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Snacks Hit the Spot Globally -- and Replace Meals
10 Denver-Area Kids Have Strange Muscle Weakness
This Deadly Virus Is Actually Killing Kids in U.S.
Caffeinated Underwear? FTC Says It Lacks Buzz
'I Have HIV And I Want You to Know It'
Colorado Children Showing Polio-Like Symptoms
This Exercise is the Superfood of Fitness: Experts
Child With Rare Lung Disease Helps Others
Health Expert: Pumpkins Are Healthy, Pumpkin-Flavored Lattes Aren't
Best Birth Control for Teens? Hint: Not the Pill
Possible Ebola Patient Arrives At U.S. NIH Lab
How to Calm Your Brain and Find Peace on a Busy Day
Exposure: Five Babies Test Positive for TB Infection
'Devastating': When a Miscarriage Can Turn Deadly
5 Babies Test Positive for TB in Texas Exposure
U.S. Doctor Exposed to Ebola to Be Admitted to NIH
Liberia's Top Doctor Goes Under Ebola Quarantine
Kitchen Makeover: Simple Changes to Avoid Mindless Eating
Do I Have Enterovirus? What to Know About Virus Grabbing Headlines
This Is One of the Most Under-Diagnosed Conditions in the U.S.
Inevitable Outbreaks: Can We Prevent Another Ebola?
What's the World's Deadliest Virus?
Junk Science: Male Sex Drugs Under FDA Fire
Kids Struggling to Survive, UNICEF Says
California Bans Sterilization of Female Inmates
How To Save 60,000 People from Rabies? Vaccinate Dogs
Vaccinating Dogs Could Eliminate Rabies, Experts Say
Jaundice Detection On Your Phone
Nearly 2 Million Youth Have Chlamydia, Survey Finds
Half of Gay Men with HIV Miss Treatment, Study Finds
Third U.S. Ebola Patient Released From Hospital
'We Will Not Relent': Obama Calls for More Action on Ebola
Third U.S. Ebola Patient Released From Hospital
Watch Live: Obama Calls for Action on Ebola Crisis
Latinos Get Insured by Obamacare in Droves
Skirt Size Increase Linked to Breast Cancer Risk: Sudy
Melinda Gates, Hillary Clinton team up on women's health, education
Fat Suit Diet: Our Friends May Influence the Way We Eat
Multitasking Linked to Less Gray Matter in the Brain
Stunning or Stunt? Yoga on Ledge Sparks Debate
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They should use their devices to capture moments filmed outside, double barrel :) @NBCNewsHealth
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Also impt not to make all screen time a forbidden fruit. Moderation really is key...and not just with screen time! #LifeisWhy
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Grea tips! RT @PARENTandCHILD How parents can set screen time rules the whole family can live with: #LifeisWhy
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How do you get your kids away from the screen to get in some physical activity? Tell us using #LifeisWhy
Some of that physically active housework you do every day helps boost your heart health. See what works! #LifeisWhy
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What are some healthy habits / activities you share with your kids...or started doing b/c of them? #LifeisWhy
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