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Nancy Grace
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Cops say he snuck in through an open window, fully aware that everyone was home. This is so chilling! Help me #CatchTotPeeper
Texas mother traumatized after she sees surveillance video of a creepy burglar in her home--staring at her baby in the crib! #CatchTotPeeper
This was a child's birthday party! Why was a loaded gun anywhere near these kids? #KidsWithGuns
A beautiful 7-year-old attends a birthday party when she's accidentally shot dead with an assault rifle! #KidsWithGuns
Rpt: One stalker claimed he was so close to her in a movie theater that he could smell her popcorn! #QVCStalker
Rpt: QVC queen Lisa Robertson is living in fear as her stalker count grows -- now up to 4 stalkers in 20 years #QVCStalker
There's a reason this mommy doesn't have custody. Troopers even say they found cocaine in her car! #DashcamChase
When cops finally pull her over, she grabs the baby and tries to flee! This video is amazing #DashcamChase
A mom is caught on tape allegedly kidnapping her own child -- then driving with the tiny tot perched on her lap, no seatbelt! #DashcamChase
How many people must die before this stops?! #PotToBlame?
If pot makes you mellow and laid back, why does this guy allegedly turn berserk and gun down his wife? #PotToBlame?
Cops say daddy eats marijuana & goes crazy. He shoots his wife in the head while she pleads with 9-1-1 for help! #PotToBlame?
A 7-year-old girl is shot and killed by a loaded rifle—at a friend’s birthday party! What was a gun doing near these kids? #KidsWithGuns
‘I was so close, I could smell her popcorn.’ Guess whose stalker made this creepy confession? #QVCStalker
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Daddy allegedly snacks on marijuana and kills his wife! Is #PotToBlame?
Police say daddy guns down mommy after he reportedly eats a marijuana cookie and goes out of his mind! Mommy shot dead in front of at least one of her kids after she desperately pleads with 911 operator for almost 13 minutes! Is pot to blame for daddy allegedly going berserk and killing the mother o
Mommy gets high on weed, drives off w/her baby on the roof of her car…and avoids time behind bars?! @HLNonthecase has the latest at 12pm ET
She's screaming over and over: "God is my savior!" Flight attendants even feared she might open the safety hatches #FlightFreakOut
A woman erupts in violent hysterics on a flight! Is this your worst nightmare? #FlightFreakOut
He claims: mommy's a known cheater! Was this her motive for alleged murder? Was she covering an affair? #SerialKillerMom?
Cops find 7 tiny infants dead in cardboard boxes. The alleged daddy speaks out, says: these babies aren't mine! #SerialKillerMom?