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Nancy Grace
I'll be back tomorrow with all the bombshell updates you need to know in the #JodiArias death penalty re-trial
Joining me now is Travis' former roommate -- he was home when Travis' body was found. He could smell the odor. #JodiArias
Break up with him if you're not happy! Did #JodiArias really have to slaughter Travis in the shower?!
They have wild sex all day long -- then the next thing you know he dead. #JodiArias
I take it #JodiArias can't have a conjugal visit with her reported new beau!
Wait, #JodiArias' reportedly has a new boyfriend?! I did see her looking directly at a young male in court yesterday!
Will we hear from #JodiArias on the stand? What do you think?
I'm taking your on-air questions & calls right now on #JodiArias: 877-626-2901.
Travis Alexander's death was simply evil. #JodiArias
.@producerduffy tells me Travis Alexander's family members were visibly crying as the horrific autopsy photos were shown. #JodiArias
Explicit photos shown in court today of Travis' body & crime scene -- and let me tell you: They are disturbing. #JodiArias
.@BethKaras you did everything right reporting the juror. That juror should have known better! #JodiArias
.@BethKaras just told me the juror was booted today because Beth reported her to the court -- the juror wasn't wearing her badge!
Just 48 hours after the trial commences -- 2 jurors are booted! #JodiArias
Here's the mystery right now: The defense promised the jury will hear from #JodiArias. But will she take the stand?
You think #JodiArias "bending" her finger is really going to confuse things for the jury?!
Why is it so important for the State to prove the stabs came first? To show this murder was especially cruel. #JodiArias
We saw Travis dead in the shower stall, throat slashed, 29 stab wounds. After all that, prosecutors say #JodiArias shoots him in the head!
It was a long day of riveting testimony. Travis’ family sitting on the front row. Already, their faces haggard & it's only day 2. #JodiArias
A second juror has already been booted – thrown off the case! #JodiArias
I want to warn you - the autopsy photos show in court today are extremely graphic. You can look at them right here:
Travis Alexander had visible defensive wounds on both his hands & legs. #JodiArias
The medical examiner emphasized Travis' defensive wounds & that he was conscious at the time. That means he suffered! #JodiArias
It was a very, very graphic day a testimony. Travis Alexander’s autopsy photos took center stage. #JodiArias
The medical examiner takes the stand under oath describing Travis’ HORRIFIC & SAVAGE death at the hands of #JodiArias.
The #JodiArias death penalty retrial commences, and let me just say: It was a bombshell day in court with the M.E.’s testimony!
@NancyGraceHLN is LIVE in less than 30 mins with latest from the arias sentencing retrial. Details about Travis' death takes center stage
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Show time in 20 mins! I'll have everything you need to know about today's court proceedings. #JodiArias
Court is done for the day. Starts again at 12:30pm ET tomorrow. #JodiArias
Nurmi done asking witness questions. Sidebar to discuss jury questions. #JodiArias
Martinez is done. Nurmi back asking the witness questions. #JodiArias
Martinez points out all the receipts are from California, Nevada and Utah. None were from Arizona. #JodiArias
These receipts were all shown during #JodiArias murder trial.
Martinez & Mendez going over every receipt from the road trip - includes gas purchases & time stamps. Counsel at side bar. #JodiArias
We're live at 8pm ET tonight with the latest in the #JodiArias death penalty retrial. Find out what bombshells happened in court today!
Receipts are from #JodiArias' road trip. Locations range from various California and Nevada cities.
Prosecution is presenting a number of receipts asking Mendez to read off the times, locations and name of stores. #JodiArias
Cross-exam is done. Martinez is asking to see the drivers license again. #JodiArias
#JodiArias, who usually hunched over hidden behind her chair, is sitting fairly tall & listening intently.
On #HLN right now: Nancy Grace Mysteries: #JodiArias interrogation tapes!
Mendez says he can't tell if this is the license issued when #JodiArias rented the car.
See a photo of #JodiArias’ California license photo in this gallery:
Driver license photo has hair marked as brown but #JodiArias' hair color is visibly blonde.
Nurmi now presents #JodiArias' actual drivers license. Asking Mendez to compare licenses from the copy.
Don’t forget! Nancy Grace Mysteries: #JodiArias Caught on Tape Part 1 airs tonight at 7pm ET on #HLN right before the live show at 8 pm!
The photo is a copy of #JodiArias' California driver’s license. Side bar taking place.
Nurmi presenting a photo/copy of #JodiArias' driver license.
Nurmi is trying to show #JodiArias had cash she could have used instead of credit cards.