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ナルト Uzumaki Naruto
I'll protect you with all I've got, Hinata! ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO #NarutoTheLast
More full color character designs for Naruto The Movie - The Last ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO #NarutoTheLast
Full color character designs for Naruto The Movie - The Last ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO #NarutoTheLast
More information on Naruto The Movie - The Last! ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO #NarutoTheLast
Amazing pics from the new Naruto The Movie - The Last trailer dattebayo! ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO #NarutoTheLast
Check out this awesome new trailer minna! Naruto the Movie - The Last Teaser #02: #NarutoTheLast
You can tell me when it's over, if the high was worth the pain.
Close enough! ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO #Naruto698
"Shut up... Usuratonkachi." ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。 #NARUTO #Naruto698
This isn't a fight you can win or lose, I'm just trying to punch reason into a friend ナルト #NARUTO #Naruto698
Because you're my friend.. ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。 #NARUTO #Naruto698
But this time around it, will be hate that transforms into love. ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO #Naruto698
Without endings there would be no new beginnings.
I have one vote for Naruto, one for Sasuke, one for neither (Sakura for Hokage!) And one for both at the same time! Minna you are awesome
Who do you think Sakura-chan will heal first? #Naruto698
Manga chapter 698 "Naruto and Sasuke part 5" is out now! Last one to read it buys the ramen! #Naruto698
And here is the end product. This year's pumpkin is @NarutoxUzumaki in honor of the end of Naruto. Many good memories
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Happy Birthday to @Orochimartyr , now officially older than dirt! Enjoy the ashen remains of @SasukexUchiha's purple rope *hands small jar*
Smile more than you cry Give more than you take Love more than you hate
Until I save you... ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO #naruto697
I'll never give up ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO #naruto697
Even if I have to break every bone in your body ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO #naruto697
Because we're friends.. ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO #naruto697
How could we not? ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO #naruto697
Part 4 of Naruto Vs Sasuke is out now! Get your manga on dattebayo! #Naruto697
NaruRamen is canon dattebayo!
Gomenasai Hinata-chan, demo... I love ramen. *walks away* #Naruto #NarutoTheLast #NaruRamen 🍥❤ 🍜 ナルトラーメ
This is how I'll beat Sasuke. ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO #naruto697
And so have our friends! ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO
We've come a long way dattebayo! ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO
Friendship collides! ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO
Happy Birthday to the amazingly awesome Kittermelon dattebayo! *flings confetti @H_armonicSound *
No, this isn't why the manga is ending dattebayo! ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO
New sketches from #NarutoTheLast It's Kiba, Ino and Shino! ナルト好きな人はRTお願いします。#NARUTO
Both the #Naruto696 manga chapter and #NarutoShippuden episode 382 are out! Happy #Naruto Thursday dattebayo! ナルト 🍥
Minna! #Naruto696 : "Naruto and Sasuke part 3" is out now! Go read it #likeafuckingninja dattebayo
This.. I hope Hinata will said 'Happy Birthday' to you after the war ended :) @NarutoxUzumaki
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I wanted to be the last one wishing you a happy birthday, you're the best @NarutoxUzumaki 🎂🎂🎁�
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Oh no! My Birthday is almost over! Someone grab me some ramen!
@NarutoxUzumaki HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍥🍥
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The anticipation builds! Naruto: The Last is just a few months away! #Naruto ナルト #NarutoTheLast
@NarutoxUzumaki happy birthday! Always motivated to be a better person and to help others. #kagebunshinnojutsu
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Happy Birthday @NarutoxUzumaki Gift from me : Did it with chalk an black board!
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