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Nathan Sykes
or change the colour completely and dye it like this? or just go brown😮
gonna delete this after, but by darker, I meant like this or something?☺️
okay so this is my hair, just ignore my face lol, but yeah, I don't know what to do with my hair, at the minute this is the colour of it, I actually really like it, but I want to dye it brown or something bc having to redye it blue over and over isn't good for my hair and I don't want the condition
I'm gonna upload a picture of myself bc I really need help with my hair😊😊
I don't post as often anymore but I still see every comment and message I get, so if you need anyone to talk too, I'm always here. I 💛 you
Gotta say @GMB, couldn't think of a better way to start my Tuesday morning than reading the first line of this tweet about 300 times
Jet lag always brings the most vivid dreams
Having to question whether someone is genuine is the worst feeling
Just watched #TWD ... If you could see my face right now!!
Been excited to watch the new episode of the walking dead all week and I just found out that my hotel doesn't have AMC ... Brilliant.
Just nearly had a head on car crash. So scary. (And before you ask, no, it wasn't my fault!)
Everything happens so you can write a song about it
Being alone with a pen and paper and only your thoughts for company is never the worst place to be
Had a such a nice night, just about to top it off by watching the new episode of the walking dead. Couldn't be more excited
Just caught up on the xfactor! @OTYOfficial absolutely smashed it! Best of the night!! Couldn't be more proud!! Make sure you vote for them!
The problem with British weather is that every time I leave the house I feel like I need to be prepared for every type of weather imaginable
I know it's 2.30am but I literally can't sleep because I'm SO excited for the new season in the walking dead
Today is such a good day!! What has everyone been up to?
So excited!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
if anyone would like to ask me questions, 💛💛
sorry I haven't been on in ages! I've been so busy with assignments and stuff, I hope everyone's okay😊
Big shout out to @xf8boyband as well! Smashed it on #xfactor tonight. @itsjamesgraham's voice is quality
Massive congratulations to @OTYOfficial!! So proud of you!
Who'd of thought that my most controversial tweet for quite a while would of been about hot ribena
Hot ribena is so good
Really nice to wake up in my own bed this morning!! It's been too long!
Always a pleasure mate! *he says as if the mode of transport was his own* @ollyofficial @ashleytabor
Just saw a shooting star while looking over LA. Amazing.
Morrrrrrnin everyone!! Got a day off today so I'm gonna have a day by the pool! What's everyone up to?
Why are all my apps crashing now I'm on iOS8?!!
Amazing day. Just had a moment thinking about everything and I'm now going to sleep feeling especially grateful tonight! Goodnight everyone!
I'd anyone wants to talk, feel free to dm me on here, or on @_claireeeey or over ask fm, the link is in the bio!😁
Love a throwback Motown ballad 🎶
Woke up not feeling at my best so currently trying every trick in the book to be ready for the day ahead!! Any suggestions?!!
Ah @JohnLindahl you too mate, your music is sounding awesome. See ya soon! x
Morrrrrrrrnin!!!! Beautiful day in LA!!
How can one whole day off consist of such little time?
Well this has just got a bit bizarre ...
As Disney are now working with Apple I'm expecting a full line up of Disney emojis
Mind. Blown. This is just incredible. #Apple
Living for the Apple launch right now ... Streaming the event all the way from breakfast
Eating a triple cheese pizza is never a sensible decision when you have to sing within 3 years of eating it
I've been awake since 4am and all I've done is catch up on UK tv shows and play #FM14 ... I now want some company. Any offers?
Seriously though @WhoIsArod & @HarmonySamuels ... THAT is how you end an amazing week!! 🎶
Only just got into bed!! Need a good sleep tonight! Good morrrrnin to everyone back home & goodnight to those who should already be in bed!