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Perfect tweet to end things on. Thank u! MT @HarpAmyStabler: Just wanted to say bye. You've been excellent at keeping fans informed. Thanks.
.@FOXSports1 program info here» MT @captrosso: Do you know if qualifying/ practice will still be broadcast? #nascar
Yes, @SPEED become @FOXSports1 on Aug. 17 MT @mcshane2448: still don't understand. Is speed channel disappearing once fox takes over?
THX! RT @Dustinblack85: One last Shoutout to @NASCARonSPEED Thanks for all yall have done for all us #NASCAR Fan's.
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Different (but very talented/passionate) admins. MT @j2000e: I have a feeling it wont be the same :-/ unless you guys are running it too!
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MT @SPEEDCenter: “@jasonskow: @Hinchtown & @RickAllenracing are crushing it tonight on @SPEEDCenter” & it's on again right now! Thanks Jason
.@FOXSports1 launches Aug. 17th, & @NASCARONFOX will handle #nascar updates. MT @bakerracing37: Why are you shutting down this account?
You're welcome, & thank you! Please follow @NASCARONFOX! MT @donnawilder1739: I am bad at goodbyes - so i won't say it #ThanksForEverything
In 15 min. @SPEEDCenter will look back at all the day's #NASCAR action from @KySpeedway!
.@SPEEDCenter has a full @KySpeedway #NASCAR recap at 11p ET! MT @TerriJ48: Wanted to see what u had to say about jj. He is the best
"Go Dale!" MT @Hammerdropper88: Thanks for being so generous to this Junior fan & ALL NASCAR fans! Go SPEED!
.@RaceHub will be on @SPEED Channel until Aug. 17, then on @FOXSports1. RT @dannyllsm1946: will race hub still be on speed channel #nascar
THX for kind words! Our friends at @NASCARONFOX will keep you informed/entertained! RT @Beccas43: we are going to miss you!!! </3 :(((
Turn that frown upside down & follow @NASCARONFOX! MT @CharNascar: I'M sad this Twitter account is going dark. I Love My Speed Channel .
THX! (#Trackside producer)»MT @JMorris_NP: THX for updates, awesome fan interaction & loving #NASCAR! I know @NASCARONFOX will continue it.
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Thank you! Follow @NASCARONFOX! MT @alyssafallisr5: Going to miss your fun updates & the way you make race days fun you guys are amazing !
We'll sendout a few more Tweets tonight. THX for following. RT @logano22fan: Can I get one last tweet from my favorite place to get NASCAR
On Sat., Aug. 17th, @SPEED becomes @FOXSports1 & will still carry #NASCAR coverage! RT @2gsdmommy: is Speed Tv going away also :-(
Catch a full recap from today's @KySpeedway #NASCAR race when @SPEEDCenter airs at 11p ET tonight!
Due to live @RolexSeries coverage on @SPEED, there was no #VictoryLane show today. MT @sheahant: Where is Victory Lane? #nascar
REMINDER: Follow us over at @NASCARONFOX! Starting TOMORROW, it’s your home for #NASCAR news & we will no longer post from this account.
It was a pleasure! Thank you! RT @TeamNASCAR: T H A N K Y O U @NASCARonSPEED
Thank you for following! Please follow @NASCARONFOX! MT @BrownChandler: Gonna miss the account! Thanks for all of the great updates!
MT @SPEEDCenter: Next: We've got the "Dirt" with @bobdillner, plus more on the hole @dennyhamlin now has to dig out of.
.@SPEEDCenter has extensive post-race coverage & interviews from @KySpeedway right now on @SPEED! #NASCAR
RT @mattkenseth: Wow! What an incredible day, thanks #Team20!
MT @SteveLetarte: Not sure what to say. Hit a tire that rolled in front of us while leading. Really? Great work to the whole team to fix it.
RT @gbiffle: Proud of my guys they work so hard and I'm lucky to drive the 16 3M car!! Picked up 7 spots after our wreck
RT @ClintBowyer: @JimmieJohnson was so fast today he passed the pace car and didn't even know it!!!!!!!!
MT @KurtBusch: I hate my mistake ruined @keselowski @gbiffle @RCR27PMenard & their teams day. Apologized 2 them all but mad at myself still
#NASCAR wild cards: 11. Kahne (1 win) 12. Stewart (1 win) 13. Gordon, -2 from 10th 14. Keselowski, -14 from 10th 15. KuBusch, -16 from 10th
Retweeted by NASCAR on SPEED
#NASCAR points: Johnson, Edwards -38, Bowyer -41, Harvick -66, Kenseth -82, DaleJr -98, KyBusch -110, Truex -120, Biffle -121, Logano -131
Retweeted by NASCAR on SPEED
Don't miss the interview on @SPEED! #NASCAR MT @bobdillner: We have @JimmieJohnson too for @SPEEDCenter - check it out at 7pm
PROGRAM REMINDER: No #NASCAR #VictoryLane tonight. Get your full post-race coverage from @KySpeedway on @SPEEDCenter at 7p ET on @SPEED!
Let's hear it, fans! RT @NASCARONFOX: Who was your performer of the race? #NASCAR
RT @NASCARONFOX: Top 10: Kenseth, McMurray, Bowyer, Logano, KyBusch, KuBusch, Truex Jr., Gordon, Johnson, Harvick #NASCAR
.@mattkenseth in Victory Lane: "I didn't think there was any way we were going to hold on for that win." #NASCAR