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Nathan Fillion
actor 2,532,321 followers
@jondmaas: @NathanFillion You must have lived in the ritzy part of town.” Ritzytown, Canada.
@herbertcamat: @NathanFillion My English teacher says she used to baby sit you, is this true?” All my sitters had names.
I finally get to work with @alisonbrie. Again. Tonight. Come watch.…
@AlanTwodick: @NathanFillion then you should probably get a better phone.” Haters gonna hate.
@NathanFillion: It’s like holding a baby angel. #iPhone6 #ilovegadgets” best description ever
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@Kmj1987: @NathanFillion if u love gadgets and u know ur way around them, u wouldnt buy iphones.” If I was a parade, you’d be rain.
It’s like holding a baby angel. #iPhone6 #ilovegadgets
Am I doing the Blacklist? Yes. Are there still tickets available?Yes. …
Come watch us perform The Seekers of Perpetual Love tomorrow night @blacklistlive!!! @theblcklst Tickets still avail! …
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The only thing I know about Scottish independence is what I learned from Braveheart.
@MissToree_ :Want to do such terrible things to @NathanFillion that’d feel weird making eye contact afterwards” Stealing this line.
@RainmanABQ: @NathanFillion I know you have 2.5 million followers but has anybody told you you’re awesome today?” You’re the first.
@Olaf_Heinemann: @NathanFillion //You made it into Apple’s introduction of their language „Swift“.
Nothing like an update to make you fall in love with your phone all over again.
@Bianca_limah: @NathanFillion Do you have a favorite horror movie?” Yep. You?
@LolaDM06: @NathanFillion i wanna go to California, but i have no money. What do u suggest?” Make some money.
@jauregum: @NathanFillion this is IMPORTANT. ARE YOU DEAD?” I was, but I’m feeling much better.
@MTrencher1712: @NathanFillion this is IMPORTANT is the SEASON PREMIERE going to be 2 HOURS LONG” NO. WHY ARE WE YELLING?
@NathanFillion: “@StevenLowe_GA: @NathanFillion when is the series premiere, Boss. CAN NOT WAIT….” Monday, buddy!” Oops! I mean, 29th!
@SteedSean: @NathanFillion that must have hurt” He released me for a signed Serenity DVD.
@StevenLowe_GA: @NathanFillion when is the series premiere, Boss. CAN NOT WAIT….” Monday, buddy!
@GarrettRWang: @NathanFillion Dude! I lost my cel and your number years ago Lol” Peaches and Cream!
@Sci_Phile: Russian litter vigilante…” I know it’s wrong, but I’m on board with this guy.
@UberFacts: An orgasm can help a man’s body recover from illness.” Said sick guys everywhere.
@jennyandteets: Coffee is like a drug to me. Unless I’m on cocaine. Then it’s just a drink.” That’s so Jenny!
@Bianca_limah: What's the book th@ Nathan gave you and you enjoy the most?” None @NathanFillion doesn't want me 2 learn how 2 read.
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“@WilliamShatner:// Dearest @nbcsnl I nom @NathanFillion to host SNL! Do it or millions of fans will harass you.” Good references.
@JammingHorker: @NathanFillion so… ever wanted to be queen? ;)” For a day? That would be… fabulous.
@LongTermPTSD: @NathanFillion @agentsaraaa You are such fun! So glad I’m following you.” I wish I could follow me.
@EeshAsh: @NathanFillion// How do we go about facing humiliation in college?” Fail big. Publicly. Embrace it. Laugh hardest.
@castlekitten47: @NathanFillion Can’t ride in this just yet but would you?” No. The future should look cool.
@LilMonster0064: @NathanFillion I am a lesbian, but i would go straight for you.” I think I am also a lesbian.
“Just ordered season two of Firefly.” said no one.
@SHPhr34k: @NathanFillion Impromtu Guitar Hero tournament! What is your song pick?” Free Bird.
@NathanFillion// Here’s my poster for season 7!” This, big, minus text, ornate frame, above my fireplace.
@CLPunch: @NathanFillion Are you filming in this heat? What you all suffer for our tv viewing.” 95 outside, 83 in my trailer.
@CephCronus: @NathanFillion @DestinyTheGame only reason I’m a hunter is it’ll be the closest I get to conversing with you” That, and this.
@NathanFillion: My #Destiny character is as close as I can get it to 1986′s David Bowie from Labyrinth.” In case you missed it.
@HandsomeActor1: @NathanFillion I apologise for out-hunking you. You’re still a great actor.” I’m comfortable with a close 2nd.
@NathanFillion I saw my baby, cryin hard as babes could cry... What could I brew?
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