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Nav K
Remember when #BatmanvSuperman was coming out on July 17th 2015....they were the good times...
DC Cinematic Universe: Are we feeling more confident with it now? #BatmanvSuperman #SuicideSquad
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Aww poor Hannibal misses Will, maybe you shouldn't have stabbed him then... #HannibalPremiere
Today is a good day because it's #Hannibal day.
Bought Empire magazine just to get the BvS posters, haven't even bought a magazine since I was 15.... #dedication
Also he may look like SuperBro but we're still getting good old Clark Kent #ActionComics
#JusticeLeague 41 Review: Darkseid War is a worthy epic #DCComics
Also i like that little synopsis for #Aquaman, nothing better than pissed off Atlanteans
Welcome James Wan to the DC family #Aquaman
Prison Break limited season: Captain Cold and Heat Wave break out of Belle Reve, Flash catches them and makes them join Legends of Tomorrow
Okay this spot makes the movie seem a lot better #AntMan Extended TV Spot (2015) #Marvel
Aww hope this isn't the complete end #CommunityFinale #demfeels
Not surprising he isn't happy with The Wall…
So the Action Comics 41 Preview slightly relieved my tensions of getting douchey Superbro from here on out
Thank you #CriticsChoice for finally giving some much needed recognition to #TheAmericans
Do we even care who plays #SpiderMan at this point? #Marvel
I feel like I'm the only one that doesn't watch #GameofThrones
#SDCC is quickly approaching, ready for all the goodness that's about to come!
Yaass good idea, keep the mystery #excited…
FANBOY NATION POLL! What @heroichollywood scoop should I launch with on Mon? YOU DECIDE! RT for DC FAV for MARVEL. Loser of poll drops Tues.
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#Deadpool has been a privilege to make. And we got to make this film because of you. Gonna eat a samich now. #wrapped
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Is it a waste for Chris Pine to play #WonderWoman's love interest?
mmmkay Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, I can see it
Point Break may not look great, but at least that guy is a better actor than Keanu Reeves when he was in it originally #stilllovekeanu
Cannot wait for the inevitable car race between the Batmobile and Joker's ride #SuicideSquad
Did somebody say Batmobile? #SuicideSquad
Yess I would watch the shit out of a silent version of #MadMaxFuryRoad
Is there a #DCComics Pilot conspiracy going on?
I just spent the last 20 minutes searching up naked pictures of Kim Kardashian for an assignment...yupp #scarredforlife
What's going on with the new Superbro-I mean, #Superman? via #DCcomics
That was one fast moving #Supergirl Pilot
Ahhh #MadMaxFuryRoad is sooo good, not just another mindless action flick #whatalovelyday
#TheFlashSeasonFinale : epic is an understatement; waterworks; oh and destruction of the world. So many feels! @grantgust @CW_TheFlash
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#TheFlash Season Finale Discussion: Did we just create a multiverse???
Yess love the Hush inspired #BatmanvSuperman promo art!
These #SuicideSquad set pics are starting to get a little spoilerific, they also don't soothe my dying pain to watch the movie...
Wow #ExMachina is a great movie! Hal 9000 and Ava could probably be friends
Urghh I do not like Doomsday #BatmanvSuperman #stupidvillain
#LegendsofTomorrow Trailer Discussion: A superhero epic
#Arrow 3x23 Discussion: A happy ending, for a mediocre season.
Yass bring on June #TrueDetective
Dem feels when ATOM shrinks #LegendsofTomorrow
First of all: DC's Legends of Tomorrow looks pretty amazing. Second of all: Yayy for Spider-Man casting
Oh #CrimsonPeak looks visually stunning!
Well that was a surprisingly uplifting ending #Arrow

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