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National Geographic
@stevewinterphoto on #assignment for @natgeo A leopard in a tree getting ready to jump down after feeding on the antelope above her. She is trying to find a way out btw the hyenas circling below her on the ground. This is in the Timbavati of South Africa. I’m just finished shooting my worldwide #l
Photograph by @thomaspeschak A reef manta ray barrel rolls through a school of baitfish while a whaleshark circles behind. All three species migrate to the Hanifaru marine reserve to feed on plankton blooms. During the southwest monsoon strong winds upwell nutrients into the shallow bay triggering m
Photo by @GerdLudwig. During a one-day visit to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, tourists only have a few minutes to snap photographs of themselves in front of the sarcophagus that encases the failed reactor #4. Its western wall, leaky and unsound because it was hastily erected after the accident, has
photo by @chien_chi_chang They say you should visit the Old Quarter to feel the "true" Hanoi but if you want to see the best view, you should visit its rooftop. The rain tonight did not douse the visitors and residents to watch Vietnam's 70th National Day fireworks from a rooftop. #Vietnam #Hanoi #f
photo by @randyolson | words by @neilshea13 — He arrives early every morning to the rock pile by the roadside, takes up his hammer and begins. Breaks big volcanic cobbles down into smaller ones. Clack-tap, clink-tink, sharp sounds cutting out through the desert. At 2 pm he stops, finds some shade, f
Photo by @tbfrost Scientist, explorer, and National Geographic grantee , @vivekvasivvv , looks out over the great Rift Valley from a plateau in the Ethiopian highlands while on expedition for National Geographic.
Photo @coryrichards A large termite mound, once host to the long dead tree protruding from its side stands near Chitabe, Okavango Delta. 70% of all of the Deltas islands began as termite mounds. "The islands of the Okavango Delta vary in size from the smallest single termite mound to the large body
Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) - All the Arctic experts that we spoke to told us that we would be very unlikely to see any polar bears as far inland as we were going in Greenland. Sadly, the first thing we saw after we landed was the remains of a dead polar bear. In recent years, the presence o
Photograph by @stefanounterthiner | I spent six weeks in South Chile trying to photograph a puma. I got only a few decent images, but the "search of the puma" has been one of the most memorable and exiting adventure of my life. One day, I’ve been lucky to spot this young male resting among the grass
Photograph by @thomaspeschak This recently hatched Cape Gannet chick is completely reliant on its parents for shelter from the hot African sun during the day and bitterly cold and damp conditions at night. The parents take turns between guarding and heading out to sea to catch fish to feed the young
Photograph by @paulnicklen for @natgeo. A big rig punches through a heavy sandstorm in Washington State. This state is being plagued by drought, forest fires and sandstorms. Did you know that much of this has to do with the warm ocean water that is sitting off of the Western seaboard? In order t
photo by @joelsartore | See those little wings? Believe it or not, that's completely normal for the Campbell Island teal. Photographed at the Kiwi Birdlife Park (@kiwibirdlifepark) in Queenstown, New Zealand, this species evolved to be flightless because its habitat lacked any predatory mammals for
Photo @lucalocatelliphoto in the south of Bali in Indonesia, after a typical hot day of the summer people love to enjoy the chill out mood of the Seminyak beach during sunset. Seminyak is considered the fanciest area of Bali, most of the tourists enjoy the coolness of the bars and restaurants mixed
Photo by @markleongphotography. In other parts of India, the ubiquitous, gaudily-decorated cargo trucks might feature the likenesses of Hindu deities like Vishnu and Lakshmi. Near Kohima, the capital of the predominantly Christian state of Nagaland, they have portraits of Jesus instead. The North
Photo @pedromcbride // The Goat Guru: While climbing 14,132 foot North Maroon Peak today in #Colorado - a training mission for an upcoming @NatGeo expedition - a wild mountain goat followed me to the summit to casually enjoy the view - and graze on lichen. To see another view of this fluffy mountai
Photo by @edkashi/@viiphoto: Two months after the devastating #HurricaneKatrina in 2005 and subsequent flooding of #NewOrleans, work crews at the Gentilly Landfill in Slidell, Louisiana worked in hazmat suits and respirators to empty out the old foodstuffs from over 152,000 refrigerators left in the
iPhone photo by @stephenwilkes: They say it's easy to spot tourists in NYC--they're the ones always looking up while the locals walk heads down, unfazed by the architecture....I'm a tourist today :) #iPhoneonly #WorldFinancialCenter #skyscraper #NYC #Manhattan
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Photo by @jimrichardsonng Scottish Moments: Exploring Glen Etive today led us to Right-angle Falls, much beloved by kayakers. Rivers like this swell and fall with the passing rains in a very short time. Still searching the Scottish Moors for National Geographic Magazine. @natgeocreative @natgeotra
Photograph by @yamashitaphoto: Tuna tin Buddha, Hong Kong Airport. The winning entry in a charity event aimed at promoting food donation to tackle world hunger. This is a model of the famed giant Tian Tan Buddha that sits on a hillside on Lantau Island, made of more than 10,000 tins of seafood. Enti
Photo by @tyronefoto | Original CTC Steppers and other #secondline groups, bands, and marchers make their way downtown from the #lowerninthward as part of the #katrinatenyears commemoration in #neworleans last Saturday. The anniversary was an emotional day remembering the many who died and lost so m
photo by @randyolson | words by @neilshea13 — Our pilot refused to wander into Ethiopian airspace. He worried. I never understood how he knew where it began, or who, hidden in the reeds below, might notice. But he was French, and like St. Exupery had made a science of superstition. He checked no map
Photo by @BrianSkerry A large Tiger Shark swims over a coral reef in the Bahamas. Considered the most dangerous shark species in tropical waters, researchers are now learning about behaviors that until recently remained a mystery. Despite being large predators, life in the ocean is difficult and the
Photo taken by @stevemccurryofficial // New Zealand, a country in Oceania, has two main islands which both have volcanoes, glaciers, fjords, and some of the most breathtaking and unspoiled scenery on the planet. Brian Brake, New Zealand's most renowned photographer, influenced me when I saw his pic
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