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Nancy Grace
"Go behind the scene for an exclusive look at my show!" - Watch: ‘Nancy Grace’ behind the scenes
#JodiArias sends private investigator back to murder scene? More on the story here:
Mom accidentally locks baby in hot car...911 hangs up on her? @NancyGraceHLN did you see this video?…
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See the shocking video of what police say is a fake taxi driver assaulting a woman and her children:
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There is an URGENT #AmberAlert out for little baby Delano Wilson tonight. Please help me bring him home safe! 1-888-58-AMBER #FindDelano
Daddy goes for a walk w/ his 1-month-old baby & tells cops he is robbed at gunpoint—& he says the alleged robbers stole baby! #FindDelano
The newborn girl is clinging to life. I want justice for this tiny #BabyInTrash
Cops say young mommy told them that she hoped the baby girl would die in the trash & solve all her problems. I’m horrified #BabyInTrash
Neighbor hears animal noises in a trash can – but when they go out to rescue the kitten, instead they find a newborn baby girl #BabyInTrash
I pray this family stays #BuddStrong
Teens accused of throwing rocks over the overpass are awaiting trial on multiple charges. I want justice for Sharron Budd #BuddStrong
The mother has undergone over 13 hours of surgery as doctors rebuild her skull and facial structure #BuddStrong
Just listen to this heartbreaking 9-1-1 call. I can’t imagine the terrors this family has experienced #BuddStrong
The rock hit the mother in the head, cracking her skull open #BuddStrong
This family was taking a road trip on their way to vacation when their car was hit by a boulder the size of a soccer ball #BuddStrong
Will this episode of #Cops still make air? Do you think it should?
The robber was holding an airsoft gun, not a real gun. But can you tell the difference? I can’t! #Cops
This is the robber’s fault—not the police! The cops are trained to deal with situation like this, but accidents happen #Cops
As all #Cops crewmembers do, the cameraman was wearing a bullet-proof vest – but he was caught in the gunfire
The police received a call about a hold-up at a Wendy’s while the show was filming & a standoff ensued #Cops
A television shoot turns deadly when a #Cops crew member is actually shot during filming!
First football game tonight for my Alma Mater @MercerFootball #BearDownMU Good Luck! xxNG
PLEASE SHARE: Amber Alert issued for a 1-month-old baby boy believed to be abducted from an alley in Indianapolis, Indiana. Let’s help find Delano Wilson. Here’s what police are saying so far: (photo and content courtesy of HLN)
The long-time running reality show #Cops turns deadly behind the scenes. A crew member is on location filming an armed robbery when he’s accidentally shot and killed by police during a shoot-out! How could this happen?! I’m taking your on-air questions & calls right now: 877-626-2901. (photo and con
Cops say mom dumps newborn in trash hoping it would die, but now parents say she had mental disability. @NancyGraceHLN w/ latest tonight
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Please join me sending up a prayer for @Joan_Rivers now!
PLEASE SHARE: #AmberAlert issued in Indiana for 1-month-old Delano Wilson. More details here:
PLEASE SHARE: 6-year-old Adji Desir vanished from outside his grandmother’s Florida home on January 10, 2009. He reportedly went outside to play with neighborhood kids after dinner. Adji is non-verbal, has a very limited vocabulary, and only understands Creole. Please help spread the word. Let’s hel