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Nancy Grace
Jury selection set to begin in #JodiArias sentencing retrial! What do you think? Will the convicted killer get life or death?
Babies, especially infants, need their mothers! I hope and pray that these children find loving homes #BabySnatcher?
Cops: Woman lures a mom-of-3 to her home—then she shoots the mommy, execution style, and steals her babies! #BabySnatcher?
Help me #FindHannah. Every tip counts. TIPLINE 434-295-3851 or email #HannahGraham
Just in: police & K9 teams are searching a mountain location in connection to Hannah’s disappearance. What led them there? #FindHannah
Police say Hannah could have dropped her pink-cased iPhone 5s. Her cell signal has not been detected since she vanished #FindHannah
I’m speaking exclusively to one of suspect Jesse Matthew’s close childhood friends tonight #FindHannah
We’ve got him—but we want her! The search is ongoing & urgent to #FindHannah
The kidnapping suspect found in a tent hideaway on a deserted TX beach. Why was he camping while #HannahGraham is still missing?
Wanted no longer! Suspect Jesse Matthew taken into custody—in Galveston, Texas! How long will the extradition process take? #FindHannah
Tonight at 8PM: Cops armed with canines now searching a mountain location in connection with the #HannahGraham disappearance. (Photo and content courtesy of HLN)
Legal eagles, here’s your answer: music man & convicted murderer #PhilSpector. Did you get it right?
Cops ask if the only thing there to relieve her stress was the baby—and mom says yes? I can’t believe what I’m hearing #HospitalAttack
Cops say mommy tries to smother her baby in the hospital—now, she’s caught on tape saying she squeezed the girl? #HospitalAttack
Track video shows that #TonyStewart did not deviate from his race path. He did not swerve to hit #KevinWardJr
DA says: #KevinWardJr had marijuana in system during the fateful race. #TonyStewart
#NASCAR star #TonyStewart totally exonerated of all charges by a grand jury!
TIPLINE 434-295-3851. Please call if you know anything. You could be the key to #FindHannah
Jesse Matthew is charged with abduction with intent to defile. The search is urgent! Help me #FindHannah
Yesterday, police just wanted to speak with him—suddenly, formal charges! What did police find? We need to #FindHannah
What do you think of this latest development in the #HotCarDeath case?
Breaking news: Daddy charged with Baby Cooper’s #HotCarDeath will not face the death penalty! What?
Tonight Breaking News! Jesse Matthew arrested! #HannahGraham still missing.
#BREAKINGNEWS: Abduction suspect Jesse Matthew arrested, in police custody. #HannahGraham still missing.
#Denver taco truck allegedly peddling crystal #meth w/ chips & salsa? My latest for @NancyGraceHLN @HLNTV…
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Mommy & Lucy getting ready for the show with Ms. Shay! xxNG&Lucy
Mommy and Lucy getting ready for show with Ms Shay! xx NG
#MissAmerica caught in a hazing scandal? She claims: it’s not true! What do you think?
Police were only able to see the body using x-rays #BodyInBarrel
Gruesome find: cops discover the body a 22-yr-old woman found stuffed into a 55-gallon drum—and sealed with cement! #BodyInBarrel
What do you think? Was this a tragic accident? #WindowDeath?
Mommy puts baby in the car & drives—but mid-drive, cops say baby hits a button & traps his tiny head in the closing window! #WindowDeath?
My prayers remain with the family of Hannah Graham. Call if you know anything. TIPLINE 434-295-3851 #FindHannah
I have more questions than answers, but the most important fact remains that this girl is still missing. Please help me #FindHannah
Could DNA tests on the clothing give us clues as to what happened that night? I want to know what happened after 2 am #FindHannah
Police have removed clothing from Jesse Matthew’s apartment. What do they expect forensic testing to find? #FindHannah
BREAKING: Police say they now have sufficient evidence to charge Jesse Matthew with abduction w/ intent to defile #HannahGraham
Cops say missing UVA student Hannah was last seen with a man, identified as Jesse Matthew, at a bar. What happened to her? #FindHannah
JUST IN: A 22-year-old Michigan woman’s body is found folded up and stuffed into a 55-gallon drum that was filled with sand & sealed with cement. Who killed Theresa DeKeyzer? Tonight, I examine the disturbing case & join cops on the hunt for her killer. (photo and content courtesy of HLN)
BREAKING NEWS: An arrest warrant just issued for Jesse Matthew charging him with abduction with the intent to defile in the case of missing UVA student #HannahGraham. Please spread the word! (photo and content courtesy of HLN)
#BreakingNews -- Jesse Matthew Jr. now wanted for abduction in the #HannahGraham case.
Do you know anything? Call TIPLINE 434-295-3851 & please help me #FindHannah
This man is #wanted for 2 counts of reckless driving, but cops also want to speak with him about #HannahGraham
Cops say Jesse Matthew was the last known person to see Hannah alive. He is not a suspect at this time #FindHannah
When your child disappears, even for an instant, your whole world ends! I can't imagine what these parents are going through #FindHannah