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ナルト Uzumaki Naruto
Don't let the shadows of yesterday spoil the sunshine of tomorrow.
And never go back on your word. That is my nindo. That is my ninja way.
Protect the things that matter most in this world. Don't falter. Stand tall and strong. Be someone that you can be proud of.
Cherish people and every experience you have them. See the beauty in even the darkest things. Be good to each other.
Be fearless in your love no matter how badly your heart aches.
Always keep your chin up and see the promise that each new day brings.
In the end we all grow and learn from each other no matter what happens.
There are no right answers just lessons about life, love and friendship.
Life will always hand you difficult people and difficult situations. Follow your heart and do the best that you can.
#Boruto : Chidori>Rasengan #Naruto : bro... let me tell you a story about two water containers" via @gabriell_bc
Oi minna! Have you seen the new trailer for #BorutoTheMovie ? Eh???? What are you waiting for?! Ikuzo! #Naruto
#NarutoGaiden manga chapter 700+9 "I'll protect you" is out. Uchiha eyes: Gotta catch 'em all! #Naruto #Naruto709
#NarutoGaiden manga chapter 700+8 "The Real Thing" is out now! What does Kishimoto-sensei have in store for us this week? #Naruto #Naruto708
#NarutoGaiden Chapter 700+7 "A Genetic Slave" is out now! Big surprises in this one, minna! #Naruto
#NarutoGaiden manga ch 700+5 "The Future" is out and Sarada isn't pulling any punches dattebayo! #Naruto #Naruto705
If an Uchiha isn't giving you a death glare you're doing something wrong. #Naruto
Come to see the awesome 7th Hokage fight again. #NarutoGaiden #Naruto #Naruto704
#NarutoGaiden chapter 700+4 "A chance meeting part 2" is out now! Plot twist no jutsu! #Naruto
I could have sworn I heard Sasuke mutter an annoyed "baka" from whatever non-cell-phone-charging corner of the world he is in these days.
One minute you have a hot steaming bowl of ramen and the next, your hand betrays you into a big blue ball of KABOOOOM SPLATAAAAH DRIPDRIIIIP
Last night I rasenganed my food all over the kitchen! Jutsu are tricky stuff
no matter where life takes you don't ever lose that smile #Naruto #???
Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself; it's what you do for others 🍥
I have to be honest with you guys, I love being in love!
#NarutoGaiden chapter 700+3 "A Chance Meeting" is out now! As Shika would say: troublesome kids. #Naruto #Naruto703
Throw kindness around like confetti #Naruto #???
I wonder if this is what it feels like to have a brother. #Naruto #??? #TBT
#NarutoGaiden chapter 700+2 "The Boy With The Sharingan" is out now! What are you waiting for minna? #Naruto
Two #NarutoGaiden side stories have been released! The Book of Thunder and The Book of Wind dattebayo! #Naruto

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