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Nancy Grace
Cops find a dad shot to death in his bed – but evidence reveals no intruders. What happened? #BlackWidow
I want justice for Francesca Weatherhead
That’s such a hard pill to swallow. To have everything and suddenly lose it all—in one moment. My heart goes out to this family #Free2Kill?
Why shouldn’t this man do the rest of his life behind bars? Frankly, I think he’s an excellent candidate for the death penalty #Free2Kill?
This doesn’t even seem real to me, and I’m on the outside looking in. I can’t imagine what it’s like for Francesca’s mother #Free2Kill?
Why did this parole board let this guy out of jail?! That’s my question #Free2Kill?
Joined right now by Angela Vitale, mother of Francesca Weatherhead, the woman allegedly killed by this parolee #Free2Kill?
This suspect has a history of home invasions. He was allegedly fleeing another home invasion when he allegedly killed this woman #Free2Kill?
A newlywed bride is killed in a car crash w/a violent offender that a parole board let out of jail! #Free2Kill?
An allegedly drunken woman left a local bar and drove to what she thought was another bar. It was actually the jail.
Day care provider gets 100 years after allegedly killing tot for not taking off her coat.
Well The Twins have decided (for now) what their "other" Halloween costumes should be even after I had to drag two huge astronaut costumes on the plane!!! Gotta love 'em! xxNG
I made it home this morning in time to see The Twins singing in church - My JOY!!! xxNG
Caught these two red-handed as they were sporting merchandise! We had a blast! Thank you, Friends! xxNG
At the #ArizonaUltimateWomensExpo with Marilu Henner
I'll be spending a fabulous afternoon speaking at the #ArizonaUltimateWomensExpo today. I'll be signing books after the speech and really look forward to meeting fans and making new friends! See you soon! xxNG
If this is true, mommy you’re going to hell. After you finish your time in jail first #Scalped
What about helping your daughter count to 12? Instead of allegedly ripping her scalp off #Scalped
Her 6 y.o. daughter can’t count to 12—so what does mom do? Cops say she pulls her girl’s hair so hard that it rips the scalp off her skull
The reality is that mommy is alive, while her 12-year-old boy is dead #Justice4Antony
Mom is only facing 60 DAYS behind bars right now. How?! #Justice4Antony
How did mommy get up to a .32 blood alcohol content before 3:45pm? That’s what I want to know. #Justice4Antony
Police say a mom was drunk when she wrecks her SUV, killing her little boy…at 3:45 in the afternoon. #Justice4Antony
If the world is ending, how about spending one more day with your kids instead of trying to get them to die? #PastorWife
Prior to the attack, the girls say the mom held a knife to them & asked if they accepted Jesus Christ as their savior #PastorWife
Cops say this mom claimed her pastor husband told her that the world was ending & she needed to prepare the family to meet Jesus #PastorWife
A #PastorWife allegedly dresses her 3 little girls in all white, then stabs them so they could “meet Jesus”
Cops say mom pulled daughter's hair so hard her scalp separated from skull. Why? She couldn't count to 12! @NancyGraceHLN has more tonight
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I Support #LGBT Youth in a stand against bullying! #SpiritDay #GOPurple @GLAAD xxNG
It’s #SpiritDay! Go purple to take a stand against bullying and show support for #LGBT youth today.
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#tbt Only ONE GIRL cut from basketball tryouts! ME! Thus, my cheerleading career was born!
"A 9-month-old Virginia baby died after police say she was left alone in her crib for 16 hours while..."
I have noticed, in all my years of prosecuting, that the more rich & detailed the allegations are—the more likely they are to be true
Keep in mind – these are only allegations. There’s no police report, and no one has been charged #Kesha
In a countersuit, Dr. Luke says #Kesha is only making these allegations to get out of her contract & that she admitted they’re false
The producer #Kesha has filed this lawsuit against is ‘Dr. Luke.’ Doctor of what?!
Superstar #Kesha is claiming in a lawsuit that she was sexually & emotionally assaulted by her producer—to the point where she nearly died!
Tonight, I want justice for Autumn Elgersma #DaycareDeath
Why isn’t this woman being taken to trial?! #DaycareDeath
When I hear stories like these, it makes me want to rip off my mic and run home to the twins #DaycareDeath
This little girl was found with a skull fracture & brain injury. To have those kinds of injuries, that’s a pretty severe blow #DaycareDeath
Can u imagine leaving your kid @ daycare, only to find out they are allegedly SLAMMED to the floor for not taking off a coat?! #DaycareDeath
It is so wrong that this is a plea deal. I’m beside myself. #DaycareDeath
Why are alleged crimes at daycare & crimes on children excused? It is NOT okay. #DaycareDeath
A daycare owner allegedly kills a 3-yr-old girl b/c she won’t take off her coat. And now, she’s getting a plea deal?! No—I want justice.
Is ur kid safe @ daycare? A daycare owner allegedly kills a toddler by slamming her to the floor—for not taking off her coat! #DaycareDeath
Making my final appearance as a CNN reporter with @NancyGraceHLN tonight, talking Kesha lawsuit with @ArevaMartin
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