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Nathan Fillion
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When you sign the check and love the pen so you steal it? It’s not the pen- it’s that paper. Let the poor waiter keep his pen.
You can tell if a person is an asshole by the way they talk to children.
@Liam_J_McIntyre: You going to them Emmys tonight @NathanFillion ?” Nope. I’m following @ericstonestreet and @MrTonyHale for updates.
@Sashanista: @NathanFillion How did your character do that thing with that other thing?” We used stuff and junk.
@castlekitten47: @NathanFillion Why did you make Jayne do that?” Oh, you know… reasons.
@agentsaraaa: @NathanFillion Afraid of the fact that Joss could kill you at any moment?” In real life, yes.
@BigG120583: @NathanFillion @SyfyUK So what was your motivation for this scene?” “Don’t blow this. Joss is watching.”
I remember that shirt was itchy.
What an amazing performance, right?
I’m going to blind live tweet the @SyfyUK Firefly marathon. Go! I love this part.
“@darrylpring:// @NathanFillion, we’re doing this in T.O. on Saturday. Wanna play?” Wish I could. Luck!
To all of @NathanFillion fans who have followed me I am officially YOUR fan. So happy to see an old friend and meeting new ones #Emmys2014
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@darbysofficial: Dear @NathanFillion, It was so great to see you again! 😉 XOXO,#deepfriedtwinkiee” A pleasure!
@takeshikitano3: @NathanFillion @realmonaghan WOO-HOO! I loved Trucker!” Right? Me, too!
If you missed it, ran into the lovely Michelle Monaghan (@realmonaghan). She’s new to twitter, so welcome her!
Wha…? Wha time mizzit?
Holy shit! @realmonaghan and me! Together again! Follow and tell her I sent you.