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Nathan M. Farrugia
well written RT @newmatilda The Only Terrorist Organisation Involved In The Sydney Siege Is The Murdoch Press Empire
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Going on holidays? Fill your e-reader up with our special priced books. So many amazing books.
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remember ladies: it's not the size of his boat that matters, it's the length of his penis
If only Australia had draconian terror and surveillance laws...
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Jason Statham is the same character in every movie and I still watch it
don’t know how this escaped me but they made a TV series out of 12 Monkeys that at least has John Malkovich in it…
this Systema knife disarming vid is cool for two reasons: the action, the catchy 80s royalty free music…
I asked @PatrickLenton about his superpower and he briefly plagiarised Tim Minchin but then told me the answer…
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texted "derp" and it autocorrected to "deep". my text just became a sext.
Check it out! Momentum has a brand-spiffing-new website! So pretty.
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you can tell by the size of the knob that it means business (talking about BBQs obvs)
what if Jesus said everything in a sarcastic voice and that didn’t come across in print
his pistol misfired and the President “proceeded to beat him down with his cane”
googled a local politician before voting and the first entry was: failed assassin, 1835
Surveillance cameras observe a fox exploring the Tudor and Georgian rooms of the National Portrait Gallery at night
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"If any of this were true the author would be dead already" is a great way to begin your review thanks m8
here is the Jurassic World trailer for the Jurassic World trailer…
I’m posting chapters from The Chimera Vector on @tablopublishing every few days so you guys can read it for free:…
“A terrorist plot in Seattle, a deadly stalker, and a Sexy FBI agent.” nope
This is big. I got my hands on a draft of Dan Brown's new book
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Putin on sanctions: "Western leaders must have something switched off in their brains" yeah it's called empathy
is the 50 Shades trailer meant to make you think he is definitely going to murder her
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my first and probably last experience with a psychic
there is a cannon that shoots salmon over dams
Fantastic review of THE PHOENIX VARIANT by @nathanmfarrugia 'The Phoenix Variant is filled with action...'
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Psychopaths to run the country after Armageddon…
not to be confused with the ABC in America, which is totally different
hey so I’ll be on ABC Local Radio (Australia) at 2pm talking about the stupid things I’ve done for “research”
wait until the scene with the rewritten Apollo textbooks. brilliant.
you guys I'm so happy to see a Nolan movie I really enjoyed and connected with. never got there with Inception and the Batmans.
someone told Christopher Nolan about emotions and then he made Interstellar and it was excellent
hey I’m in a tabloid and it’s not a sex scandal so that’s something
The extreme lengths one dickhead (me) goes to write his thriller novels…
live in Sydney? there’s a blockbuster author buffet tonight (no you do not eat the authors)… “Writing Blockbusters”
Users of the term "making love" from least to most gross: 1) romantic moms 2) middleaged essayists 3) male novelists 4) Woody Allen 5) dads
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cause of death: jumped into volcano while researching book.