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ナルト Uzumaki Naruto
#Boruto : Chidori>Rasengan #Naruto : bro... let me tell you a story about two water containers" via
Oi minna! Have you seen the new trailer for #BorutoTheMovie ? Eh???? What are you waiting for?! Ikuzo! #Naruto
#NarutoGaiden manga chapter 700+9 "I'll protect you" is out. Uchiha eyes: Gotta catch 'em all! #Naruto #Naruto709
#NarutoGaiden manga chapter 700+8 "The Real Thing" is out now! What does Kishimoto-sensei have in store for us this week? #Naruto #Naruto708
#NarutoGaiden Chapter 700+7 "A Genetic Slave" is out now! Big surprises in this one, minna! #Naruto
#NarutoGaiden manga ch 700+5 "The Future" is out and Sarada isn't pulling any punches dattebayo! #Naruto #Naruto705
If an Uchiha isn't giving you a death glare you're doing something wrong. #Naruto
#NarutoGaiden chapter 700+4 "A chance meeting part 2" is out now! Plot twist no jutsu! #Naruto
I could have sworn I heard Sasuke mutter an annoyed "baka" from whatever non-cell-phone-charging corner of the world he is in these days.
One minute you have a hot steaming bowl of ramen and the next, your hand betrays you into a big blue ball of KABOOOOM SPLATAAAAH DRIPDRIIIIP
Last night I rasenganed my food all over the kitchen! Jutsu are tricky stuff
no matter where life takes you don't ever lose that smile #Naruto #???
Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself; it's what you do for others 🍥
I have to be honest with you guys, I love being in love!
#NarutoGaiden chapter 700+3 "A Chance Meeting" is out now! As Shika would say: troublesome kids. #Naruto #Naruto703
I wonder if this is what it feels like to have a brother. #Naruto #??? #TBT
#NarutoGaiden chapter 700+2 "The Boy With The Sharingan" is out now! What are you waiting for minna? #Naruto
Two #NarutoGaiden side stories have been released! The Book of Thunder and The Book of Wind dattebayo! #Naruto
Minna! If you haven't seen it yet #NarutoTheLast is out and subbed! #Naruto
so have you guys see Kakashi? well if you believe the rumors you have now dattebayo!… #naruto

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