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Nancy Lee Grahn
I kinda love @billyeichner He's a cool pal
Since I'm apparently the only actress never to have taken a naked pix of myself, Im going to do a naked selfie right now. Be right back.
So twitter will cancel acct of anyone who tweets celebs naked pix but not those that threaten to kill you. That's fair.
"PLZ watch my Mom's new show on in October. Maybe then she'll sign my lunch program card so I can eat."- Kate Grahn
Is it seriously only 8pm? Guess I should just keep on my jammies from this morning. A desperate Gorilla would find me attractive right now,
I ask @sarahcolonna & @jimmypardo Ive only 2 hit and runs If I throw in a soap stabbing is that funny? #heranintomyknife
Apparently Alexis has only run over 2 ppl which is problematic in that 3 is comedically funnier. Ask @sarahcolonna and @jimmypardo .
Anyone who watches or has ever watched a soap will love my timeline right now
How many people has Alexis run over with her car including hit and runs she's taking the wrap for? #factgathering
Dear friends with birthdays/issues/unanswered calls or emails or in general, anyone who needs me for anything. Im sorry.
Am I the only one that thinks I'm tweeting to 1 person but forgets to @ that person so then everyone gets the tweet? I seem to do that a lot
New job requirement quite different than one Im used 2. How I feel (actor) as compared to how u feel (producer/ writer) I've had it so easy.
BTW, In an effort to bridge a gap I'll be singing at Sarah Palins re vows to Todd. Check ITunes 4 songs in whatthefuckflat.
Wanna 2 bridge gap @eltonjohndotcom ? Ok. Let me know when that manifests. In meantime Ive no doubt that 2 mil will go to good, right?
I get the kumbaya bit @eltonjohndotcom singing at hugest asshole almost ever @rushlimbaugh OK I don't get it.
COMING this OCT. If you're not already signed on...Oh well.
We are bringing the funny into Daytime TV. New show we cant talk about yet. @Me @sarahcolonna @jimmypardo @Kaore @FUN
Elton John has given @HillaryClinton his blessing. Still unanswered: Why did he sing at Rush Limbaugh’s 4th wedding?…
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If I said @sebroche was going to be in new ABC show. Would u A) Watch. B) Watch again. C) follow me
U might wanna follow @sarahcolonna and @jimmypardo They're contracts have confidentiality clause but they r loose cannons
Hate to name drop but my new ABC sponsored show includes Chelsea Handler's @sarahcolonna and @ConanOBrien 's @jimmypardo
Abusive to charge the fees that they charge & crowd you in like veal. Show me the income tax returns of airline ceo…
I just donated $100s to @MSF_USA because Im lucky enuf to do it. 1$ 2$ 3$ more. It's all good. Give. Plz Give
Proud of my Straight A student who rejected AP recommendations to have more time for her music. Check out Kate Grahn on ITunes #proudmom
So proud of my high school Jr. Straight A student recommended for 5 APS, Took 1 & no honors. Playing her guitar right now @RaceToNowhere .
Am so proud of my now high school Jr. Straight A student recommended for 5 APS, Took 1 & no honors. Wanted a calm life. @RaceToNowhere
Dear kid @ Kate's school; If ur lucky enuf to've parents who pick u up, get ur ass where u need 2b on time so I don't want to kill u. Thanks
Dear parents of kate's school; If ur kid is not there 4 pick up u cant stay there & wait 4 him/her. Move on. The 5k cars behind u hate u.
Love off? RT @MauriceBenardM So protective of ur new boyfriend it's amazing I never got that love. Interesting.
Why is @NancyLeeGrahn passionately kissing this guy on Hollywood blvd? Find out this Oct on !!
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GH fan Barbara showed us the perfect soap slap -- find out why this October only on !!!
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I am not leaving GH. New Project is just more of. Big announcement to come.
Tomorrow - day 1 of shooting a super FUN new project with @NancyLeeGrahn that I think #GH fans are going to enjoy! More info 2 come soon!
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Am wearing my big girl pants for new show and not my depends. It's an adjustment
Having 2 actually work like normal person/takenotes/negotiatet/rethink&thenrethinkagain/processallkindsofshit&notcomplain. #realworld #?
Begin shooting on new project tomorrow. Will be able to tell u bout it soon. #excited
"Nicki Minaj's butt scares me. It could smother a city" -Kate Grahn #VMA2014
Beyonce has been wearing the same outfit since 2002.
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Not that I'm competitive, but word is that #gh fans are the best! @GeneralHospital
I challenge @kellymonaco1 who laid in wait on top of her car 2 nail me must write a HUGE check to ALS AND get iced.
I challenge @sarahcolonna & @Kaore and my 85 yr old mom, just cuz it's good fun