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Nav K
Taika Waititi in Negotiations to Direct 'Thor: Ragnarok' for Marvel (Exclusive)
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This could be cool, not surprising it's being made the same time DC is making the Powerless comedy series…
David Cronenberg rejected offer to direct #TrueDetective, blames "bad" script
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A producer's wife complaining bout the SS script coz its all origin stories doesn't worry me, how else will non CB readers get to know them?
As much as i love the movie not even it could get fully into the depth of the comic, HBO is the perfect home…
So #TheMartian was amazing, definitely one of the best of the year, Ridley is back!
#JusticeLeague #44 Review: Did [spoiler] really just die? It appears we have a winner!
Donald Glover: Actor. Rapper. Writer. Director. Comedian. Movie star?
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Ummm did they just kill him off???? #NCBD #JusticeLeague #DarkseidWar
Actually quite the solid premiere #AgentsofSHIELD
Somewhere out there, there's a finished edit of Batman v Superman...
Basically this.
Woo David Tenant is going to be in the universe for a while! :)…
Sorry, fanboys: Universal has officially taken PACIFIC RIM 2 off its calendar, confirming this @THR story:…
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I actually love that the only account @Snowden is following is the NSA heh
Bit weird how Jason Rusch exists in the Flashverse, yet they created a new character for the other half of Firestorm :/
Meanwhile, a thousand people at Fort Meade just opened Twitter.
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So goodbye Ronnie Raymond and hello Jay Jackson apparently #Firestorm #TheFlash
#Gotham 2X02 Discussion: So is Jerome the Joker? Does it even matter?
Dick and Superman team up for a Gotham adventure. Preview GRAYONS ANNUAL #2:
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Thank god for autosave ♥
Okay that was a pretty great episode! "you're just tiny little cogs in a giant, absurd machine" #Gotham #Joker?
Words hurt Supes too, Batman
Aquaman is my spirit animal
Was expecting to wake up to some presents on #BatmanDay, where they at @BenAffleck @ZackSnyder ???
Happy #BatmanDay! Why is Batman so popular?
This cover comes pre-commented so the trolls don't have to
So my friend was shocked to hear that Superman was an alien when i told her how...
Not feeling the new Bond Song, doesn't have the classic bombastic Bond chorus #WritingsOnTheWall
Tonight, @MattDamon talks to @abc730 about @MartianMovie and the nerds who helped make it.
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Hear the first play of the @samsmithworld #SPECTRE theme song at 7:50 this morning on @BBCR1 @BBCRadio2 @KissFMUK @CapitalOfficial
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Bat-God is a real dick.
Only 6 months to go until we witness greatness
Morena Baccarin and Ben Mckenzie are having a baby in real life??? Wth where did that come from hahah #Gothambabies
Omg I love her in #MrRobot, great casting!…
Grayson #12 Review: The Bat Family reunited!
Wacky Wednesday: ‘Hannibal’ Re-Cut As A Wacky Food Network Reality Show via @hungrco
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Grayson #12 giving me wayy too many feels #reunited #NCBD
How the hell do people not realise this is a fake account??? Not even Sony is that dumb...maybe...…
The Batman v Superman IMDB message board is a dark and scary place
Court of Owls in Gotham makes sense, but they can't have Gordon defeating them, this is one that reallly needs to be left open for Batman
#Gotham 2x01 Breakdown: Welcome back to the weird world of Gotham
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Well at least it's not as bad as what happened with the PM and the pig on Black Mirror #piggate
Sad Tatiana Maslany didn't win, but Viola is amazing so it's okay #Emmys
Best Comic Book TV Shows of Fall 2015? Woohoo superhero TV is back!
I don't understand how people in Australia/NZ use Netflix without a VPN, ours is so shit

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