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Nancy Lee Grahn
Another Tool RT@KilttripUSA Anderson Cooper Destroys Pat Robertson's AIDS Comments via @HuffPostMedia
Having just been to Africa. You can't go there and do this. You'd have to be the devil. Stop Trump.…
4h… UNFUCKING FORGIVABLE ANYONE giving this piece of shit @realDonaldTrump airtime'll hopefully regret it. #boycottrump
A few more reasons @realDonaldTrump will never run for (let alone be elected) President. His kids slaughter wildlife.
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If any country doesn't deserve hatred it's Canada. I'm so sorry. You do almost everything right. #OttowaShooting
Terrorist attack in Ottowa is evil personified. I'm all about white light but they might need it from headlight of a drone. #mustmeditate
Dear #ReneeZellweger Just admit u got eye lift & be done with it. Who could blame u? U haven't had a lid since birth. U deserve 1. #rejoice
or any other film/drama college in country. So many talented people so little selected 2b 1 in billion. Stay true to ur community. Fan less
Bless their hearts but Brad, Sandra, Jennifer, George, Bradly, Gwyneth, Ben, Reese, etc r no better than the grads from NYU. Just luckier.
Actors working on shows/movies with benefit of huge $ that buy best Writers/producers r no better than those that don't. Just luckier.
Kate is having best time. Im happy.
Late to the party. What I miss?
Alexis just walked in on Ned & Julian going at it on the couch. #GH #WaitThatCameOutWrong
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Just got text from Kate saying she almost drown during river rafting excursion. Next text. Cell phone reception down. Does Gin deliver?
Just got a text that Kate almost drowned today on River Rafting Excursion.,,but she's fine. Nothing that a tall glass of Gin wont cure. #oy!
Hangin with hilarious comic @justmartindale follow him NOW!!
EVERYONE needs see @sarahcolonna wherever she performs. F'N Amazing!
Tix for Nancy lee Grahn on sale now for Boston on November 23…
TIX on Sale Now for NJ Event November 30 @UNCLEVINNIESCC for TIX Call 732-899-3900 @NancyLeeGrahn
I think Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and @Pontifex should have children together. They would be amazing.…
There is this child, Intira. Mom is Bff @juliecolbert related to freakishly perfectly formed humans @jourjan @ComHealthRN. She is 13 today.
There is absolutely no cell phones on Kate's school camping trip who has already texted me 4 times and called me once. I love that girl!
Since #chidrenofthecorn is trending. As mommy in Children of the Corn 3, I'd like to say, who wouldn't adopt 2 Amish boys? Happy Halloween
I feel most Jury duty result of vermin suing cause they can, though real folk need us. Having said that. #howtogetoutofjuryduty is hilarious
Kate's "naturalistic" school camping outing has cost $400. No water, electricity & shitting in outhouse'll surely teach them hardships. #oy
RT @Katetthegreatt My grandma understands technology more than my mother. No offense @NancyLeeGrahn
Private school girls on ITunes. Written by Kate Grahn at age 12. Check it out
Kate's friend getting waxed b4 camping trip2 avoid unsightly hair growth. who the fuck ok'd that? Smelly & hairy is campers cry"- Kate's mom
Rich kids go camping. Kids that have all the best in the worst of situations. It's good for them. Just really painful for rich parents.
I'm tweeting til I have to spend another $500 for the things daughter doesn't have that she needs.
My kids "Naturalistic" school camping trip is costing me $500. I love faux "naturalistic shit"
I'm sorry doesn't cut it for me anymore. Put ur sorry into action and show us HOW ur sorry.
4 all corporate yahoos who say stupid shit, & apologize after sales go down? How bout u do 1 yr community service 4 minority u insulted.
It might not be that different in America. Apology not accepted…
Happy birthdays to my babies @megangrossbard @katiegrossbard We love u more.
I called electrician from google. If u dont hear from me in 2 hours call for police not trained in Ferguson. TY
I actually tried to cook dinner tonight. My stove hates me. I hope Kate likes half cooked chicken.
My computer sove and refrigerater went out. Nothing else. WTF?
In a game of Celebrity-ish 4 new show the clue was "God." The answer was @shondarhimes #abcthursdaynite
I'm going as Drunk Mellie. RT @JillBidenVeep I'm going as Smelly Mellie is obviously my Halloween costume this year. #Scandal
Speaking of Republicans. I love Nicole Wallace @TheView Smart, informed, fair & likable. Good choice 4 The View and the Conservative image.
Kate's greatest gift, her English teacher Mr. Roberson gave her class THIS. PLZ WATCH…