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Nathan M. Farrugia
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there is a cannon that shoots salmon over dams
Fantastic review of THE PHOENIX VARIANT by @nathanmfarrugia 'The Phoenix Variant is filled with action...'
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Psychopaths to run the country after Armageddon…
not to be confused with the ABC in America, which is totally different
hey so I’ll be on ABC Local Radio (Australia) at 2pm talking about the stupid things I’ve done for “research”
wait until the scene with the rewritten Apollo textbooks. brilliant.
you guys I'm so happy to see a Nolan movie I really enjoyed and connected with. never got there with Inception and the Batmans.
someone told Christopher Nolan about emotions and then he made Interstellar and it was excellent
hey I’m in a tabloid and it’s not a sex scandal so that’s something
The extreme lengths one dickhead (me) goes to write his thriller novels…
live in Sydney? there’s a blockbuster author buffet tonight (no you do not eat the authors)… “Writing Blockbusters”
Users of the term "making love" from least to most gross: 1) romantic moms 2) middleaged essayists 3) male novelists 4) Woody Allen 5) dads
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cause of death: jumped into volcano while researching book.
now you can read about the things I do in the name of "research" and learn that I really am a lunatic
'How To Almost Die While Writing A Novel': An interview with a daredevil author.
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when your opponent puts up their fists to fight they expose their hips. grab them and you can slow dance for at least 2 seconds
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I just gave the paramedics jello shots it's #good #times #all #round
It's sad but then everyone dances afterwards and they're happy again
everyone is writing the names of their deceased loved ones on paper and throwing it in the fire
anyway I scared the dog so that's the important thing
hey whatever look I have a sword
for tonight's Day of the Dead festival I'm going as Rainbow Pride Zorro?
some pretty strange Halloween costumes on the ol' tram today, including a girl dressed as a purple Cheshire cat.
if you think our political cartoons are terrible, check out Israel's today :|
Momentum partners with Australian online publishing platform Tablo to find best novels in progress:
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i want a movie where Denzel Washington is saved by a kick-ass woman it is called ‘Denzel in Distress’
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shit just got real @stevepvincent ordered quinoa salad
actually, it's about ethics in video game jorts
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If you look closely I am a vampire from Buffy
Extended trailer - Avengers: Age of Ultron…
It’s sad that this unusual, but I want to buy him a drink. RT @MsPraxis: Daniel Radcliffe continues to impress.
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also w o w Neil Gaiman created an Asgardian called Angela who appears in both Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers comics
haha um I just checked the comic books on Wikipedia and my joke plot wasn't far off
disclaimer: haven't read any Marvel comic books so I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about
plot for Age of Ultron: Tony Stark's butler AI, Jarvis, turns evil and becomes Ultron
"fuck that, I'll buy as many shoes as I want" - mum, on relationships
one year ago today @hildebrandburke unleashed quite possibly the greatest Postman Pat rap the world has ever known