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Terrell Lucid.
Fried calamari sounds sooo good
Someone go to the club with me tonight!
Someone bring me an Oreo cheesecake blizzard please 😐
You may be feeling out of sorts today as the cosmic currents p... More for Cancer
I hope Tyleigh falls off a bridge
😴😴😴😴 time
Just sitting on my driveway bc I don't have friends
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So if anyone wants to text me, that'd be cool. If not, I'll just watch anime.
@ImTheNoodles: “@_TeamAnime: 😩😩” I fell for this again. Shit” almost shit my pants
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I want a steak 😭
Get the fuck out my face
I know you niggas lowkey bumping my song with your team lol
My phone is dying 😭😭😭😭
A massage would be soooo clutch right now.
My body hurts like hell 😢
S/O to Da Team Tho ===>>> Terrell Lucid - Team ... Who Ready For 2014 TakeOver?!… on #SoundCloud
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I hope you fuck boys stay jealous.
If I swing I know Jay gon pop off and if Jay pop off then Jourdn poppin off then Marc then Deangelo and any otha nigga that got love for me💯
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Bitch I do it for my team.
If I only got $5 and my homie broke then I got $2.50 always break bread wit the niggaz you starved with 💯
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Everytime I see Marc I flex a bankroll on him show his ass I'm on my way to that milli 💰💵
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Lmfao they're playing my song at the store!
Heres the song twitter! PLAY AT HIGH VOLUMES!!!… s/o to @SpeezyOnTheBeat
I'm giving EVERYBODY buckets. I don't care who you are.
Niggas die everyday B
If it's a bill for my team ima take care of it.
Why does every nigga with dreads look alike? 😳
Who's hooping today? A nigga get off at 5 😁
That booty talkin what that sh*t say?
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This niggas has on jean shorts, nike socks, and sketchers shoes... What in the fuck 😐😳😦
My face was like 😦
No I'm not lol. Paul beat the shit out of this chick at a party for curving him 😂
Someone go to the zoo with me 😁
Who wants to wash my car FOR YHE FREE?!?
LADIES 👇👇😂 Suck His Dick When He Mad🍆 Suck His Dick When He sad🍆 Suck His Dick When He sleep🍆 Suck His Dick When He horny🍆 SUCK HIS DICK 🍆
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Going to slap the fuck out of this nigga...