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#Repost from @amandaraeex3 ... Loved being interviewed by the beautiful @realedenwwe for the #WWEApp. Eden knows her stuff!!! Beautiful ladies on the #wweapp πŸ˜ŠπŸ’› @natbynature @realedenwwe
Us generational kids stick together @wwearmstrong... Supporting #SusanGKomen in #WWEKansasCity @wwe
Us generational kids stick together @WWEArmstrong...Proudly supporting #SusanGKomen tonight in #WWEKansasCity #Raw
Wearing my Owen pin tonight in Kansas City. Always thinking of him...
With my pretty little @reneeyoungwwe getting ready for #Raw in Kansas City! Blondes united!!
Feeling the burn with a high rep workout in #WWEKansasCity! See you all tonight:) @rootsoffight
β€œ@Macireneemarti: This is ur #1 fan! Came all the way from OKC! She cant wait to see u 2night @ #wwekc #frontRow!" :)
RT" @BrieNikkiLove : Congrats for @BellaTwins and @NatbyNature you are trending ❀❀❀❀ I'm so proud of you ❀❀❀
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Everybody has a story. You never know what pain someone might be going through. There's always more going on than what meets the eye...
"@BellaTwins: Who's likin' Real Estate Agent Nicole?!?! 😍#TotalDivass” I would love to buy a home through you, Nicole!#goodtastee
β€œ@natalieevamarie: β€œ@raiden12end: Thoughts on #Nattie cats? #TotalDivas” I'm more of a dog person.” My cats would like you, though:)
Btw how amazing was @natalieevamarie & @WWECameron road trip?! Haha loved it! Nikki #TotalDivas
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If you keep doing the same things you've always done, you get the same results. Definition of insanity, actually-
When the cats away the mice will play... But sometimes @LaRosaMendes needs to keep that mouse in da house🐭�#TotalDivasvas
@NatbyNature Lmao I'm so using "Keep the mouse in the house". Too funny. #TotalDivas
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β€œ@2reel4you: @NatbyNature you need to be a model for @rootsoffight WHOA #TotalDivas” I am! LOL
β€œ@RichResk: @NatbyNature @natalieevamarie hmmmm I think you mean @Jonathan_Coyle, not @JonathonCoyle.” Oops! Sorry!!!
I have to say @natalieevamarie that I could relate to @JonathonCoyle with the schedules! Organization!! #TotalDivas
The struggle is real. I don't think we could do a road trip together @NaomiWWE! Lol!!
β€œ@BellaTwins: Loving that beautiful vintage #dolcegabanna dress ☺️ #TotalDivas” gorgeous!!!
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It's important to save your money but I agree w Brie @BellaTwins that it's also important to feel fabulous every now and then! #TotalDivas
Choose the company you keep wisely ... Youth is fleeting... Great relationships last forever #TotalDivas
.@BellaTwins are shopping at my absolute favorite store in Tampa! Couture Boutique! The most gorgeous clothing!
.@sigmapoet1914 of course I was right... I'm a good judge of character! #TotalDivas
Leopards never change their spots... Reading between lines ... #TotalDivas
I love how our Diva meeting includes @StephMcMahon and our partnership with #SusanGKomen. All about awareness... #TotalDivas
β€œ@ashleymcgrath_: I'm all set for two NEW back-to-back episodes of #TotalDivas β€πŸ’‹#TeamNattiee" your hair is perfect!
β€œ@WWE: Don't forget back to back episodes tonight on @eonline #TotalDivas 9 ET @RonKillings @NatbyNature" Ya, Baby!
With @Goldust reminding me to stay strong, stay true & stay YOU. Don't miss 2 new episodes of #TotalDivas tonight...
@Goldust told me to let you guys know that there's only 1 more hour until you guys get TWO episodes of #totaldivas! #Back2BackBaby @eonline @wwe
Hello #WWETopeka!!!! This is a little sneak peak of my partner in crime tonight @trinity_fatu in the Divas locker room! And someone - ahem - @realedenwwe snuck in here photo bomb style:)))
Two all new back to back episodes of #totaldivas tonight. Lots to talk about...but definitely gonna keep the energy super positive today:) @eonline
Goodbye Quebec! I had such an awesome time in Canada these last few days...met so many loyal supporters! #teamNattie
First we hit em' with a slap...then we make em' tap! @trinity_fatu and I put a sharpshooter on the bad girls tonight in #WWEQuebecCity...and NO one was disappointed! #totaldivas #pink&blackattack
.@SkyeSteeves I am??? That's awesome! ESP because we have some very talented Divas!
β€œ@NaomiWWE: #WWEQuebecCity @NatbyNature we put the #SHARPSHOOTER on them tonight 😜" TAPS and SLAPS baby!!!
Last night was epic for 3 reasons: 1. Sat ring side at #WWEMontreal 2. Got a signed @NatbyNature t-shirt 3. Touched @NatbyNature hand!!!!!
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Hi #WWEQuebecCity! I've signed all of my #QueenofHarts shirts! Including the one I'm wearing. Who will catch it tonight?!
Hi #WWEQuebecCity! I've signed all of my #QueenofHarts shirts! Including the 1 I'm wearing. Who'll catch it tonight?!
What's important to me... when I'm thousands of miles from home is my family. The @louisvuitton trunk is also special to me as it was a gift from Nicole & John...@thenikkibella.
.@ConnorsCure it was my pleasure spending time with Jack! I can tell he's gonna be big and strong when he grows up!
Makaveli taking over Louis' #MackenzieChilds cat bed.