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Omfg I want to kiss Tom Hiddleston now... 😭
Don't mind me. Just sobbing about the death of a dog named Bryan.....from a cartoon.
I don't know about you guys but I actually had a fear of Thomas the Train when I was a kid.
Black Friday is a reminder that we are NOT ready for a Zombie Apocalypse.
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Gray Thursday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday? Regardless, I'm still broke on any of those days.
Happy early Thanksgiving everyone! :)
I was a cheapskate even when I was a kid...I remember once when it was picture day. Pictures were 5 dollars. I used 500 pennies.
My mom ruined my plans...I couldn't watch Catching Fire on premiere day. ;_____;
"Can I borrow your ruleeeeerrr! Ruler! Your pencils and your lunch money. And maybe your glue! Your glue! Your glueeeeeee!" Brb dying
Fieldtrips. This means I'm not going to do my homework, so don't ask me for it.
Seen Story of My Life way too many times...
Just started watching Black Butler. I understand none of what's happening
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It's unfair how all these kids got these modern toys that fly and move and shit. I grew up with Cheerios for toys. 😠😕
I'm a qualified dumbass.
How come every time I try to listen to music...a plane passes by?
I just want a really cute meet and greet photo with Ariana like kissing on the cheek or hugging is that too much to ask?
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I was late to homeroom at 9:10...on 11-12-13. Buahaha! :) 😝😏
Apparently family bonding means no food...
My four day weekend sucked....