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Nathan M. Farrugia
"Tippy is having fish and wild rice for dinner" ffs that dog eats better than I do
mum calls guy movies "dick flicks"
mum is hiding flower cuttings in different flower pots so she doesn't have to buy them all.
rare plant nurseries are her crack cocaine
I visit mum and she takes me to a rare plant nursery :|
twitter hinted it would sue the govt earlier this year if it didn’t make headway on NSA data disclosures. just did…
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not sure what look this author was going for but “I am the Hellmouth” comes to mind 😳
Tippy's hilarious summer haircut (she is about to fall asleep)
if you're curious as to the real reasons why Syria and Russia are in the crosshairs, this is a fascinating read:…
The Rover (Australian post apoc film with Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson) is enthralling…
it has many explosions (explosions may void warranty)
Apple has recommended some good free books for iOS 8 including The Chimera Vector!
Australia, where even your ceiling lights try to kill you
My favorite American holiday is the annual unveiling of our new enemy.
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From modern terrorism to mass surveillance and the Occupy movement, Deus Ex's powers of prediction were shocking…
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Civil liberties in Australia just ended tonight with a whimper, not a bang
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Australia, you should now consider the internet compromised and use a virtual private network to protect your communications #senate
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“Oswald the Rabbit” what
new iPhone? didn’t bend it in your pocket like a dickhead? great! you can now download Apple’s top free books
"US airstrikes on Syria are desperation incarnate"
One day I'm going to write a book that ends with 'Sent from my iPhone.'
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Hulu Orders Stephen King’s ‘11/22/63’ Kennedy-Assassination Thriller Series from J.J. Abrams… via @Variety
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Graffiti removal guy comes back to discover image of himself in the same spot:
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saw this yesterday and laughed for the entire 90 mins -> What We Do in the Shadows…
you should load up with Apple’s recommended free books *cough* The Chimera Vector
now that you have your shiny new iPhone with iBooks installed…
Group of people who write for a living fuck up writing a letter, twice, good work team.
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AU Revises Letter to Amazon, Adds More Insulting Language "only interested in defending the right kind of authors"
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Just like reading a book. Oh RT @verge: The new Kindle Voyage e-reader is shockingly good
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following that logic I guess we should ban ourselves from G20
lol has no one told our Prime Minister the plane was shot down by the Neo-Nazi regime we’re backing? bit awkward
I will definitely download uh I mean purchase Blu-ray in a video store that sells videos
Ghostbusters 1 & 2 anniversary edition in 4k YES PLS…
just found this photo of Tippy from 9 months ago [dies]
sorry Americans, but hey you can get mine free 😏
Apple AU put together a pretty impressive selection there for Australians, so get on it.