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Nancy Grace
A beautiful UVA co-ed vanishes in the dark of night! We need to #FindHannah
She reportedly told her lover she wanted to make "special Colombian coffee" for him. What makes it special? Allegedly, antifreeze! #DrPoison
A medical love triangle--or fatal attraction? A love-struck doctor allegedly poisons her colleague & lover! #DrPoison
Does a breakup lead to brain casserole in a normal relationship? I don't think so #Cannibal
Do you think the alleged #Cannibal is crazy? I think he's pure evil!
Why did his girlfriend bail out her killer boyfriend? Was she afraid? #Cannibal
In the kitchen, cops found a bloody skillet & a plate of bones #Cannibal
Police were at the house less than 24 hours before he allegedly killed and ate her! #Cannibal
Cops arrived at scene & found the remains of the victim--minus parts of her brain, heart & lungs. Horrifying. #Cannibal
He was already a convicted killer. I want to know why this #Cannibal was set free to possibly kill again!
On Now: real life Hannibal Lecter? allegedly cooks his lover's organs in a skillet! Tune in now for details!
A real life Hannibal Lector? This man gets out of jail on bail then, cops say, promptly kills his girlfriend--& eats her brain! #Cannibal
Please share! #FindHannah
Proceeds from my website benefit child victims of abuse and neglect. Just arriving in my website store are the newest editions of my books: Objection!, Death on the D-List and The Eleventh Victim! Be the first to get these keepsake hardback editions! Add in my signature handcuff neck
Love triangle turned fatal attraction? Police say two renowned cancer doctors/secret lovers work at the same prestigious hospital. What caused the female doctor to snap and allegedly try and poison her lover’s coffee? I’m taking your on-air questions & calls right now: 877-626-2901 (photo and conte
I am horrified that there were children still living in this squalor #HorrorHouse?
On now: the bodies of three infants found in a house piled high with debris. What happened in this alleged #HorrorHouse? (Photo and content courtesy of HLN)
Cops said the floor of this home was covered in feet of debris! This is atrocious. #HorrorHouse?
Bodies of 3 infants found in a house piled high w/ debris. What happened in this alleged #HorrorHouse?
What do you think? Guilty or not guilty? #RevengeKill?
Mommy of 5 facing hard jail time after she admits to instigating the murder of her alleged rapist—with a meat cleaver! #RevengeKill?
Do you let your children chat with strangers online? Parents, be careful! You never know who could be talking to them #FairyNapping?
Cops say when they came to the door, she didn’t even know how old she was supposed to be pretending to be! #FairyNapping?
On now! This is a parent's worst nightmare. Predators can be anywhere online - even allegedly on Disney websites #FairyNapping? (Photo and content courtesy of HLN)
Children can’t buy cars, they can’t purchase liquor. She’s a minor! She can’t legally enter into a contract of any kind #FairyNapping?
This is a parent’s worst nightmare! Predators can be anywhere online—even allegedly on Disney websites #FairyNapping?
This suspected predator allegedly bamboozled this girl, even told her he was taking her on a “honeymoon” across the country #FairyNapping?
He allegedly traveled nearly 2000 miles across the country to get her! Just how far was he willing to go? #FairyNapping?
On Now: Police found remains of a small child Friday afternoon in Austin, believe they are those of Colton Turner (photo and content courtesy of HLN)
Cops: A sex predator chats with a girl on a Disney “Fairies” website—then drives across the country to kidnap her! #FairyNapping?
8 high profile cases of pro-athletes involved in domestic abuse, watch here: via @HLNTV @NancyGraceHLN
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PARENTS: BE AWARE OF THIS STORY! An alleged 53-year-old child predator drives thousands of miles cross country to find a little girl he met on a Disney Fairies website – taking her on a “honeymoon” through multiple states! Tonight, prosecutors hand down kidnap & sex assault charges after the little
#CONFIRMED: Murderess #JodiArias is no longer acting as her own attorney
Cops say a man killed & cooked his ex's beloved Pomeranian named Bear and secretly fed it to her for dinner:
Shocking cell phone video catches park bathroom beat down. Watch the disturbing video here:
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Cops: woman looking at facebook when she gets in car crash, killing a great grandma. more details here:
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Update: No charges pressed against #GeorgeZimmerman & no arrest made in alleged road rage incident
#BREAKING: George Zimmerman has yet another run-in with the law--this time allegedly threatening to kill a man in a case of road rage!
Olympic sprinter #OscarPistorius found guilty of culpable homicide in 2013 death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp; could face years in prison. (photo and content courtesy of HLN)
Baby had fractured ribs, wrist & skull! Do you believe dad "tripped over the cat" holding baby, like he told cops? #BlanketDeath
Mommy comes home from work to find her brand-new baby curled up in bed with daddy–purple & nearly dead! What happened? #BlanketDeath
What do you think the judge will say tomorrow? Guilty? Or not guilty? #Pistorius
This guy sniffled and snotted his way through court -- and you're telling me all his emotion worked on the judge? Not me #Pistorius
Famed "Blade Runner" Oscar #Pistorius – not guilty of murder?! The judge prepares to render her final verdict!
I pray these precious children and their mother are found alive! #FindJacob #FindSarah
Hubby had allegedly laid down the law: she wasn't allowed to be alone with the kids! How did this happen? #FindJacob #FindSarah
If she is in the middle of a paranoid schizophrenic delusion, she could snap! These kids could be in serious trouble #FindJacob #FindSarah
I hoped there would be clues-- a baby bottle, barrette, anything to suggest the kids are still w/ her & alive! #FindSarah #FindJacob