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Benjamin Netanyahu
Video: PM Netanyahu's Speech at The 4th Annual International Cybersecurity Conference…
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The citizens of Israel commemorate the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks.
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Video: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Norwegian Foreign Minister @borgebrende.
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Video: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Meets Congressmen Ed Royce and Eliot L. Engel.
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PM: This is a common effort that all of us have to make against these Islamist terrorist groups that threaten our societies & civilization.
> they turn their attention & their investigative committees against these terrorists who trample every norm on which the UN was founded. >
PM Netanyahu: I think the UN would do itself a great favour if instead of the automatic Israel bashing, >
> What we see is that these terrorists groups are basically defying all intl norms, breaking them whether in Lebanon, in Syria or in Gaza. >
PM Netanyahu: We’re closely following the events on the Golan Heights where al-Nusra terrorists have kidnapped UN peacekeepers.
Video: Statements by PM Netanyahu, Rep. Rohrbacher and Rep. Meeks. Full statements:
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» At the same time, Hamas withdrew from all of its demands for a ceasefire, with neither time constraints nor other conditions.
PM Netanyahu: We hit the Hamas command centers and delivered blows that Hamas has not experienced since it was founded. »
» The IDF & the ISA killed almost 1000 terrorists, struck at the heads of the orgs, at their network of tunnels and terrorist high-rises. »
» This is what we have done this time as well. We struck Hamas very hard. »
» and we have always fought vigorously, and with strength, against those who wish to destroy us, while building up our state. »
PM Netanyahu: Since the establishment of the State of Israel, our hand has been extended in peace to those of our neighbors who want peace »
PM Netanyahu's remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting today at Hof Ashkelon.
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Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas. They are branches of the same poisonous tree.
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»The State of Israel will continue to stand with the civilized world in its war against extremist and violent Islam.
» We will not complete the mission, we will not complete the operation, until this goal is achieved.»
PM Netanyahu at the Cabinet Meeting: We embarked on Operation Protective Edge to restore quiet and security to all Israeli citizens. »
Khaled Meshaal claims Hamas does not target civilians. The same day a four year old is killed by a Hamas mortar.
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The simple truth: #Hamas is #ISIS. ISIS is Hamas. Performing public mass-executions in cold-blood.
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Common interests of #ISIS and #Hamas - Two branches of the same poison tree.
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For more updates and statements and to watch interviews w/ the media, follow PM Netanyahu's spokespeople @MarkRegevPMO and @ofirgendelman.
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WATCH: PM Netanyahu, this evening: "Hamas is like ISIS. ISIS is like Hamas. They're branches of the same tree"
PLZ RT: For the 11th time, Hamas has broken the cease-fire, and continued to fire rockets at israel. #ProtectiveEdge
We will continue to be steadfast and united until we achieve the goals of the campaign – the restoration of quiet&security for all Israelis.
Hamas knows that we are very strong. Maybe it thinks we do not have enough determination and patience, and here it is making a big mistake.
As long as quiet is not restored, Hamas will continue to take very harsh blows. If it thinks that we cannot stand up to it, it is mistaken.
If Hamas thinks that continued sporadic firing will cause us to make concessions, it is mistaken.
If Hamas thinks that it can cover up its military loss with a diplomatic achievement, it is mistaken.
We destroyed its of tunnels, intercepted the rockets & foiled the terrorist attacks it tried to perpetrate against Israeli civilians.
Only with a clear response to our security needs will we agree to reach understandings. Hamas has taken a severe military blow.
From the first day the Israeli delegation to Cairo has worked under clear instructions: Insist on the security needs of the State of Israel.
PM Netanyahu at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting: We are in the midst of a combined military and diplomatic campaign.
Video: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.
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» We will stand together, united and determined, until we complete the work.
Israel will not negotiate under fire and will continue to take action to change the current reality and bring quiet to all of its citizens »
The operation will continue until its goal is met: restoring quiet for a long period. I said at its outset that it'll take time & patience »
Prime Minister Netanyahu at the weekly cabinet meeting: Operation Protective Edge is continuing. At no stage did we declare its conclusion »
WATCH: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was interviewed today on International TV Networks.
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Video: PM Netanyahu met today with @ICRC President Peter Maurer and showed him evidence of Hamas use of Human shields
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Hamas head Mashaal, 2009: Most of the money we received after "Cast Lead" is directed towards military resistance.
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The UN & the US received assurances for an unconditional ceasefire in #Gaza. Israel respected it. Hamas violated it.
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Video: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tonight at press conference regarding Operation #ProtectiveEdge
SHARE THIS: #Hamas sacrifices #Gaza for its extremism "The blood of the Shahids is the fuel of our victory"
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#Hamas sacrifices #Gaza for its extremism: "The resistance protects its people who are paying with their pure blood"
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Statement by PM Netanyahu this evening at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv #IsraelUnderFire
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