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Nav K
Now, what's cooler than being cool? Ice cold!
People next to me talking about how the Fantastic Four rights should revert to Marvel
The guy that's playing Wally West was on this Australian kids show called Dance Academy and he has mad dancing skills #funfact
#FantasticFour vs #Deadpool: What happens when your studio is ashamed of you
MOS had terrible reviews too and I still loved that, so maybe, just maybe Fantastic Four will still be good #wishfulthinking
Urghh this does not sound good šŸ˜¦ā€¦Q
Cavill's Bond would have been "slightly more Sean Connery, arrogant, cultured bastard with a talent for killing" urghhh if only!
Batman, forever the control freak
Hey let's not blame the Lego Movie every time someone develops a movie based on a candy or a toy or a set of digital text iconography
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Harvey Dent saw it coming
Dungeons and Dragons movie? I hope Hector the Well-Endowed makes an appearance #Community
Can these guys stop being so cute? K thanks xxā€¦
So the Suicide Squad teaser from 2 weeks ago now has more views than the BvS teaser from 3 months ago dafuq
Yaas Ultimate Frisbee has finally been recognised by the Olympics (it's actually a very intense sport just saying)
Even though people are fancasting Gyllenhaal for Green Lantern, I'd rather see him use his Nightcrawler/Enemy skills and play a villain šŸ˜ˆšŸ˜ˆ
When Disney meets the Joker, bad things happen.
Maybe all these actors teasing Green Lantern are just random background Green Lanterns that will pop up in OA in the GLC movie i.e. extras
I see this Lance Gross guy is throwing a Tyrese Gibson now
I have Falling In Reverse music stuck in my head rn yuckkkkkk
So Fantastic Four is coming out next week and I feel like the mainstream/non-comic book fan audience could not give a shit
"I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger"
.@TomCruise Love you, but that mission was entirely possible.
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Wonder Woman's role in #BatmanvSuperman: A diplomatic warrior?
Hello Capullo Joker
Yess I'm all for George Miller directing MOS2, he's both a story and visual guy, would be a great fit if it's true šŸ‘
Naked bloody Will Graham is the best kind of Will Graham #Hannibal
My favourite dynamic duo <3
This is why you should listen to your evil side Elliot #MrRobot
I did & I think it was really nice & I couldnā€™t agree more about the unnecessary rivalry between Marvel & DC.ā€¦
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#Superman #42 Spoiler Review: Clark Kent just wants to be normal
Band-aids can't fix fucking bullet holes!!!
Urghh my boys, so beautiful
#HenryCavill even makes walking down a corridor cool in the #ManFromUNCLE. Seriously.
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Superman #42 was another great issue by @geneluenyang, great to see a bit of Clois teasing as well haha
Hahah I love that Jared Leto retweeted thisā€¦
Tyrese posting that pic of him and Chris Pine as Green Lanterns before further proves that he isn't actually cast phew
Waiting for the "What if Batman v Superman was in colour" video...
Not that surprising I guess...ā€¦
And now that Chris Pine is Steve Trevor we know that his character will play a big role, might get a New 52 JLA type situation
Steve and Diana are going to be one good looking couple
Superhero Movies: What makes a great comic book villain? #Marvel #Joker

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