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Nathan Fillion
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@NathanFillion Because surviving the apocalypse is HARD, dude. Sometimes a guy's just gotta weep. (Plus a zombie bite, but MOSTLY EMOTIONS.)
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Let’s talk #WalkingDead. Why was Bob crying behind the church?! I thought for sure he was bitten at the food bank.
Working today with good friend @Paulben_victor. Haven’t done that since Drive. Such a talent. Follow him!
@leriam10: @NathanFillion as many times as u want. Been voting for one hour. Steady.” …because you’re amazing.
@NewYorkerWriter: It was too easy decide<3 @NathanFillion” It’s that time of year again?
@RickYaeger: @NathanFillion I’ve bookmarked your live-tweet so I can play along later when I watch tonight’s episode on Friday.” Smart.
@Sabrinaa4Life: @NathanFillion Dear Nathan, can i have one of those amazing cupcakes and share it with you? Xx” Nope!
Thanks for hanging, guys! Hope you enjoyed the episode! #CASTLE
Ah, @MollyQuinn93. Keeping Castle nice and mushy.
@DTembreull: @NathanFillion Is it hard watching your own performances?” If by hard, you mean stellar? Yes. It is.
@PaulaInKansas: do you need any help rehearsing for any kissing scenes, @NathanFillion? 😇 P.S. i’m available.” But, you’re an egg.
@hisworkwife: @NathanFillion how did you use to spend ur time when you were a child?” Two main toys. Lego, and a stick.
@maariaaa28: Do you prefer filming comedy or drama scenes? @NathanFillion” There is no difference, except how hard you’re crotch-kicked.
@MadolynD: @NathanFillion ”because princess share everything“” See? SEE?!?
I used names of the crew for kids names.
I’m so glad I don’t have @tamalajones ‘s lines.
@CaskettMondler: @NathanFillion did it really smell in there?” I wasn’t in that scene! But, no.
@thesupergirl45: dang, @NathanFillion looks hot even in fairy wings. #Castle” It’s just my around the house outfit.
Screen captures of this will live on the Internet forever. Thanks for that, Internet.
@regancj: @NathanFillion @tanamaria have i missed something?” You have to be watching Castle to understand.
@Mahiswati3: @NathanFillion How’s your back after that fall?” That was Paul Scott falling. He’s a real sport about falling down.
@tanamaria: OW! @NathanFillion Hope that was a stunt double.” No, but it was stunt pee.
That happens to a lot of guys. I’m told.
Have to say, all those kids were so great. They really handled themselves well. Better than some actors I’ve worked with!
This lady’s name is Michael, and she’s so wonderful.
@shipperstana: @NathanFillion did you ever consider being a teacher?” I almost was a teacher. Look it up!
It’s on! Come back!
Commercial! Time to go pee! go go!
Castle can’t stop solving. It’s in his blood.
The M&Ms on his desk were stale. Do not eat them!
@norest4thedead: @NathanFillion Also softens the ideal so it’s more analytical and less bleeding hole in a person.” True dat.
@whereboochelle: @NathanFillion You all film there a lot.” Agreed.
GSW takes longer to say than “gun shot wound”.
Castle is salty sweet? What does that mean?
They miss Castle! Fuss over Castle!
Spoilers. Thanks, commercial.
Getting ready for that live tweeting? In front of your tv? Set to ABC? Castle time?
@NathanFillion I'm ready for Castle whenever you are! Sitting here with my police hat!
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Any @NathanFillion fans in the house? At 11.55pm we're screening @JamesGunn's sci-fi horror-comedy Slither, starring the great man himself.
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@ItsBenjamming: @NathanFillion What’s the protocol for when someone says ”I don’t like firefly“?” “You’re dead to me.”
@realsandrahess: Look what I bought for you in London today @NathanFillion. Are these the right ones?” YES! YES!!!
Look what I bought for you in London today @NathanFillion. Are these the right ones?
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Castle live tweet update! I’m going to be at work pretty late. Too late to tweet east coast, but just in time for west. You guys in?