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Nathan Fillion
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“@mrshix_:// I get it guys. I actually and truly and finally get it. I effing LOVE @NathanFillion #forgiveme?” Forgiven.
@Always_ILoveU: @NathanFillion that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 2 hours 😊” Well done.
@speedofloveSK: @NathanFillion I’m using my boring time in the train to vote. Am I doing it right ?” Nailed it.
@bikerchic1977: No time for Canada- enjoying my fav things at home @LAYS @mottsclamato @NathanFillion” O Canada.
Little Ava is a big part of our Castle family. Nice job, my wee friend.
@robcorddry: Don’t NOT watch Newsreaders premiere tonight on @adultswim at Midnight!” Don’t tell ME what to do! I’m watching!
My birthday wish: please consider donating to your favorite charity. If you do, let me know which one! :)
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i have vote more than 650 times for @NathanFillion in 3 days. I deserve an award too!
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@Laura_ag8: @NathanFillion I’ve been voting for a long time, may I have a break Captain?” Four minutes. No more!
@kittykatkatic: @NathanFillion I’ve been voting for an hour and a half” I call that a good start.
@NathanFillion Carlin (I'm from the South Honey), just sat here and voted for Castle, Stana and you for the last 30 minutes, restin fingers.
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Ok. THIS is the link for voting! For real, this time.…
I keep voting for the PCAs days and night for @NathanFillion and @Stana_Katic, you deserve to win. kisses .
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…and then I updated my phone, and Siri is suddenly so much more pleasant! It’s like she reads my tweets.
@Shannon_Rae1012: @NathanFillion Do you ever miss Firefly?” You ever not miss it?
@cecimartin: @NathanFillion You are actually up for favorite crime drama actor this time, it’s a new category” I should look this up first
@guitar73girl: @NathanFillion Are you sure that works at nominee stage?” No. You’d better vote, straight up.
@shadesofcaskett: @NathanFillion NOT YET NATHAN! THE HASHTAGS WILL ONLY WORK AFTER NOVEMBER 4TH !!” Wait, what?! Someone get on this!
Or, you could retweet this (1000 times) Nathan Fillion #dramatictvactor #PeoplesChoice
Did you know? All you have to do is retweet this (1000 times each) and we’re a lock! Castle #tvcrimedrama #PeoplesChoice
@trulie__: @NathanFillion am I a good girl, Captain?” Yes. Now, 99 more times. Until tomorrow.
I switched to the male voice for Siri. She was just a bit too persnickety for my taste. Now I call him, Sir E.
@NathanFillion Because surviving the apocalypse is HARD, dude. Sometimes a guy's just gotta weep. (Plus a zombie bite, but MOSTLY EMOTIONS.)
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Let’s talk #WalkingDead. Why was Bob crying behind the church?! I thought for sure he was bitten at the food bank.
Working today with good friend @Paulben_victor. Haven’t done that since Drive. Such a talent. Follow him!
@leriam10: @NathanFillion as many times as u want. Been voting for one hour. Steady.” …because you’re amazing.
@NewYorkerWriter: It was too easy decide<3 @NathanFillion” It’s that time of year again?
@RickYaeger: @NathanFillion I’ve bookmarked your live-tweet so I can play along later when I watch tonight’s episode on Friday.” Smart.
@Sabrinaa4Life: @NathanFillion Dear Nathan, can i have one of those amazing cupcakes and share it with you? Xx” Nope!
Thanks for hanging, guys! Hope you enjoyed the episode! #CASTLE
Ah, @MollyQuinn93. Keeping Castle nice and mushy.
@DTembreull: @NathanFillion Is it hard watching your own performances?” If by hard, you mean stellar? Yes. It is.
@PaulaInKansas: do you need any help rehearsing for any kissing scenes, @NathanFillion? 😇 P.S. i’m available.” But, you’re an egg.
@hisworkwife: @NathanFillion how did you use to spend ur time when you were a child?” Two main toys. Lego, and a stick.
@maariaaa28: Do you prefer filming comedy or drama scenes? @NathanFillion” There is no difference, except how hard you’re crotch-kicked.
@MadolynD: @NathanFillion ”because princess share everything“” See? SEE?!?