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Nav Kumaravithana
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Yes we're going to see Batman's parents die again, get over it #BatmanvSuperman
Boxing glove arrow omg #Arrow
#TheFlash Episode 5: A criticism on the cliches
I'm so confused, why are they cheering her for being super obnoxious? #BBAU
10 bucks Richard leaves #BBAU
Sony denies spider-man spinoff starring young Aunt May… via @SpinoffOnline
Tommy Elliot in #Gotham: Is this the beginning of #Hush?
It turns out Gossip Girl was Doctor Doom all along.
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This whole Victor being called 'Doom' on blogging sites sounds like a massive troll #pleasedontbereal
JICYMI: 5 reasons why Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is great
"It's my house" yeah you wish Skye #bbau
5 reasons why Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is great
Aaannd once again Latino Review was wrong, not surprising
How fitting I'm wearing my Harley Quinn shirt right now #excited #SuicideSquad But now tell me who's playing Deadshot!
YES YES YES Margot Robbie is our Harley Quinn woohoo!!! #SuicideSquad
Is Lois Lane even a good character for Superman?
What's this? The internet is angry Jared Leto could be the #Joker, shocker!
Just saw #Interstellar not sure i feel about it though, I'm going to have to think about it...for a long time
#Arrow Season 3 Episode 5: And the plot thickens v
#AgentCarter Preview Discussion: Bring on the strong women!
The greatest TV Twitter evil: #Spoilers "@Nav_Kay: Nooooo #SonsOfAnarchy spoiler trending on twitter whyyyyyyy :("
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Nooooo #SonsOfAnarchy spoiler trending on twitter whyyyyyyy :(
Crazy hail storm right now #sydneystorm
Aw I forgot #TheFlash wasn't on today :(
Batman v Superman: Are we ruining it for ourselves?
But seriously who is saving Leo? #BBAU #confused
Ryan's cheeky butt grab hahaha #BBAU
#Gotham Episode 7: Does humour fit in with the show?
So after watching #JohnWick I have decided Keanu Reeves needs to be Deadshot #SuicideSquad
So will his gf make an appearance on stage tonight? #bbau
Don't fuck with his dog #JohnWick
Aw cute the guy in front of me on the train is watching #theflash #whatgoodtasteyouhave
Is the #Superhero Genre Boring? According to some it is, but I passionately say no!
What are they doing to Supergirl's origins on her TV show??
Actually quite a solid episode today #Constantine
I know the gang won't mind that I'm going to do the same #FF as last week @RaynesGem @Toonamette @DrtyChimichanga @RedDollCosplay @Nav_Kay
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Sony if you're reading this, this is how you can fix your Spider-Man universe #marvel
#Halloween is so non-existent in Australia haha #boring #uneventfulday
We might be getting a Spider-Man all female superhero teamup spinoff movie interesting..maybe?