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"Even though this zoo is technically for the wildlife, it's really for people."
The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is found in the wild and wooded areas of East Timor and the Indonesia island of Sulawesi. #alfredrusselwallace traveled in this area for several years and asked a profound question, "Why do we find this animal in this place". Wallace a naturalist who wrote Darwin a lett
What does it mean to be "in the zone"?
Photo by @amivitale. A kiss at the Danube Delta on the Black Sea in #Romania. I have been traveling as part of the Danube Revisited: The Inge Morath Truck Project. We are 9 photographers who won the Magnum Foundation’s Inge Morath Grant. We have now finished a dream of Inge's to follow the #Danube
GPS is recording the drying of the landscape caused by the drought:
Phone Photo: @ivankphoto Urbano Vasquez works at a taquería in #Canoga Park, #LA, #USA. #photojournalism, @runa_photos, @panospictures, @natgeo, @thephotosociety
Friday Fact: One teaspoon (5 milliliters) of seawater can contain five million living organisms.
Watch: Goliath grouper snacks on a shark
An inside look at Detroit's water crisis:
"Our job is to take these unknown places and make people care about them."
Photo by @stevemccurryofficial // Salat at Mazar-e Sharif's famous 'Blue Mosque,' the Tomb of Hazrat Ali. Revered by Muslims as the tomb of the son-in-law of the Prophet Mohammed, this 15th-century mosque near the border of Uzbekistan is named for the cobalt blue and turquoise colors of its minarets
How species extinctions affect humans:
"Our job is to take these unknown places and make people care about them."
Photo by @paleyphoto (Matthieu Paley). Isak takes a break on a hunt. I am leaving #Hadza land... Hard to go but thanks to a grant, I will be back to #Tanzania in November/December to further document this amazing community. Hadza are full time #hunter-gatherer - they do not practice agriculture, her
The beauty inside the Portuguese man-of-war's dangerous embrace:
Photographer in Liberia's Ebola zone encounters death—but also moments of joy:
Known for detecting land mines, rats can also help detect disease:
Today: Watch a live video conversation from Botswana's Okavango Delta #LetsExplore…
Photo @ladzinski / Stairs to infinity, #Budapest, Hungary. While exploring the inner city with @danahrichardson we stumbled across this inner stairwell in a basilica that lead to a spectacular view of the city. @natgeocreative #Earth365
Watch: What we know about how dolphins think #ThrowbackThursday
Photo: An encounter with a great white shark in Australia
How do hummingbirds taste sweetness?