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Nazr Mohammed
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RT @MrMichaelLee: Nice story on @BBallAnalytics, private analytical coach 4 NBA stars like Kevin Durant & John Wall:
Diabetes and high cholesterol are conditions that runs in my family. However, I will never develop these ...
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Exactly smh lol #golf RT @BIEjr: @NazrMohammed @sandman9196 this trash talk from a guy who hasn't beaten either of us in almost 3 years
U joking right lol. U ain't ready. ⛳️ #TheyCallMeLionIron #TigerWoodsCousin #Golf RT @sandman9196 Stop running!!!!! @NazrMohammed @BIEjr
#JustDoIt #JustDidIt #workout2inthebooks #AllDamnDay #StillPissedHowTheSeasonEnded
So true!!!! Working on doing a better job of affecting the people around me in a positive way. #NazrMohammedFoundation #ThePowerOfGiving #repost @sagana7
Time to go to work RT @AthIeteFitness: Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.
This is how I feel 2day.., Pissed I can't have any carbs this week lol. If u see me and I'm short with u or just plain ole mean, that's the reason. Suffer now and appreciate it later. #10More2LoseBeforeTheRebuild #TooClose2MyGoalToQuitNow #ItsAllMental #OffSeasonTraining #StillPissedHowTheSeasonEnde
So focused on the task at hand #repost @teebillups
I hate when this happens lol #IfUDontLoveUrselfThenWhoWill #repost
Talked to the rooks at the @NBA Pre-Draft Camp seminar. The future is bright for the league w/ these young men. #ThatWasMe16yrsAgo
@NazrMohammed very fun sport that helps taller kids learn great foot work that will help them with post moves. Plus you run for days!
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At my son's soccer game. Soccer is a great 1st sport kids. Good cardio & it's improving his footwork for other sports too. #WishIHadPlayed
Morning #cardio and #core. A quarter of the way to my goal. Keeping the blinders on til I get there. #FocusedAndDetermined #StillPissedHowTheSeasonEnded #CantSleepWhenTheresWorkToBeDone
So here is how I finish my breakfast... Every morning I make a blended fruit juice of 2 limes, 2 kiwis, a ...
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my massage therapist was kinda upset when I was face up, she was rub'n my thighs, I look her dead in the eyes and said 'turn down for what'
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Not really but now I have to think about it lol RT @cnupegolf: @NazrMohammed have u thought about motivational speaking if you ever retire?
RT @Sean_Dockery: Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come.
My passion won't let me sleep... All I can think about is the work that needs to be done so I get up &; do it. #Rise&Grind #HighlyMotivated
Post workout with the mad genius. Doing 2 a days in May. #HighlyMotivated and #StillPissedHowTheSeasonEnded #HaventBeenThisLightSinceCollege
Weather was perfect so I got me a great sand workout 2day. #Sprints #2mileSandRun #BallSquats #ILoveThePreparation UNeverHaveToGetReadyIfUStayReady #StillPissedHowTheYearEnded
RT @JayZClassicBars: "I don't know how to sleep, I gotta eat...stay on my toes/ Got a lot of beef, so logically, I prey on my foes"
I'm ready RT @KWPGA: @NazrMohammed u've got some work to do to get to the Champions Tour, but we can get it done in 14 years pro! #practice
Getting ready for the PGA Champions Tour (Seniors Tour). I'm reading OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell and I've come to the conclusion that if I retire at in 4yrs when I'm 40. That gives me 10yrs to get my 10K hours of practice to become a professional golfer and join the Tour lol. #JustThinkingOutLoud #
Such a beautiful day I decided to hit a few golf balls. Haven't played since the end of September. Need some more work but #WhoWantSomeOfDeebo lol #ImGettingReadyForYall @toinewalker8 @rmercer33 @mog623 @@jnclar1 @@antoineSpillman and others