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National Geographic
Photo @ladzinski / A nesting #SaysPhoebe coming in for a landing at sunset in Hurricane Utah. This photo was taken with a remote camera at the base of this small branch, the highest vantage area near the birds nest. Predictably the bird would land on his perch nearly every returning food run to scou
Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) - Inside the Baisun-Tau ridge in Uzbekistan lies one of the world's deepest high altitude caves called Dark Star. With almost 2700m of potential depth, Dark Star could ultimately be a contender for the world's deepest #cave. One of the most spectacular parts of th
Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey) on assignment in #DenaliNationalPark for @natgeo magazine. This morning we watched this big guy dig up a ground squirrel then swallow it whole! #GrizzlyBear
Golden vineyards roll toward the Danube River during autumn:
Nero's image, like his gilded palace, is under renovation:
Two-colored laser beams created images of otherwise unseeable objects:
Photo // @jimmy_chin Peter Croft climbing the Prow on Cardinal Pinnacle in the Sierra Nevada Range, California. Peter is one of the greatest free soloists of all time. It took twenty years for someone to repeat his 1987 free solo (climbing without a rope) ascents and link up of Astroman and the Rost
When one wolf yawns, a packmate often does too:
50 of the world's smartest cities:
Century after extinction, scientists hope to bring passenger pigeons back:
Another view from the Acjanaco-pass (3500m/11500 feet) into the Peruvian Amazon basin. Excited for our time in Manu National Park, Coshu Cashu, on assignment for @natgeo magazine for the next 6 weeks. Travelling with me is photo assistant Joris van Alphen, and six tons of scaffold in a truck, which
Climate and ocean changes blamed for huge losses of puffins, kittiwakes, and terns:
Crowds make their way through the Minnesota State Fair Grounds over the weekend. Time-lapse video created by David Guttenfelder @dguttenfelder test driving @Instagram's new app, Hyperlapse. #hyperlapseX12
Photos: On Labor Day, honoring workers around the world:
Watch: The 'gardians' of France
Photo by William Daniels @williamodaniels. Today is the start of Train For The Forgotten exhibition in Visa pour l'image festival in Perpignan, south of France. The story, documenting a medical train travelling in remote places in the russian Far-East, was shot on assignment for the magazine and pub
Watch: Protecting untouched coral reefs
Photo by @haarbergphoto (Orsolya Haarberg) Clouds illuminated by the setting Sun look like fire on the top of Mt #Spijkka in the #Sarek National Park in World Heritage #Laponia in #Sweden. Last week Erlend Haarberg and I spent four days on the neighbouring mountain top at 1900m, where we could place
Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) - When I first set eyes on the Baisun-Tau ridge, in southern Uzbekistan, this huge enticing black hole could be seen looming large even though we were still a 3-day hike away. Here, @NatGeo writer @m_synnott (Mark Synnott) abseils from the plateau into the cave. S
Photos: Volcanoes erupting around the world this week
Pre-sunrise view into the Amazon basin from the last pass of the Andes, 3500 m/ 11500 feet. En route to Manu National Park, Coshu Cashu, 4 days from Cuzco by truck and boat, on assignment for @natgeo magazine, which will be my home for the next 6 weeks, documenting the amazing diversity of a pristin
Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey) on assignment in #DenaliNationalPark for @natgeo magazine. A male #grizzlybear near Polychrome Pass. I have spent ZERO time around bears so this assignment is quite an adventure. I love watching these guys!!! More b-roll coming your way in the next weeks live
Phone photo: @ivankphoto The sun sets at #SandDollar #Beach, #California. @runa_photos, @panospictures, @thephotosociety
A pink ice cream cone monument and a pickup truck are reflected in the window of a taxidermy shop in Abbotsford, Wisconsin. iPhone photo by David Guttenfelder @dguttenfelder
Were modern ideas born on ships at sea?
Photos: Hurricane Katrina then and now
Photos: Thailand is torn between the monarchy of the past and the politics of the present
Pika! Photo by @drewtrush. In between storms this pika stays busy gathering grasses for the long winter ahead. These little guys are some of the hardest workers here in the high country. With snow flying as we speak winter is on its way! #beartooths beartoothmountains #pika #bigwonderfulwyoming #gr
And sometimes #bison dictate the speed limit. On assignment in Yellowstone, exploring the evolution of park tourism in our first national park. Photo by @shannon_sanders
Photos: Stunning views of the Ireland's castles
Hang gliding in the Outer Banks:
Stopped by a leather making shop in #Peten during my assignment in #Guatemala. Phone photo by @stephsinclairpix (Stephanie Sinclair). #hats #sombrerosycinchos #calidad
photographs by @vincentjmusi Today is the LAST CHANCE to buy a print and help save a wild cat too. go to Sale of these prints will end tonight. Of the world's 37 species of cats, 8 reign as big cats. All are top predators in their realm and all are losing ground. They face habi
Photo: A globular cluster of stars resides just outside the Milky Way galaxy
Photo by @davidalanharvey from the Outer Banks NC. This week a hurricane a couple of hundred miles at sea brought in huge waves shaped beautifully by an offshore breeze. Cape Hatteras is famous for over 3,000 sunken ships , yet it is these same shallow sandbars which make the waves break for adventu
Video @ladzinski / A time laps of the clearing rain and dancing sunbeams shot on location last night at sunset in beautiful #Sardinia Italy. 🇮🇹 @sashadigiulian @etteloc @edumarin1 @3stringsproductions #Earth365
A man wearing a hog T-shirt slices pork at a food stall inside the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, MN. iPhone photo by David Guttenfelder @dguttenfelder
How GPS helps us study the movements of "sliding rocks:"
Photo by @amivitale. St. Luke student nurses attend the Professional School, St. Francis de Assisi, which provides courses in nursing, telecommunications, and electrician work with solar specialization. This assignment was part of a broader, social good focused campaign that encourages people to do
As Washington State's Elwha River runs free, a habitat for fish and wildlife is restored:
Ospreys get a mega-dose of contaminants from their prey:
Photo by: @drewtrush Waiting out a storm at camp, and we were graced with an amazing double rainbow as the storm cleared. I grabbed my phone, ran outside and started snapping. I'm here working in the Beartooth Mountains photographing Pika & Grizzly Bears. It's a beautiful place!!! #rainbows #mountai
Photo: @melissafarlow | A lone surviving starfish hangs on to a rock at low tide on an Oregon beach. Massive numbers of sea stars along the Pacific coast are dying from a mysterious wasting disease. It is so sad to see them melt away in front of your eyes. They form lesions that spread and decay an
Riz Riley and her daughter, Kylii Graves, wait on the beach after swimming in the Detroit River at Belle Isle, a state park that is a popular place to beat the summer heat. Detroit owes its origins to Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, a French explorer who built a fort on the shores of the river. This p
"I can't help but to be left in awe of the power, size, and speed of the bird."