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Flexington Lucid
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Lmfaooo this nigga @spinnerwinner10 don't chill 😂😂😂 not even on snapchat 😂😂
Come out and tweak with us tonight!
@spinnerwinner10: Hit up @KushedOutSlim Or @KingBillions an let my niggas no if u coming an shit.come tweak” tonight
I'm about to sleep until tonight lol
Your feelings are so tangible that they could overwhelm your p... More for Cancer
Pineapple and turn up smoothie 😂😂
I want philly steak hot pockets so bad 😭
LMFAOOO @NateHasInk's snapchat 😂😂😂
Next year's goal is to make 20k per month.
You niggas not even in my fucking tax bracket!
We ain't no fashion killas, nigga we fashionable killas, yall got Lucid fucked up!
Baby girl these diamonds they but phony. This car I drive it came from Barcelona.
I just hit a stain faneto!
I hope you niggas ready for Saturday 😈
My nigga slim just told me something NICE for all you niggas and thotties 😈
Hungry..... But going back to sleep
You can't escape the burden of responsibility today, but you s... More for Cancer
Aight bruh young lucid going to schleep! Night Tweebs
Niggas will sell the soul of their first born child to get the address to a party
I told lydia I was going to the strip club in sweats and a t-shirt and she believed me 😂😂
I missing the game 😭😭
Da lil homie PS I have a unibrow 😂�
That nigga @BallHardSlim calls me an says "party or kick back this weekend PICK ONE" PARTY MF!
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Saturday about to be popping 😈@BallHardSlimm
So if my nigga throws a Halloween party this week, who'd dress up?
Leaving at 5:30 fuck it 😂
I don't understand skinny females with fat faces...
These hoes just get fucked and passed on to the next
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Your bm in my dms I think she's into me
Seriously life is getting better
Best phone call this week! Hello $40,000 a year 🙌
Whether or not you realize it, you are on the edge of a creati... More for Cancer
I need new gauges 😔😩