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David Carr
nerd comedy geeks 71,409 followers
I'm Deadpool with a flyswatter. True story.
Not sure why but I'm anxious after placing my Funko Darth Vader next to my Dark Helmet figure on my desk. #ad
RIP Ultimate Warrior.
The Silverdome adds another historic wrestling moment to its resume. Hogan slamming Andre and now Lesnar ending #TheStreak. #WrestleMania
Well, the Streak's over. Time for the Divas match. #WrestleMania
The Ultimate Warrior's #WWEHOF speech was both a trainwreck and a work of art.
LOL James Franco.
So, about last night...
Beth. It's what's for dinner. #TheWalkingDead #Terminus
But seriously, #TheWalkingDead finale felt a little familiar. Like I've seen this before. Oh wait, I have. #Terminus
Just added Funko C3P0 to my collection. Wonder how he'll get along with my Mighty Muggs Cobra Commander. #ad
It's #OpeningDay... and no one remembers or cares. You know, whatever.
"Dammit Carl, get back in the train car!" #TheWalkingDead #Terminus
"Tainted" meat! "Tainted" meat! #Terminus #TheWalkingDead
I wonder if anyone else with this cut drives a minivan.
Sorry Glenn, but all the signs are there. #WhoWillSurvive #Terminus #TheWalkingDead
Just watched Fright Night on Netflix. Curious what had happened to "Evil" Ed... Sometimes I really hate Google. #OhYoureSoCoolBrewster
No one cared who BaneCat was, until he put on the mask.
OK, so the "first look" #TMNT movie trailer looks like hot garbage. Still better than this.… #TMNTmovie
Really, @twitter? We've been together three years and it's like you don't even know me... @GoldbergsABC
So, let's talk #comics. Name me 5 titles I should be reading right now. Oh, and try to work it into a jingle if you can. I love jingles.
Sorry I've been so absent since my Disneyland excursion. Long story short, I found God. And he wears mouse ears.
Dear Thursday, I hate you, please die.