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Nancy Lloyd
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Oh god, she said she's due a treat of heroin as at the wkend she only had coke and it made her really productive, cleaning & babysitting?!?!
Ugh some woman on the train talking really loudly about taking heroin and how much her and her friends love it. Shut up.
Some interesting thoughts today but it's impossible not to notice the lack of female presence on these panels #MPOMMA
Oh my god Luis is in a ukulele club! He is now my favourite #GBBO
Before and after, muddy and soaked but still smiling!
Thinking that wearing my new boots for the first time just 2 days before the warrior run might not have been a great idea #noblistersplease
Absolutely loving this right now ♫ Love Me Harder – Ariana Grande, The Weeknd #NowPlaying
Just overheard a colleague say that Myspace was before his time. Jeez way to make me feel old.
I mean, this is quite the Sunday morning treat 👌 Can You Make It Through This Post Without Your Ovaries Exploding?…o
There are two little girls in Toys R Us dressed as Anna and Elsa from Frozen. It's too much.
So came back to work to the best present ever...
Sunday afternoon awwws 😊 - 45 Kids Meeting Their Sibling For The Very First…u
Some of you may already know but the lovely @LVRobertson and I are doing The Warrior Run in a couple…
So I'm going to do a Warrior Run! Looks pretty scary Please sponsor & support The Argus Appeal
2 hour nap then @danny_ledger and I are up, up and away ✈️☀️🍹
The best birthday gifts from my Hove Bitch Shaquana (aka @LVRobertson )
5 and a half hours of travelling so far today, still about another hour to go, then all again in reverse. Let's hope it's worth it!
Early birthday celebrations are pretty nice
So looking forward to get back in the gym. In need of those endorphins!
Some people are just so rude. No need for it you horrid little man 😠
Oh man still cannot deal with *that* scene from The Lion King even now 😩 "you've gotta get up, dad we've gotta go home" 😭😭😭
These two together just melt my heart
This little cutie is just too much
Daaaamn @Pizzafacepizza that was some goood pizza 🍕😃🍕
I know you're finally here weekend but it just doesn't feel like you're here
Yeah, sounds about right, you'll definitely agree @danny_ledger 23 Things Only People Who Hate People Will Understand…
Cannot wait for tiny baby cuddles later. I need some cute right now.
Stop everything! There is a photo of an actual penguin wedding!
Oh hai autumn 🍂 Really should've put a jacket on 😬
I came to get down I came to get down So get out your seats and jumper hound Jumper hound Jumper hound Jumper hound
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Today's National Burger Day @danny_ledger I didn't even know that was a thing, we must celebrate it, would be rude not to.
I do love Norman… But seriously Buzzfeed, Nancy, a 2nd place name. Pipe down.
Ohhh I love Tumblr because it's where things like this exist - Means Girls At Downing Street
Monday blues on a Tuesday and I overslept. Ugh. #19daysandcounting
Michael Caine in Miss Congeniality. He is just everything.
So apparently our cat is a fan of Caesar salad...funny little thing
Not feeling well so back into bed with some Disney and this little cutie.
Lazy Sundays are all kinds of lovely.
The Old Spice Guy Just Did The Smoothest Ice Bucket Challenge Yet…
Oh @BagelmanBTN you absolute beaut. You have made my Sunday morning.
A stranger pretty much just sneezed on my face. God I hate the general public 😠😷
Here's @mikebrown_15 signing a new @QuinsRugbyUnion shirt that's up for grabs. Simply RT for your chance to #win
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This might be the best thing I've ever seen - Cat Dressed As A Shark Riding A Roomba With A Shark-Baby…
20 Hilarious Vines That Definitely Didn't Go As Planned @Lily_SeaSpray…