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Tony $tark
Tony stark baby girl call me tony stark
That's why I don't mention females on here lol. Because if I do, I'm either talking to them or fucking them
I get labeled a Thot and I'm not even fucking anybody 😩
I wouldn't even know about these niggas saying shit if the didn't tag me in it.
Dirty soda, spike lee, white girl, ice-T
Kakashi vs obito was soft af honestly... Madara was a straight savage tho…
I already spent $200 today 😩 I gotta chill
At the end of the day, I'm not trying to be local or stay local, so I'm not about to involve myself with some local kids wanting attention
I signed up for this shit, I know what comes with it
When people recognize you're getting to where you want to be and are making more progress than them, that's when fans become haters.
Bruh... This nigga watching my every move and stalking me lol. Chill
I'm proud to say that @KingBillions is my #1. He's been there since day 1 and I trust him with my life. That's my booboo💛
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"Dj's mad I took they old bitches. Went from insta, to snapchat sending me and my niggas her titty pictures" you niggas fueled my fire 😈
You may believe someone is being too critical of your work sty... More for Cancer
I'll die for my nigga's
Bo & Paul having sentimental moments in the group chat fam
Even though it was Bo's bday, he treated me like it was mine. Every time I said "it's your bday" he'd say, "it's yours"
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Lowkey about to watch straight outta Compton again 😩
Never once have I spent a check on soundcloud plays. Your favorite artist's label does though
I've never been so tired in my life. 😴
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But Ima let my music do the talking, not the other way around. Y'all got the shit backwards
Coming from a nigga that gets multi-Thousand views and wants me to be the first artist featured on their page
Tyler & Trevor Clark act like I won't personally walk to their house and slap the fuck out of them lol
Niggas still talking? Lol stop it
Baby don't worry, you know that you got me
Don't go through the front door, it's lowkey at the night show
So Yall just saying fuck my childhood huh? Everything that Yall taught me was a lie…
Every person needs to realize how FALSE this is…
Season 1 the original Spartacus was a full blood savage…
You niggas wasn't real Travis Scott fans, do don't act like it when rodeo comes out 😴
I'm a reborn again virgin 😌
So much happiness in one bottle 😍q
At the end of the day when you count, numbers don't lie to my baby
Half of Yall parents don't even make 40k a year... Let that sink in. I'm only 21
But hey, Yall go back to worrying about what I do, and Ima worry about what to do with this 60k+ that I make yearly
Meanwhile, gang just cooling and laughing at you niggas
You spent 10mins of your unimportant life, subtweeting about us lol.

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