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Nancy Grace
Do you know anything? Call TIPLINE 434-295-3851 & please help me #FindHannah
This man is #wanted for 2 counts of reckless driving, but cops also want to speak with him about #HannahGraham
Cops say Jesse Matthew was the last known person to see Hannah alive. He is not a suspect at this time #FindHannah
When your child disappears, even for an instant, your whole world ends! I can't imagine what these parents are going through #FindHannah
Police chief tells me: "We have a commitment to find this girl, and we need all the cooperation we can get" #FindHannah
Police want to talk to Jesse Matthew and say he may be driving a 1997 light blue Nissan Sentra #FindHannah
Tonight: another warrant executed in the urgent search to #FindHannah! Where is the missing UVA co-ed?
The fact is, Baby Cooper died inside a baking hot car, and I want justice #HotCarDeath
Why do you think mommy’s defense attorney wanted her to take a polygraph? #HotCarDeath
I know 3 of the questions. Were there more? How many questions did she have to answer to successfully pass the test? #HotCarDeath
Mommy was asked directly if she planned w/ her hubby to leave Cooper in the car, and she said no #HotCarDeath
I want to know who conducted this polygraph. Why is this a secret? #HotCarDeath
Baby Cooper's mom takes a lie detector test—and passes?! #HotCarDeath
TONIGHT at 8PM: Jesse Matthew Jr. is currently wanted for two counts of reckless driving, but the Charlottesville Police Department would also like to speak with him regarding the disappearance of missing UVA student Hannah Graham. Police say Matthew is a person of interest in the case because he’s
Had a great time with my Cajun Friends @ Mothers's in New Orleans. Best oyster po boy!
Best Oyster PoBoy EVER!!! with my Cajun Friends at #MothersNOLA xxNG
I've met some extraordinary ladies today at the Louisiana Women Leaders Business Conference. Thank you, Friends!! xxNG
BREAKING: Florida police say a 51-year-old man shot and killed his daughter and six grandchildren in a murder-suicide Thursday afternoon. More on the developing story here: (photo and content courtesy of HLN)
Looking forward to a Speaking Engagement and Book Signing at the Louisiana Women's Leaders Business Conference today in beautiful New Orleans! xxNG
My thoughts and prayers are with the family of #HiawayiRobinson tonight. I demand justice
Breaking news: 8-yr-old missing just a block from her home & tonight, a body just found: authorities say, the remains of #HiawayiRobinson
Meth can forever change the way an afflicted child develops. If what I’m hearing is true, this is a despicable crime #MethMom?
I agree she needs help. But what about the baby? He didn't have a say in this, but he was possibly born addicted #MethMom?
Police say mommy tried to give birth—on the front lawn of her house. What’s more? Allegedly, she was on meth! #MethMom?
Please help me #FindHannah. Every bit of information helps! TIPLINE 434-295-3851
Description: black male, 5’10”-5’11”, 250-285 pounds, in his early 30s. Police are seeking to question him. Have you seen him? #FindHannah
Video shows Hannah being followed by a mystery man—who came forward & told police he saw another man w/ his arm around her #FindHannah
UVA co-ed Hannah Graham is still missing tonight—but new surveillance video offers clues to what may have happened. Help me #FindHannah
Tonight: The frantic search continues for missing University of Virginia co-ed Hannah Graham after grainy new surveillance video just emerges. The video reportedly shows her last moments –she’s seen running outside a gas station, and then a mystery man appears to be following behind her. Who is he a
#BREAKING: We obtain an ID on the doctor who allegedly snapped a selfie during #JoanRivers’ surgery! Dr. Gwen Korovin—so-called “doctor to the stars,” has helped dozens of celebrities with voice trouble including Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Ariana Grande and Hugh Jackman. Now, she’s accused of performin
#BREAKING: The doctor said to have snapped a selfie during #JoanRivers' surgery has been ID'd as Dr. Gwen Korovin. I'll have more tonite @ 8
A Florida husband is accused of choking his wife after an argument about fried chicken leftovers.
Mommy told us she was protecting her son. What do you think? #RoadRage?
On NOW: Montgomery County police say Catherine Hoggle refuses to reveal where her two missing children are and they are now beginning to pursue homicide charges against the 27-year-old mother who had disappeared along with the children early last week. (photo and content courtesy of HLN)
Caught on tape: Mommy driver gets upset behind the wheel--while her child looks on! Is this a case of #RoadRage?
A secret grand jury set to meet to determine whether #TonyStewart will be charged w/ homicide in the death of #KevinWardJr
He's reportedly thrown helmets at drivers and threatened to run other cars off the track. Did #TonyStewart go too far?
#NASCAR driver #TonyStewart has a lengthy history of rage -- but this time, did his temper turn lethal?
Do you think #JoanRivers' family should sue? Or was this a tragic accident?
To think of this doctor allegedly taking a #selfie w/ #JoanRivers right before performing surgery disgusts me! Keep your mind on the job!
I want to know how long it took the doctor to notice that #JoanRivers wasn't breathing!
The physician was not certified to practice at that clinic. I'm told #JoanRivers didn't even consent to a biopsy!
An endoscopy should be a very simple procedure! So what happened? #JoanRivers
Are you telling me that #JoanRivers didn't have to die?
World-famous comedienne #JoanRivers dead after reports of a biopsy gone wrong. Tonight, was her doctor taking a #selfie during surgery?
Tonight at 8PM: After famed #NASCAR driver Tony Stewart kills 20-year-old Kevin Ward Jr. on a small racetrack with stunned fans left watching the horrifying scene, we now learn that a grand jury is set to meet to decide whether the NASCAR driver will be charged with a crime! What do you think—will a
Outrage in the death of beloved comedian #JoanRivers. A source reportedly now comes forward saying Joan Rivers’ doctor took a selfie photo while Rivers was under anesthesia. If true, what consequences should this doctor face? (photo and content courtesy of HLN)