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Nash Overstreet
Just found this of @crystalleigh and kinda @alliharvard haha. Miss u both!(I'm landin tonight in LA!)
Hmmmm. It feels like I'm forgetting something incredible. What could it be. Like, JT level amazing uhhh. Kidding! @Beyonce #BEYONCE 👍👏💯🏆🏆🏆
Da T swizzle joint is so good... The performance just made all that much more fun. And @taylorswift13 you KNOW I wouldn't jump either! #vma
As much as I've seen @5SOS ... They shocked me last night w how well they played. Wow'd👍@Luke5SOSS@Calum5SOSS@Michael5SOSS@Ashton5SOSS#vmaa
Congrats to the fab @AllyBrooke & my homies in @FifthHarmony ! You all are making some sick stuff. Definitely deserving of it! #vma
.@Usher keeps on being one of my all time favorites. W that dancin - singin - outfit. And @MileyCyrus shows us all some true class. #vma
So cool to see @ArianaGrande just go murder the show, after playin shows w her a yr-ish ago. & @JessieJ - @NICKIMINAJ were DOPE too. 🎶�#vmama
.@IGGYAZALEA and @RitaOra's outfits and the drama of how they did #blackwidow had me forgettin to have ADD. haha. Great look for both
I need to do a #VMA weigh in real quick. That show last night was BOMB. Usually someone who's actually good is the rarity. Not this time
Can I play a #guitarsolo at ya for a minute?
The beauty of finding drunk studio videos. @dmarshy @ryankfollese
“@appell89: the guy in the blue shirt from run around tour blamed ur manager. Sry to miss u!” I WATCHED that guy say we couldn't do it
“@BabyAnimalPics: Someone get me a baby turtle 😫�” YES.
“@CircusFreak15: @NASHOVERSTREET at least I got this pic of you holding your boobs. Cool.” tryin to like my nip
We wanted, and had planned a meet and greet. And they decided "moment of" that they weren't going to allow it 2 happen. My apologies 2 u all
Once, an event didn't hold up to their contract, didn't have the right gear, things were breaking, & they cut us short and canceled our M+G
Smokey Robinson just released Smokey & Friends! He's got some great collabs w dope artists on here! Check it
So crazy that any guy, or band(male) that has edgy lyrics... Isn't being edgy. They're just one of the few that aren't lying.Respect 2 truth
Hologram technology is getting REALLY advanced. The show Catfish is gonna get CRAZY! Think about it
“@donkeykonglouis: @NASHOVERSTREET @AcaciaBrinley GIVE ME HER NUMBER I BEG” 91820191929191928374840691714