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Nathan M. Farrugia
Word of advice for Authors United: when snubbing indie copy editors, don't make a typo in your first sentence. 🙈
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Hunger Games: Mockingjay full trailer has explosions 💥
anycrap, WWIII should be a blast
or well maybe it was I didn’t read the fine print
you had one job, NATO. and it wasn’t to embroil the world in conflict.
I mean seriously, NATO trying to establish bases on the Russian-Ukrainian border is delusional and absolutely bonkers.
NATO has pushed into the Baltic states; used Ukraine, Georgia for proxy warfare against Russia; and set Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan on fire
2014: where a Crimean LiveJournal blogger, Colonel Cassad, gives you better military analysis then professionals like Jane’s Defense weekly.
meanwhile the local S. E. Ukrainians are actually doing a great job at fighting off the Neo-Nazis. which is kind of embarrassing for NATO
nothing like a poor attempt at provoking Russia into saving Ukraine so we can frame them as the bad guys. except we messed that up, so
guys don’t forget to give your support to NATO and the Neo-Nazi regime we installed in Ukraine this year! #fun #times
lol could’ve fooled me, NATO
Independent, sovereign & stable #Ukraine, firmly committed to democracy & rule of law, is key to Euro-Atlantic security. That’s #NATO’s goal
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I have no iPhone, so I've just found Bono climbing through my window to sneak a vinyl copy of their LP onto my shelf.I hit him with a broom
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I can't find any arcade places :( but I did find "One Stop Anime" and "FLAVOUR TOWN" in red neon
wooo Crazy Wing 🐔🔥 and Chinatown arcade games 👾
aussies: is telstra really worth twice the price for their better coverage and 4g speeds? thinking of jumping ship to optus to pay half
“did you guys know in 1967 Australia lost a prime minister? like he went swimming and just disappeared” wish that would happen now
Aurora: Darwin & Aurora: Pegasus have been discounted across all platforms: iBooks, Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, etc.
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ok so many of you have strong feelings about phablets
so I'm not getting a larger phone
I was thinking of getting a larger phone so I could read ebooks on it, and then I saw someone using a phablet in public and I laughed
weapons grade nope RT @hildebrandburke: Your move, Melbourne hipsters.
Current threat level at yellow ochre, trending to quinacridone gold.
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also the cockpit is peppered with machine gun fire, so
#MH17 crash site still littered with debris. Locals think a Ukrainian jet shot it down via @guardian
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STANDOFF by David Rollins is currently free from the Momentum store for a limited time only!
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Has anyone actually seen Cookie Monster eat a cookie? Because it very much looks to me like he is just tearing them up with his hands.
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sorry Foxtel execs but if you’re having a cry because people won’t pay x5 the amount for 1/10th of the content then you should just quit now
Foxtel still upset about Australians streaming Netflix… haha die in a fire Foxtel
mmm Peppa Pig RT @kevb9495: @nathanmfarrugia Try telling Peppa Pig!
seriously, how good is bacon
and that concludes my Russia & Eastern European adventure. so sad now.
so yeah how unhinged would I look if I made this my avatar?
no kidding sparks fly out with each round so you also have the added potential of setting things on fire
@nathanmfarrugia fairly sure you're holding a tank, not a gun, Nathan...
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