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Nathan M. Farrugia
I’m probably not the first Australian who has walked in here and tried to shot every glass. Bartender: “uh, you can sip them all, you know”
Polish vodka bar will probably end me quickly (don’t judge me @annetreasure)
do you know how many people I’ve been saying breast to (a lot)
and I’ve just learned the word “cheers” taught to us by some Polish girls last night was actually “breast”
was using the toilet and the automatic deodorizer sprayed me in the face so welcome to Kraków
that would have been great to know at least once every day for the past month
Most useful Easter egg ever -> To cache a particular area on Google Maps on iOS, visit the area then type "ok maps" into the search field.
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“There’s another girl that looks the same” - Ben, counting Polish hipsters
tried to say good evening in Polish and basically said Tamigotchi Toblerone which is pretty close anyway
Parnu, Estonia. Ben brought shorts with him, in the hope that a summer beach meant warm weather (it didn’t)
(actually that’s everywhere)
Tartu, Estonia. where we drink lots of beer and people find our accent strange.
Not what I expected Estonia to be, this was more medieval with a Finnish influence
Ben just went to take a photo through my window and his iPhone dropped solidly into my crotch so fertility -5
/ that’s what she said
“I love them” [eyes watering] Ben: “Why are you crying?” “GIVE ME MORE I CAN TAKE IT”
wow these chips have some kick
1. Vodka 2. ‘Charity’ non-drinking months 3. Puppy mills 4. Communism 5. People who wax lyrical about the ‘smell of books’ #top5hatelist
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