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Nathan M. Farrugia ⚡
“Artists Create 1000-Year-Long GIF”… lol it’s called “video”
why are people still poking me
oh and you don’t need to tweet directly to @momentumbooks, just use the #pitchmentum hashtag. those characters are preciousssss
this is awesome - today you can pitch your book in a tweet @momentumbooks using #pitchmentum - full details here:
I love how the article points out when Pheidippides ran 246km he promptly dropped dead. that’s encouraging
my alter ego, Nathan Farrugia from Malta, is running 246km non-stop for charity (holy crap)…
Announcing #Pitchmentum- pitch us your novel over Twitter for a chance to get published by Momentum! Details:
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I’m in a forest on an island at 3am and I just heard a creature that sounded like a cackling demon how’s your night going??
which coincidentally is the same magic track he showed us.
we have evidence of @Woollz doing magic tricks at Supanova -…
this is also the perfect time to tell everyone that @Woollz was once a magician #GCOz
all the GenreCon panels:… I’m on “Five Ways To Avoid Screwing Up Your Novel” and “What Writers Get Wrong”
wooo I’m going to GenreCon in Brisbane this year. I will see all the panels except the ones I’m on because that’s physically impossible.
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Russia: We’re here to fight ISIS. US: We’re here to fight ISIS! Russia: Uh you just want to destabilize Syria. US: [shifty eyes] Fight ISIS!
Woo! Check out our brill new cover for He Died With a Felafel in his Hand by @JohnBirmingham!…
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“Russian 5yo boys dig way out of kindergarten, try to buy Jaguar sports car" BEST NEWS STORY EVER.…
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I was just asked if I made my protagonist female to pander to a particular audience. No, I wrote the book I wanted to read, simple as that.
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Guy annoys girlfriend with incredibly bad/good IKEA puns
(I was making a note to watch the UK/US TV show, Humans)
my to-do list app has some uh interesting suggestions
*clicks logout* “Sorry, you have been logged out due to inactivity” ok cool thanks for mansplaining that
today we kidnapped @JohnBirmingham ​from @MelbWritersFest and took him to @Woollz book launch. and then I ate chips.
and @stevepvincent told us very enthusiastically about his drinking game that involved wizards and staffs 💫
we made @Woollz show his Spider-Man tattoo to everyone and I pronounced chasm wrong.
huge @momentumbooks author gathering in the midst of #RWAus15 - it was great meeting everyone from around Australia!
Nick was the voice of “Kevin Rudd PM” and @declanf once wrote a wank joke for Rove that almost got the whole writer’s room fired 👍🏻
here’s a snippet from the hilarious @sweetestplum podcast, featuring two very inappropriate Aussie comedy writers…
This is a “smart” watch that says it will “help” you “pick up” girls. It is all bad.…
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DOG: I think that job interview went well! *looks in mirror and sees ear was inside-out the whole time* Son of a
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even if it takes me multiple minutes i will send this drunk text with impeccable grammar and spelling
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looking forward to OS X 10.12 Rocky Outcrop
New "X-Files" science advisor explains how the reboot will stay realistic:
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In 2013, a feral pig in Australia stole 18 beers from a campsite, got drunk, and then tried to fight a cow.
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if you hit the “follow” button on Amazon, you’re emailed when the author has a new book out 😎…Ub
just posted the final chapter for 'The Chimera Vector' on Tablo!… via @tablopublishing
pretty sure that’s a Christmas tree too
bin night is problematic tonight

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