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#Repost from @rimrunnerprincess83 true #teamNattie fashion ... Looking beautiful and UNBREAKABLE in #WWEnashville --- Supporting my queen!! #TeamNattie #QueenOfHarts #MadeInTheDungeon
I'm going to class tomorrow in my @NatbyNature shirt and expect a straight out of bed selfie lmao #TeamNattie Queen Of Harts Unbreakable!
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Watching this Divas Championship match very closely. #wwenoc
.@RealSummerWWE not engaging with you passive aggressively on twitter. Thanks.
.@Zigglersgreater I'm not thrilled Rosa let Summer in my car. There's being nice and then there's being just plain crazy. #TotalDivas
Wow... Enjoying this @RandyOrton v @IAmJericho match! It's intense. #WWENOC
@NikkiBellaFans_: Uh on what's gonna go down with @NatbyNature and Summer!?!? #TotaDivas” I simply can't stand backseat drivers!
@_gabriellarojas: Love your lipstick! Do you know which brand it is? #TotalDivas" you'll have to ask @honeybeileen!
@rkoingxyou: @NatbyNature NOC and Total Divas? Multitasking? 👍”. Always! Mark Henry takes a licking and keeps on ticking!
@johnbarnes123: who are you rooting for in this match? #TotalDivas" in the Diva triple threat? I wish @BellaTwins can work it out!
Great seeing such a strong man like Mark Henry show a little emotion & passion towards his country. #WWENOC
@TotalDivas1815: @NatbyNature on a scale from 1 to 10 of sand in your bikini how bad is it having SUMMER back #TotalDivas” 11!
Watching Night of Champions and #TotalDivas tonight... I like to double dip:) I'll be live tweeting for Total Divas in ten minutes!!! @WWE
This should be good... @HEELZiggler v @mikethemiz ... SANDOW is a tad creepy in a long black jacket kind of way! #WWENOC
I dig @Goldust and @StardustWWE ... But I'm sad @WWEUsos lost the Championships... They're my favorites! #NightOfChampions #wwe
When I'm pushed to my breaking point, I'm not afraid to chuck cheap luggage out of my car. #TotalDivas #wwe
I had a hard time deciding who was gonna get my shirt tonight! #WWELexington will always have piece of my heart;)
A hard fought battle in #WWELexington tonight. The #WWEUniverse always has my back & it means the world to me. #unbreakable
Hello, #WWELexington! Who's coming to see us tonight?! I'm feeling in the mood for some ringside selfies... So have your cameras ready! #queenofharts #WWE
RT @EdgeRatedR: Tampa area pup needs your help before 3 today. Let's do this…
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Workout done! Thanks Nautilus Fitness...Now headed to Charleston Civic Center for #WWELive. See you guys soon!
Sending a Happy Birthday @natalieevamarie! Love this old photo of us all happy together in Curaçao. Miss those days:)
Happy Birthday @natalieevamarie! Here's an old photo from many months ago when we went to Curaçao together to celebrate in "All Red Everything" Style. Miss those times! Hope your birthday is great. The best is yet to come. #happybirthdayEva #FlashbackFriday #TotalDivas
Happy Birthday @reneeyoungwwe! This is the most scandalous photo of us I have. Definitely up to no good... I will not show JBL.
This is awesome! Just saw this...Love a little @BasRuttenMMA. Gonna rock this on #TotalDivas with my Louboutins;)
Haha @BlackBeardWWE total nightmare to say the least.
New hot tub can mean only one thing...Diva pool party! #totaldivas
These are SO cool!! Custom Pink & Black Hitman Beats. Don't think it gets any better!! @jamieiovine #repost from @brethitmanhart --- Custom made Headphones @beatsbydre
@wwe_brooks: My nikki bella pose while wearing my natalya shirt. Love them both @NatbyNature @BellaTwins" awesome!
Another great shot of Gismo. Here he is "walking" me down the aisle, wearing the tuxedo my mom made for him (in lieu of me wearing the wedding dress my mom made for me...long story!) My dad's in this picture, too:) #TBT
Thinking of this guy today. Said goodbye to Gismo one year ago. He was very young to pass away, but we have so many wonderful memories of him.
I knew there was a reason I got these hand painted Mackenzie Child's bowls from Scotland. They make great cat beds.
One year has passed since we said bye to Gismo. He was such a big part of the family. I think of him every day.
@FollowMe_Seth: My #WCW @NatbyNature ❤️" :) I love vintage glamour ... Think Veronica Lake!
@Twitches_89: Superstar Roundtable was a great read #wwemagazine" :) sharing family memories in wrestling #Respect
@ReBourneAgain: Great to hear from @NatbyNature on this "The Hart of War" episode of #MondayNightWar #WWENetwork” great episode, huh?
@kaedynlyn: Wearing my @NatbyNature shirt today. #WrestlingWednesday You're also my #WCW" pretty! Thank you! :)
Countdown to Makaveli...#kittenlife #spoiledpurrsian
@WFanart: Drawing of @NatbyNature by our special friend firstfruits ❤️" adorable! Great job!
@LaurenAnna16: Finally got my Nattie shirt!!! #teamNattie #TotalDivas" gorgeous & UNBREAKABLE
"Excuse me while I kiss the sky." Jimi Hendrix ... Great workout in #WWEBiloxi. Feeling recharged for #WWELive tonight. Who's coming to see us?!