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If there is only one other black person in the room, you both are automatically friends.
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Why am I finding it so difficult to just sit down and revise?!
Too tired mannn never even have time to come on twitter
My parents are lucky I was too lazy to go through a rebellious phase
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bus journeys with music are so much better than ones without
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Every morning I miss my bus because of my little brother and sister 😐
@LadHumour: Girl: Can you come over? Guy: Nah I'm looking after my siblings Girl: I have a free house Guy:” 😂😭😂😭
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Oh ye happy new year everyone. Sorry it's late I forgot
So it's the holidays and I've had a shower cus I thought we had school. Wot is life
Funny how my mum noticed you were a fake friend before I did
I don't understand how it's so cold inside my house
Why is it so dark in the mornings. I gotta leave out but can't see anything wot
Cba for a full day today man. Just not ready yet
I don't understand why people chose to talk to me when they know I dislike them
your reputation in high school doesn't matter once you graduate anyways so why spend 4 years trying to impress people you'll never see again
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"Deleting people ping to stay" pls delete me bitch rahh I can't be doing with irrelevant bc's so early
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Keep forgetting I have twitter
Rtetwee fi yuo raed tihs wihtuot a porblem baecuase yuore jsut taht asoemwe.
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When I'm alone in my house, every sound is a ghost.
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You know them people who are rude to you on twitter/Facebook but in person wouldn't even look at you in the wrong way?