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National Geographic
Photo by @stefanounterthiner. I'm not a big fan of sunsets, but yesterday evening was very special! The sky above my home in #Italy #valledaosta
Photo by @BrianSkerry A crabeater seal rests on a drifting ice floe in Antarctica. Despite its name, these seals do not eat crabs, but rather feed on krill, which is what is inside this animal’s mouth and produced the red stain on the ice. #antarctica #seals
Photo by @thomaspeschak Dolphins without Passports. This pod of Indo pacific Bottlenose regularly crosses the border between South Africa and Mozambique. Fortunately their entire home range is almost fully protected by Africa's first trans-frontier marine reserve. Unpublished photo from Dec 2014 @na
Photo by @TimLaman. A Canada Goose pair in flight last month at Great Meadows in Concord, Massachusetts. I love photographing birds in flight. In great light, even the common Canada Goose looks quite beautiful in the air. Here I was doing some test shooting with the new Canon 7D Mark II camera,
Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz Shaded parking is hard to find in the dying desert village of #Qasr in the Egyptian Sahara. The village is slowly being abandoned, as are its ancient ways, like the wooden door keys that look like combs with irregular teeth, each custom made to fit the
Photo @coryrichards Sun burned, filthy and exhausted...After months in the jungle, climbing mountains, and the slow steady stripping of social niceties and veneers...the reduction to our most basic and raw existence...even the most hardened and tough people look for solace and quiet in the moments b
A biologist with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, left, and an assistant recover and test the remains of a bighorn sheep which died of pneumonia near the town of Gardiner along the boundary with Yellowstone National Park. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks continues to respond to a pneumonia outbreak
Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). A piece of ice washed up on the black sand beaches near #Jokulsarlon, a glacial lagoon in Southern #Iceland. As the #Breiðamerkurjökull glacier breaks up it sends icebergs into the lagoon then out to sea. When they wash back onshore they look like ice diamonds
Photo: @stevewinterphoto Memories from Cuba keep coming back to me in light of President Obama’s recent statement about normalizing relations between the US and Cuba.It had me thinking about the months I spent photographing Cuba’s natural beauty, and what these “normalized relations” mean for the fa
In the January issue of the @NatGeo is a story, “First Glimpse” about the search for the shadow universe surrounding us. Scientist are learning to detect other things #DarkMatter & #DarkEnergy. What can be seen is only a fraction of what is believed to be around us. A research assistant at Stanfo
Photo by @DavidDoubilet. A squadron of southern #stingrays soar through North Sound #GrandCayman Island. North Sound is one of the most popular #dive and snorkel sites in the world visited by thousands of cruise ship tourists each week. the stingrays have become ambassadors to the sea and a symbol
photo by @davidalanharvey Cuba. In the old colonial city of Trinidad a shackled work horse is kept on a farmer’s porch. I have been in love with Cuba for 15 years and this photograph appeared in NatGeo Magazine for our last major coverage on Cuba. I am now offering 11 of my historic iconic images o
Photo by @Hammond_Robin for @natgeo from Dolphin Estate, Lagos, Nigeria. "I went to Dolphin Estate to see a typical working-class neighborhood from where the oft-reported on African middle class was rising... I went there falling into the usual trap of trying to define a people and a place in a narr
Photo by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto. An 18-year-old Muslim woman wears a traditional mask in Minab, Iran, a place Marco Polo knew as Hormuz. Another image from my Marco Polo exhibit at Museo d’Arte Orientale in Torino, Italy, which is now open. #Minab #Iran #MarcoPolo @theimagereview @thephot
Photo by @ciriljazbec . A muskox skull in a remote settlement in Northern Greenland. There is something magical about the light here in the Arctic. Sometimes I walk around in the night and feel like I am dreaming. I am very grateful to be accepted in a beautiful community with around 200 people. My
Photo by @BrianSkerry Like multi-colored, M&M-size Fabergé eggs, a mating pair of bobtail squid drift a few feet off the seafloor. Photographed underwater at night near an old, stone pier off the Aran Islands, Ireland. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #ireland #squid #aranislands #subal_underwater_h
Photo by @TomasVH. Information is tightly controlled inside North Korea. The TV in my hotel room only had three channels: one playing only patriotic songs, another mostly showing their leader visiting factories, and the last one showing glorified Korean War documentaries. The man in this photo is on
Photo by @thomaspeschak A prototype electromagnetic shark deterring surfboard gets a test run at South Africa's Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Area. The device may help manage unwanted encounters between surfers and sharks. Photo from my Dec 2014 @natgeo magazine story Cross Currents. For unpublished
A photo by @mattiasklumofficial Some gold shimmering anthias, (a.k.a. fairy basslet), swimming near red sun coral on a reef in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. More than 1500 species of fish are known from this underwater haven! #rajaampat #indonesia #diving #nikon #wwf #coral #ocean #conservati
Photo by @TimLaman. I captured this explosive liftoff of a male Mallard last month at Great Meadows in Concord, Massachusetts. Mallards are such powerful fliers that they can perform a near vertical takeoff from the water. And aside from their beauty in their own right, they make great practice s
Wildebeests jump into the Mara River in one of the winning images from the Photo Contest:
Photo by @amivitale. Patients wait for medical attention in one of the communities neighboring the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (@lewa_wildlife). Through collaboration with #Lewa, a volunteering team of doctors from MEDCAN clinic in Toronto have been able to attend to patients suffering from a variety
This is one of Carsten Peter‘s @carstenpeter early pictures, an active lava tube on Etna volcano and the cover image of his book „Vulkane“ (volcanoes, expeditions to the most dangerous craters in the world) published by National Geographic Germany. I am really proud that despite in German it made th
Photo - @andy_bardon /// All I want for Christmas is a Tahitian black pearl. A sustainably harvested one to be exact. These little beauties are about 11 mm big, and from top to bottom display beautiful tones of sunset gold, deep sea blue, and fern green. I photographed these sustainably harvested
Photo:@stevewinterphoto Vinales, Cuba – the valley where the best cigars are made, using locally grown tobacco. Of all my travels Cuba is one of my favorite places - the people, music and culture - extraordinary! After yesterday’s prisoner swap between the U.S. and Cuban government, President Obama