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Nathan Fillion
actor 2,263,635 followers
Guess where I am. (Hint: It's Conan!)
"You can't build an ark without rock monsters." -Noah, probably.
“@Monet_Mazur: @NathanFillion Yowza! Well done 👏” Thanks, Monet.
Last shot of the season 6 of Castle.
“@DeeLiteFool: @NathanFillion how do I become a better public speaker?” Fail miserably 6 times. It'll ease the sting, lower the stakes.
“@lasangyo: @NathanFillion// nathan, come to my sister's baby shower. she has no friends and thinks you're hot” So tempting...
“@littlesmidja: @NathanFillion Who writes on the white boards? They have the best handwriting!” Patrick Fontmaster.
Dear @RobertDowneyJr, Remember me from that one time, on that thing? Good times. #FF him, folks. Tell him I sent you.
Thank you, Micheal Lent, for these gorgeous comics. #TheMachineStops
“@Xtfania: @NathanFillion How many Iphones have been broken in Castle?” Right? Breaks the heart.
“@CastleKitten80:// Today i saw this! Its electric! What do you think, @NathanFillion? #RenaultTwizy” Want one.
“@im_sabu: Would you take a few seconds?” This one, that one. Cool, breezy, open. Schrachullow.
“@Lizzzxox: @NathanFillion would it freak you out if I got your signature tattooed on my body?” Nope. Wait, where?
“@antoniosabatojr: @NathanFillion all the best to you my broda & the fam over there pal....” Good to hear from you, 'Tonio!
“@GroovyBruce: Bro-mance?” Oh, I didn't realize there was a camera there.
“@frankfradella: @NathanFillion Is it still okay to give a solemn nod and call you Captain if we see you in the world?” My favorite.
“@EddieMcClintock: "I can't hear you, man." @NathanFillion #DEAFINTHATEAR” Shame. It was a compliment.
“@embuzz06: I am so obsessed with @NathanFillion right now. I don't know wether to watch Firefly or Castle!” Solution: 2 TVs.
“@akaWorf: “@CaptainPalapa: @akaWorf Watching your twitter is like watching Fillion's! Fun!” @NathanFillion -you seeing this?!” Sweet.
“@LyndaTweetyt: @NathanFillion what was the @alan_tudyk movie you mentioned in St. Louis?” Tucker and Dale vs Evil.
“@Marscan22: @NathanFillion Super was Super funny. You were the best part of ghe film!” Ghank you so much.
“@axiomaticgeek: @NathanFillion exploding fist bumps? You don't have to make the explosion sound if you don't want to.” Perfect.
“@WikiZaraJemi123: @NathanFillion probably loves everyone. Even his enemies.” I have enemies?