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Naomi Kyle
You all were awesome today! Seriously, thanks for having us, #igncon! #Repost from @ign_me Living up to see @official_troybaker and @thenaomikyle at #IGNConvention #MyBahrain
Guys! #IGNCON day 2 is underway! #iamexcite @ignme
We have the dumbest and best idea for Extra Life tomorrow for @McBiggitty / @agentbizzle :) Donate:…
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#Repost from @stsalisbury @juliavoth and @thenaomikyle at #IGNConventionBahrain
THE MOUNTAIN! #GoT #Repost from @thorbjornsson Selfie with @thenaomikyle ! Having great time at the IGN CONVENTION!
The crowd here is insane! Thank you all for coming to #IGNCON! #havingablast #Bahrain #videogames
Some reading material I brought along.. an actor's guide by @aussiegirly, actor from @WorryDollsMovie! #Recommended
Flight's about to take off. Quick stop in Frankfurt then to Bahrain! See you soon 💋✈️
Also, our Halo live stream took over the studio so The Fix will look slightly different..
Took more than a day to get my flight stuff sorted, I'm actually flying out today! Be seeing you soon, Bahrain :)
A little early.. but what are some top stories you heard this week in gaming? #DailyFixTop5
Are you down for a GTA: San Andreas re-release? What other games would you like to see re-released? #DailyFix…
#FantasiaMusicEvolved is A TON of fun! Let me show you just how fun, just type in the link! > > > > > 😉💃
Get all of the news you need on today's Daily Fix!
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Have you experienced problems with Driveclub? Or is it smooth sailing? And what do you think of the game?! #DailyFix…
.@FantasiaGame is out 2day & is a BLAST to play. @IGN gave it an 8.6/10! Watch me play it in this let's play guide :)…
My extra X1 controller is lost. @DMC_Ryan entrusted me w/ his. Without it 2nite's co-op party wld not be possible.
Guys I'm telling you there's nothing like a candle lit evening & playing @ChariotGame. Nothing. Like It. #QuebecPride
Special let's play on it's wayyy... any guesses what game it could be??
Thoughts on the new changes to Destiny? #DailyFix…
It just hit me I'm flying to Bahrain in a day.
Great track by @DaemZero I helped translate :). Show it some love!
Bored on a Sunday? Watch part 2 of this Evil Within let's play I did w/ @pettycommajared! 😱…
A new episode of #CAYR is LIVE...JUST in time for the weekend. o(^▽^)o
Big changes are coming to the PS4...thoughts? Concerns? #DailyFix…
What were the top gaming stories this week, comrades? #DailyFixTop5
World Series, baby! Woo! Congrats, @SFGiants!
What do you think of X1's most recent update? Is there anything else missing or are we good? #DailyFix…
If you can't watch the #AppleEvent follow our live blog :)…
Deals of the week for yo minds!…
What are your favorite console bundles out so far? And what are some you'd like to see in the future? #DailyFix…
FYI, I officially want to play this.… Great job on the review, @Luceobrien!
.@IGN's UK Podcast is nominated for a @GamesMediaAward! Click to vote, today's the last day! I really hope they win..
Great responses! I hope you all know I'm forever grateful for the time you put in to respond to my daily(fix) questions. 15/10 appreciated!
Is 60 hours too long for a game like Far Cry? What's the ideal and why, IYO? #DailyFix…
Thanks for the #bayareaeats love @NaomiKyle! Can't wait to try your foodie recommendation @MUAOakland
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