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Nancy Lee Grahn
What do @WilliamdeVry1 @sebroche & @TheRealStafford have in common? Coming this fall. It's highly embarrassing.
@NancyLeeGrahn I wonder if your new show has co-written by a smashingly handsome and recently married chap. #Hint
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Ok. So maybe @teenystweeting & @BrandonBarash didn't exactly say we could babysit. I know that they meant we could.
watched @DancingABC Im a fan. After a martini I'm more of a fan. After 2 martinis I'm doing the samba with my neighbor
My show on is so much funnier than @DWTS.. Wait is that supposed 2b funny?... Ok sorry.
The cast of @GeneralHospital came out to play 4 my new show on "Log on when it airs or I'm toast" - Kate Grahn
Laughter's common ground between ABC, @GeneralHospital ABC digital, me & you. We came to play. Will you watch? Kate's college depends it.
ICE ICE BABY! Check out my cover story on the #Frozen - @OnceABC crossover! On sale this week @TVGuideMagazine
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Im kinda loving @houzz right now
Hurray! @teenystweeting and @BrandonBarash are going on a romantic weekend and leaving Harper with Kate and me!!!
Up to 3,000 members of the United States military will go to West Africa to help combat Ebola: Proud of America… "shocking"-Nancy lee Grahn " Shit Happens. He's worth billions"- NFL
never never ok. Male sure you understand that
its gross that the @Vikings @nfl are king of meh on child abuse but losing sponsor dollars will get their attn. but whatever works.
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I don't care that Adrian Peterson has fathered 7 kids - irrelevant issue. I care, however, if he abuses even 1 of those children. #nfl
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Hey @nfl If I smoke weed, take steroids, Im out indefinately. If I abuse a child or a women I'm out 6 games. Fuck You. Love, me
NFL appears to put running with a football above the protection of women and children. Who the fuck does that? Im pissed. Am I the only one?
Adrian Peterson is product of his environment. He deserves education & enlightenment. The NFL is clearly not equipped to grant him that.
NFL has a 6 game suspension for domestic violence. That is not good enough.The company Im employed by as does most have 0 tolerance policy.
"Im not a perfect parent, but I'm, without a doubt, not a child abuser," Adrian Peterson. Unfortunately sir yes u are. #lessonneededhere
DISGUSTING. OUTRAGEOUS. INEXCUSABLE. @Vikings it appears are ok with a 4 year old being beaten bloody.…
This week on #gh it's a week SO BIG we had to get our cast & producers to live tweet not just once BUT ALL WEEK!!!
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#GH live tweet week kicks off Monday at 3pm est / 12pm pst with @ZJGarred and continues daily thru Friday! All this week! Don't miss it!
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Have u checked out my new website? You can see what I'm doing at Yahoo, upcoming events & sign up for my newsletter!
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From my new album. The last time I was in Iraq. Iraq: Be Someone Else’ by Stand Up! Records on #SoundCloud?…
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Are you done with your personal life @Kaore? Can we get back to that show we cant talk about that you're writing?
AND.....Happy birthday to one of my besties @TheRealStafford xoxoxoxoxo
Anyone who defends Adrian Peterson's crime to support their NFL boner needs to get a new hobby. Try reading a book or knitting.
I get innocent until proven guilty @Vikings but he said he did it. You've read the police reports & seen the pixs right? 1 game. Seriously?
Good 4 u Vikings. Taking out AP 4 one game is swift & just punishment 4 AP admittingly beating his 4 yr old bloody with pix 2 prove it. NOT!
Im outta here. Im heartened by many on here 2night and deeply disturbed by others. Abuse is a terrible thing.
THUG (noun) a violent, brutal person who is often a member of an organized gang. Merriam Webster Dictionary. Look it up!
Anyone who defends Adrian Peterson's crime to support their NFL boner needs to get a new hobby. Try reading a book or knitting.
Detailed report on AP abuse is here… & pix are here:… if you are OK w/this, I'm gobsmacked.
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I gotta a swarm of ugly men on here who think leaving bloody marks on a 4 yr old is A+ parenting. Get my off my feed and get some help.
@Yungillegal If you endorse this bloody scarring on 4 yr old, you need help & to not have any kids.… @NancyLeeGrahn
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Sarah Palin embarrassed white trash America yesterday by brawling in someone's front lawn. Even white trash know to take it to the backyard.
I hear Bristol Palin is up for Boxing With The Stars
Actually Adrian Peterson should be in jail with Rice and all the other thugs in Pro sports. Enough already!
Adrian Peterson should be out of the NFL and in ongoing therapy and parenting classes until his kid is 18.
All 11 firefighters died saving lives on Rescue 5