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National Geographic
Cruising down Loch Linnhe which was calm as glass and looking over to the Ardgour hills in Scotland last week. This stretch above Corran is known as An Linne Dhubh in Gaelic, the Black Pool. Sounds about right. Shot on assignment in Scotland aboard The Lord of the Glens with National Geographic Expe
1833 meteor storm started citizen science:
Photos: Ireland's most picture-perfect spots
Photos: Volcanoes erupting around the world this week
Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) - Stars pass over our little camp during a very cold night on top of the Baisun-Tau plateau, southern Uzbekistan. From here, a team of Russian cave explorers have been searching for new previously undiscovered entrances into one of the world's deepest high altitud
1,300 bird species face extinction:
Nearly half of all Syrians have been forced to leave their homes:
Five new "flying monkeys" identified in Amazon:
Some Christian groups in northern Iraq are newly determined to defend their ancient homeland:
Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey) back in #DenaliNationalPark on assignment for @natgeo magazine, seeing old friends like this fox who hangs around near Highway Pass on the Park Road. I will be posting b-roll from my travels here over the next 3 weeks!
Watch: Fighting rhino poaching:
Friday Fact: Octopuses have neurons not just in their brains, but all over their bodies.
The Coleoptera order of insects is commonly called beetles. The word cleopatra means (coleo) "sheathed" & (Petra) "wing" because most types have two pair of wings....the harder front set protects the back pair. The Coleoptera has more species than any other order...constituting 25% of all know a
Photos: A "footprint" on Mars, a young star, and more
#hands with #rosary of a 70 year old man who just died of melanoma #cancer in the #palliative care unit of the National Cancer Institute in #mexicocity on August 28, 2014 by @edkashi
Passing traffic in #Guatemala . Phone photo by @stephsinclairpix #peten #caballo
Can elephants survive a legal ivory trade?
Watch: A bald eagle is released into the wild after being treated for lead poisoning:
Doctors and nurses risk everything to fight Ebola in West Africa:
Enjoy this world-renowned tea mecca to the fullest:
photograph by @vincentjmusi Even with the advent of digital, I still like the craft of photography particularly when it comes to making a fine print. With film, the great Ansel Adams spoke of the negative being the equivalent of the composer's score and the final print was the performance. I don't
Watch: Hangout from the Okavango Delta
Photo @ladzinski / Moon setting behind the dramatically iconic #DevilsTower in Wyoming. Devils Tower was the first declared National Monument in the United States in Sept 24, 1906 of which there are now 109 in total. It's sacred to numerous Native American tribes and is a playground for rock climber
Severe thunderstorms tower over South Carolina in this image captured from space:
Photo taken by @stevemccurryofficial // The Omo River Valley is located in Southwest Ethiopia, and has been called Africa's last frontier, with a population of about a quarter of a million tribal peoples in nine tribes. It has been a privilege to go to the Omo Valley in Ethiopia three times with my
Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) - One of the first objectives of the #expedition was to climb the 1000ft high wall and establish a camp on top of the plateau. Pictured close to his route, @NatGeo writer @m_synnott (Mark Synnott) led the majority of the route using old school Russian gear and sta
Watch: Protecting endangered manatees
Opinion: Hunters' demand for elephant trophies should not take precedence over government accountability: