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National Geographic
iPhone photo by @michaelchristopherbrown. A lost hat, left on a railing of a stairwell, inside a building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. @magnumphotos
A flock of galahs gather on a lone tree in Australia's Strzelecki Desert:
Photo by @irablockphoto (Ira Block) Shadows of camels in southeast Morocco's Saharan desert close to the Algerian border. This area is called Erg Chebbi,  an erg is a sea of large sand dunes formed by strong winds. @thephotosociety #sonya7r #camels #sanddunes #desert #morocco #erg
Opinion: Can elephants survive a continued ivory trade ban?
photo by @drewtrush Old long claws. Here, a Grizzly Bear in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem pauses to inspect a remote camera placed near a Red Squirrel midden. The squirells have begun storing pinecones for the winter. Almost immediately, Grizzly Bears begin searching out these locations to fe
Report: Economic growth is possible even while tackling climate change
Undernourishment has declined in most countries, but food access is still a problem: #FutureofFood
Video @ladzinski / A time lapse of moisture building into mist at sunrise over a fertile vineyard in South Africa. Seen from my friend @arjandekock's deck, not a bad view to start every day with Arjan! @natgeocreative #Earth365
Walk into Tarsus, Turkey—the place where Cleopatra first met Marc Anthony: #EdenWalk
Will big data change the way you eat? #FutureofFood
Photo by @TimLaman. #coralreef fish have some amazing faces, and especially eye colors. With full respect to master @daviddoubilet for his wonderful series of fish face images, here is a shot of a red banded wrasse, a common reef inhabitant off Pulau Tioman, #Malaysia. #scuba, @thephotosociety, @
Watch: The Ganges, from snow to sea
Saturn's outer ring is captured in this Cassini image:
Watch: Surf epic waves and cruise through monstrous barrels
117 million lakes found in latest world count:
Rare black-footed ferret babies spotted:
Landing site selected for spacecraft's daring rendezvous with comet:
Sheep were grazing at Gylen Castle today. A gentler scene than the day on 1647 when it was besieged and burnt by the Conenaters. On Kerrera off the west coast of Scotland. Shot on assignment on the Scotland Photo Adventure with National Geographic Expeditions. @JimRichardsonNG @NatGeoTravel @NatGeo
These 8 places tell the story of the nuclear era:
Enjoying some play time taking sefies with Unika, the seven-year-old Patan Kumari or Living Goddess. The tradition—dating back to the tenth century and once widespread in the Indian subcontinent—survives today in #Nepal thanks to the enduring tantric beliefs of the Newars, the indigenous inhabitants
Photo by @paleyphoto (Matthieu Paley). In #Crete, farmer Fanouris Romanakis prunes his #olive trees in the spring so that they will bear more fruit. Could eating like our ancestors make us healthier? Check out the "Evolution of Diet" story this month in National Geographic! Great text by Ann Gibbons
Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey) on assignment for @natgeo magazine. This young #Grizzly bear was posing for Senior photos in #DenaliNationalPark yesterday. His next pose was leaning in to the tree, paws overlapping, with a romantic look of longing straight into the camera. To see more Denali
This week: Spot the Crab Nebula, the bright constellation of Cygnus, and more
Photo @pedromcbride / Taking the fast, but not necessarily the easy way down one of #Colorado’s 52 14,000-foot peaks yesterday. Glacader @mattholstein. @kateholsteinphoto. To see the four-legged furry friend who joined us, go to @pedromcbride. #castlepeak #wilderness #glacade #petemcbride @thephotos
Why this philanthropist bought the original 1297 Magna Carta:
The Rise of Mammals When an asteroid hit the planet some 65 million years ago, bring the dinosaurs region to an end the mammals got the evolutionary opportunity of a lifetime. With dinosaurs gone the mammals could exploit the plant resource of the planet and within a few years the the fossil records
Fall comes early on the Rapa River Delta in northern Sweden. Deciduous trees like these birches are a rarity in the boreal forest. Photo by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz @thephotosociety @natgeocreative
Can genetic engineering save the Florida orange?
Photo @ladzinski / Switzerland's famous #Matterhorn standing proud over the town of Zermatt under a veil of streaking stars. #NGStudentExpedtions @natgeocreative #Earth365
A journalist sets off on a quest for a better understanding of Scotland:
Photo of the Day: Spirits of Westminster #photography #pod
Rahaf, 13, a young #syrian #refugee on her engagement day at #zaatari camp in #jordan. Many Syrians traditionally marry young, but the ritual has been exacerbated since the start of the war. Families are marrying off daughters for economic reasons, and to avoid harassment of their young, single daug
Build a boma to help save lions:
Photo by @chamiltonjames (Charlie Hamilton James) - Boy ropes girl at the Jackson Hole high school rodeo. Contestants come from all over Wyoming and beyond to take part in a weekend of roping and other events. Shot on assignment for an NGM Yellowstone special.
Painting the most complete picture of a mid-Cretaceous ecosystem ever described:
Photo by @christianziegler on assignment for @natgeo. A young red howler monkey gazes into the canopy of a fruiting fig tree in the Peruvian #Amazon. Amazing to be up here, on a 25 meter scaffold that we brought in from Lima to be able to be on eye level in the tree crown, documenting the diverse fr
Quadruple homicide in Peruvian Amazon puts criminal logging in spotlight:
Turning point for a "fantasy" fuel?
Photo by @TimLaman. Details of the #coralreef. A #macro shot of gorgonian whip coral branches covered in white polyps. Corals like these are capturing passing plankton from the current, and each polyp has its own mouth. The polyps with their tentacles pulled in have just caught something for din
Pelican-like pterosaur discovered?
Oban on the west coast of Scotland was glowing tonight. Up on the hill in pink lights is McCaig's Tower, an Oban landmark. Shot on assignment on the Scotland Photo Adventure with National Geographic Expeditions. @JimRichardsonNG @NatGeoTravel @NatGeo @natgeocreative #scotland #iphonephoto
Birds in the U.S. are hit with myriad threats, including invasive species, diseases, and climate change:
Scottish Independence vote is just four days away and supporters of both side are everywhere making their case, even on the peak of Ben A'an in the Trossachs. Pauline Neilly and her friends Lynn Wyllie and Marianne Milton are clearly in the Yes camp. Polls show the election in a dead heat. Shot on a
Founder of elephant sanctuary in Maine was accidentally crushed to death by the animals:
Susie, a 20-something year old mare, grazes as her mane blows in the breeze on a hillside in Montana's Paradise Valley. iPhone photo by David Guttenfelder @dguttenfelder on assignment in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for @natgeo @natgeoparks