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Nancy Grace
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Now #JodiArias selling paintings from jail?! I’m outraged that this murderess is allowed to profit from her so-called art
#JodiArias writes a handwritten motion to the judge, pleading: please delay my trial! The unbelievable part? The judge agrees!
Dashcams are allegedly sitting in boxes in the #Ferguson police station. Will this case change police protocol in the future? #MichaelBrown
I have some questions. For one, why is this grand jury's decision allegedly going to take until October? #MichaelBrown
What should #Ferguson police do now to eliminate violence? The people need a soapbox, says @ltgrusselhonore. Let them vent #MichaelBrown
Will #MichaelBrown's official autopsy reveal new signs of a struggle?
I've never heard of a bullet taking a u-turn! How did these gunshots to the head happen? #MichaelBrown
.@ltgrusselhonore tells me: you can't respond to thrown bottles—even bottles filled w/ urine—with gunshots #MichaelBrown
How could this situation in #Ferguson be solved? @ltgrusselhonore tells me his ideas on how to calm the #Ferguson fervor #MichaelBrown
The officer could possibly testify in front of the grand jury. Do you think he will? It's not unprecedented #MichaelBrown
The FBI is reportedly going door-to-door interviewing witnesses to find truth of what happened to unarmed teen #MichaelBrown
A grand jury is meeting tonight. Will they indict the officer who shot #MichaelBrown? That remains to be seen
Streets of #Ferguson still torn apart by violence tonight. Molotov cocktails & bottles of urine? We need to keep focus on #MichaelBrown
Tune in to Nancy Grace NOW for complete coverage of the shooting death of unarmed teen #MichaelBrown.
JUST IN: Secret grand jury meets – hearing evidence in the shooting death of unarmed teen #MichaelBrown! Will the police officer who fired the fatal shots be indicted? What do you think the jury decide? (photo and content courtesy of HLN) I’m taking your on-air questions & calls right now: 877-626-
Is missing Kristy Kelley connected to other cases of vanished woman in the area? #FindTheMissing
What are your thoughts? Was this vigilante justice? #DeadlyDUI
No gun or gunpowder residue was found on dad -- but a holster & ammo were found in daddy's home. Did he do it? #DeadlyDUI
They were pushing the family truck home to get gas when a driver crashed into them--cops say, without braking #DeadlyDUI
Daddy is accused of gunning down the drunk driver who mowed over his 2 young sons—but he denies being the shooter #DeadlyDUI