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National Geographic
Rare snow leopards photographed on Mount Everest:
Monster sunspot threatens Earth with solar storms:
Custom painted in flames and parked on the roadside in Bearcreek, Montana. iPhone picture by David Guttenfelder @dguttenfelder while photographing life in the gateway towns around Yellowstone National Park for @natgeo.
World's longest snake has virgin birth—first recorded in species:
Photo by @davidalanharvey. ROBERT FRANK. New York City. Oct 21, 2014. Thank you Instagram for inviting me to the Aperture Foundation Gala dinner honoring THE living legend of our art and craft Mr. Robert Frank. By the way the room is filled with photo world legends. I am simply trying to soak it all
U.S. indictment accuses South African brothers of trafficking rhino horns:
South America's early migrants reached a remote oasis more than 14,000 feet high:
Photo: @stevewinterphoto Today,Oct 23rd, marks the first International Day of the Snow Leopard! Snow leopards are among the most elusive of the big cats, which makes them the least understood. There are between 4,500-7,500 left in the wild which sadly has earned them a spot on the IUCN Red List of T
Watch: Dead mice get second "life"
Photo by @DavidDoubilet. A school of #barracuda form a question mark pattern around a #diver in #sipadan #malaysia. Barracuda form schools during the day as a defensive behavior. With @natgeo @natgeo creative @thephotosociety for #stadtmuseum #schleswig #nikon
@marcusbleasdale A Peuhl victim of the anti Balaka violence in #CARcrisis. He was attacked by machete when herding cattle in the bush. He escaped and hid in the bush for several days. The conflict in ongoing in Central African Republic but Amadju is now safe in the refugee camp in Cameroon. @humanri
Photo tip: How to photograph the Milky Way
Detail of photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). At the annual Dumchi festival in Phortse, grieving parents Phu Dorji and Phura Yangi are honored with khata, ceremonial scarves, in memory of their son, DaRita Sherpa, who died of high-altitude-related causes on #Everest in 2013. To see the full image
Some of our favorite camera trap footage of lions, coyotes, and prairie dogs:
New tarantula discovered, named after John Lennon:
One of the perks of my job as a National Geographic Photographer & combined with the type work that I do, is the behinds the scenes access that I have at some of the world’s great museums. This Victorian era egg collection was shot at a museum in #NewCastle England. The Great North Museum: Hancock i
Snow leopards have declined by 20 percent over the past two decades:
photograph by @vincentjmusi Eroding Live Oak, Incoming Tide on the Atlantic Ocean at Botany Bay Island. Just 30 miles from Charleston, South Carolina lies the ACE Basin. An estuary formed by the confluence of the rivers Ashepoo, Combahee and Edisto and preserved by the confluence of a community.
Photo by @haarbergphoto (Orsolya Haarberg) Foggy spruce #forest in the #Bihor mountains in #Transylvania, #Romania. More than 25% of the country is forested which gives home to a great variety of wildlife and the largest brown bear population in Europe (outside Russia). @thephotosociety #fog
Photo by @irablockphoto (Ira Block) Low hanging clouds and fog welcome the sun as it rises over rice fields in the Punakha Valley. This is the time of the year when rice is harvested here in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Traveling with my #NGExpeditions group. @thephotosociety @natgeotravel #galaxyS5  #bhu
A breaching humpback whale leaps out of the water in British Columbia:
Photo by @renan_ozturk @camp4collective // #onassignment for the #MyanmarClimb expedition. This morning we left Dazungdam village, which consists of five households, a school, and is nestled within the steep river valley of the jungle. While our porters sorted gear and headed out, I stumbled into t
Photo by @thomaspeschak Aldabra Atoll (Seychelles) is the global hotspot for giant tortoises. This remote outpost is home to the worlds largest population (10 times as many as in the Galapagos). At low tide some tortoises forage on the beach looking for washed up seeds to eat. Photograph taken on as
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Wild mountain goats in the Italian Alps have gotten significantly smaller over the past few decades:
Tigers are threatened by illegal killing for their bones and other body parts:
Milk grown in a lab is humane and sustainable—but will it catch on?
@marcusbleasdale on the border of Central African Republic and Cameroon, thousands have fled across the river to Cameroon to seek safety. After months of attacks and persecution, they now live in refugee camps along the Cameroon border, they have shelter and food and education and the killing, for t
Mars spacecraft made history capturing snapshots of a comet passing the red planet:
A man's 45,000-year-old thigh bone reveals when people first mated with Neanderthals:
photo: @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). I made this image on assignment for an @natgeo cover story on the #PineRidgeReservation in 2012. Today Im with my friend Shepard Fairey (@obeygiant) who helped me turn this image into a collaborative illustration - taking it beyond the pages of magzines and onto t
Stone Age fishermen in northern Spain selected the biggest fish, leaving us with a smaller catch:
@RobertClarkphoto “The sight of a Feather in a Peacock’s tail, whenever I gaze on it, makes me sick!” This is a quote from #CharlesDarwin in a letter to his friend #AsaGray in 1860. Gray the American botanist who was instrumental in the unifying taxonomic knowledge of the plants of North America. W
Image by @paulnicklen #onassignment for @natgeo with @cristinamittermeier. In the midst of a once logged forest, this ghostlike spirit bear came to rest under one of the few remaining old-growth trees left standing in the area. There are fewer than 500 of these spectacular 'white' black bears (not a
Don't forget to submit your top shots to the Photo Contest:
Photo by @haarbergphoto (Orsolya Haarberg) Mountain valleys filled by misty air in the Curvature #Carpathians. We have just returned from #Romania, where we spent two weeks exploring the mountain regions of this beautiful land. @thephotosociety #landscape #landscapephotography #Transylvania
Photo by @randyolson I will be posting photographs from Lake Turkana and the Omo Valley to go with Neil’s text @neilshea13 and we are both tagging them #watershedstories. One of the few material benefits to this work is that it allows you to collaborate with people like @neilshea13. Neil writes in
Photo: @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). I made this image on assignment for a @natgeo cover story on the #PineRidgeReservation in 2012. Today I'm with my friend Shepard Fairey (@obeygiant) who helped me turn this image into a collaborative illustration- taking it beyond the pages of magazines and onto t
Photo taken by @stevemccurryofficial // Magnificent wreckage of continents in collision: Fifty million years ago an immense island collided with mainland Asia to create the Indian subcontinent and push the Himalaya Skyward. Those peaks rise to 20,000 feet in the Ladakh region. @magnumphotos @thephot
"Located in the wrong places, roads can open a Pandora's Box of problems."
9 tips for planning your dream trek:
Photo @renan_ozturk @camp4colective // #onassignment for the #MyanmarClimb expedition. We are 60 miles into the dense northern jungles, getting ever closer to our glaciated climbing objective. Despite the leech bites, blisters and weary legs, the team is in good spirits. Each morning the mist give
Photographing giant tortoises on an island that wants to kill you:
photograph by @vincentjmusi You can't learn from your mistakes if you don't make any. 8 years ago I began amassing a collection of 19th century large-format lenses to photograph a landscape story for @natgeo on South Carolina's ACE Basin. The idea was to take this equipment from the "history of ph
Photo by @thomaspeschak Aldabra Giant Tortoises seek shade under one of the few small trees that survive in this harsh landscape. Aldabra Atoll is situated in the western Indian Ocean and is part of the Seychelles archipelago. 100 years ago giant tortoise numbers were down to a few thousand, but a b