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Ms. Candy Lowd
@MeMethatNEfan I'll be on my iphone on a plane.
@MeMethatNEfan both of those make me have an internet connection.
@_____Dan______ I'll take a look. Not much of a "pool" person but it can't hurt. Thanks.
I'm looking for iPhone apps/games that can be used without wifi while on a plane. Most games need an internet connection.
I wonder if Donnie will shave his beard before the end of the season #BBAD
Watching #BBAD and waiting for Frankie and Zach to get their HOH room.
@AmpsDallas sorry. Just noticed this. Checking now
@NewRizzAddition Nope. We've been together for 26 years. Our wedding day is our 27th anniversary.
Wow! I can't believe that it's 2 months until my wedding.
@DaMan68 Ya, but it didn't work out. That person was just acting stupid and it didn't make sense.
@parisdance2014 That's Gabby. Shes a Yorkie. She'll be 2 this month.
I LOVED the old-school set in the #BETAwards I wanted to see more!
@DaisyMoon23 for the most part that's what I've been hearing about all of the shows so far except Boston
@cpos Yes. Very busy, but it's a good busy.
Tonight!!! SJ Presents The #THEALLSIXTOUR with New Edition & Joe at the Barclay's Center!
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I can't comment in the rest because I wasn't there.