retweeted by Tony,JULY 15th
I love her "@Norluh_07: @tonyDaAstronaut ♡"
Love you to (@tonyDaAstronaut ) Tonii ♡
Retweeted by Tony,JULY 15th
I have no problem texting while driving, but I won't text while going down stairs. That shits dangerous 😓
As a student, you're either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. ...or all three
The way people "like" status on FB is just annoying, I mean C'mon.. "I Hate Shoes" x63 likes ..WHY????
It is NOT possible right from the START ,I knew..
Nigeria vs Argentina LOL!
Wow things I didn't know could go together turns out THA BEST COmbO thanks @l0veg0ldS
Just can't wait to try it :) @l0veg0ldS
(O.O) Omg @l0veg0ldS this is news to me
Thinking Back To How I Use To Be, I Never Changed I Just Grew Tf Up
Retweeted by Tony,JULY 15th
Pray 🙏 &' Hope Things Get Better 👌
Retweeted by Tony,JULY 15th
I dO :p RT @Blaizengel: Who still uses yahoo messenger??
"@FLEECEBOONDOCKS: i give BITCHES the best advice they just never listen"
Are your legs made of Nutella? Cause I'd like to spread them.
Retweeted by Tony,JULY 15th
Mornin :) RT @Jessiiicarh: G'morning to all the skinny nigguhs!