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Nathan M. Farrugia ⚡
looking forward to OS X 10.12 Rocky Outcrop
New "X-Files" science advisor explains how the reboot will stay realistic:
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In 2013, a feral pig in Australia stole 18 beers from a campsite, got drunk, and then tried to fight a cow.
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if you hit the “follow” button on Amazon, you’re emailed when the author has a new book out 😎…Ub
just posted the final chapter for 'The Chimera Vector' on Tablo!… via @tablopublishing
pretty sure that’s a Christmas tree too
bin night is problematic tonight
OK this is definitely peak Melbourne. lunch. in a bin.
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if they named it “Caught Between The Rock and a Hard Place” this never would have happened.
hahahahaha oh god I’m watching the wrong stupid earthquake movie. there’s San Andreas (2015) and San Andreas Quake (2015) WHY
I just want this earthquake to hit so people will stop talking
you know the awkward small talk you overhear from minor characters in video games? San Andreas Quake is an entire movie of it.
10 mins into San Andreas Quake and the only disaster so far is the writing
cool interview with one of my favorite Systema instructors - the combat system used by characters in my novels :)…
" DM me" "Okay. You are in a corridor of rough-hewn stone. Something skitters at the edge of your torchlight. There's a door to your right."
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took our Russian pals to a bar where you pull a book from the bookcase to reveal the entrance (try only while sober)
“haha you can probably buy absinthe in the supermarket in Russia” - me “Actually you can” - Andrey
Han Solo getting solo feature film to be titled Han Solo Solo.
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just watched a dog get startled by his own bark
Mum taught Tippy to jump through a hoop.
Happy July Fourth! State of Emergency by @stevepvincent is $2.30 this weekend:
if you enjoy dystopian YA, grab this while it’s free: A Town Called Dust by @Woollz…
this cheese menu has hard and semi-hard. but where is flaccid?
“We don’t watch Doctor Who” BBC staff: “Get out of our booth” (half-jokingly?)
“There’s nothing worse at a con than a Spiderman dick bulge” - @Woollz
today and tomorrow I’m signing and selling all my books at @OzComicCon with other ‘splosion authors
“power costs extra, but I have a massive you can charge from” prob the most awkward typo I’ve made this week
a wild Pepperoni Pizza Pug appears
OH HEY you can start reading @stevepvincent’s State of Emergency on @JohnBirmingham’s blogûe:
just published Chapter 48 of The Chimera Vector on Tablo -… via @tablopublishing
Looks like somewhere @nathanmfarrugia would explore on holiday >>> The Ruins of the Soviet Space Shuttle Program:…
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“none of you will be able to write novels now without reaction gifs” - @hildebrandburke wait we can do what
totally can’t wait to live tweet Die Hard 6
lol @stevepvincent: “how many words are in your books?” @Bridgeman_Books: “Steve, it’s not the size that counts”
Me: “I feel bad taking the lie too far” @Bridgeman_Books: “No you don’t”
We caught up with @Bridgeman_Books (author of the Aurora sci fi series) in Melbourne and she drank us all to shame 🍺U

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