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Nathan Fillion
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@NathanFillion was Castle wearing a brown coat when he dropped that money? Mystery solved, he was on Serenity for 2 months.
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@yepthisiscaryn: Please send more nutella @NathanFillion” That wasn’t part of the deal, but ok.
In the feels. Thanks for hanging, guys. Did you enjoy? If yes, watch next week. If no, watch next week.
Wait, @Jon_Huertas and @seamusdever! Looks like Castle is still super good nice guy who's great.
I don't think Castle is striking the proper tone, here!
This was the start of the heat wave in LA.
Castle IS pretty good at pretending.
Whoever has that Twitter robot and is sending all those repeat tweets, could you stop? It locks up my phone. Need to tweet!
Ah! Tuxedo camping. Makes perfect sense.
#Castle was shot while napping?
Get out of Castle's pants! #castle
Such a beautiful spot. Not far from LA.
Always love watching Seamus and Jon take each other on. Reminds us how very different they are. Such talent. don't tell them I said that.
Whoa, Espo! Chillax. Castle is your pal. @Jon_Huertas #castle
I kept that wrist band and auctioned it at #NerdHQ #Castle
Castle's been napping all this time?
"We're gonna need a bigger boat." - Everybody who sees a shark.
Beckett's not giving up. She knows what to believe. #Castle
Patrick does all our written words on props. He's incredible. #Castle
See how @MollyQuinn93 had Castle's back? See that strength? That's so cool.
Castle's starting to look like a real jerk.
Wow. Did you just see Susan's face change? How wonderful was that? Honestly, I was moved just now.
@jilliemac921: @NathanFillion WTF!?!? Kate is gonna kick his a$$!” Yeah. She'll prob'ly blow it out of proportion.
@NathanFillion the Brown Coat is always appropriate.
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That day was hot as hell. Paramount lot.
@DQuackerz: @NathanFillion I knew that walk with my eyes closed. Wait..........what? #CastleSeason7” So true. I have a walk.
Castle?!? This crap just got REEEAL.
Would Vinnie hurt me?
Is Espo's hair longer?
Oh, please! So easy to find. Just look for the guy with the swagger and the snappy wardrobe and you got @NathanFillion
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Who's wabna hurt little ol' Castle?
Penny! Captain Gates. Good kisser.
Espo! You can find me! Listen to Beckett! #CASTLE
I may be late.tell me what happened.
I’m going to make it home to live tweet the premiere east coast time!! #CASTLE
@calliopethorne: @NathanFillion Don’t lie now- you wish it was Game of Thorne’s” ZING!