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Nancy Grace
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What drives these husbands & fathers to kill? #ScottPeterson #ChrisVaughn #NGM
#ScottPeterson murdered his wife & their unborn son #NGM
Husbands and fathers who wipe out their families in cold blood. But what drives these family men to murder? Tonight, we look at one such husband, Christopher Vaughn. He surprises his wife & 3 kids on an early morning car ride to the water park. But they never make it back home. Instead, their worst
#ChrisVaughn surprised his wife & 3 kids with a trip to the water park—then killed them all #NGM
Tonight I’m taking a look at ‘family men’ who kill. How do loving fathers & devoted husbands become cold-blooded killers? #NGM
Tonight, inside the minds of family men who kill. Christopher Vaughn, a husband and father of 3, plans a surprise visit to the water park, but then suddenly massacres his wife and 3 young kids in the family SUV. And Scott Peterson, a seemingly devoted husband and soon-to-be father, murders his beaut
Dad allegedly suffocates son to play video games #JusticeForDaymeon
Hope you are getting ready to tune in now - 8ET on @hln! xxNG. #NGM (This T-shirt is available at
Mommy: a Disney employee told me to put on a turtleneck! Was her shirt really that bad? #CleavageComplaint
What would you do if your doctor was secretly snapping photos of you on the exam table? #PervyPics?
Nationwide manhunt tonight for pastor on the run! Reverend Victor Barnard is wanted for 59 counts of criminal sexual conduct #PervyPreacher?
This story is almost too hard to believe--- a mainstream Christian church Preacher allegedly secludes at least 10 young girls he dubs “the maidens” in obscure camp site where he repeatedly molests them all, every single day, for nearly a decade! Did their parents go along with this? Where is the Pre
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Cops say he snuck in through an open window, fully aware that everyone was home. This is so chilling! Help me #CatchTotPeeper
Texas mother traumatized after she sees surveillance video of a creepy burglar in her home--staring at her baby in the crib! #CatchTotPeeper
This was a child's birthday party! Why was a loaded gun anywhere near these kids? #KidsWithGuns
A beautiful 7-year-old attends a birthday party when she's accidentally shot dead with an assault rifle! #KidsWithGuns
Rpt: One stalker claimed he was so close to her in a movie theater that he could smell her popcorn! #QVCStalker
Rpt: QVC queen Lisa Robertson is living in fear as her stalker count grows -- now up to 4 stalkers in 20 years #QVCStalker
There's a reason this mommy doesn't have custody. Troopers even say they found cocaine in her car! #DashcamChase
When cops finally pull her over, she grabs the baby and tries to flee! This video is amazing #DashcamChase
A mom is caught on tape allegedly kidnapping her own child -- then driving with the tiny tot perched on her lap, no seatbelt! #DashcamChase
How many people must die before this stops?! #PotToBlame?