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Phil Cory
On bourban(sp?) st for the weekend. No development on uRef this weekend. Will get some done when I get back though.
Zipper on my shirts is broken and won't zip up....not wearing boxers and now stuck in 90 degree weather wearing a hoody >_<
Apparently I had a collectors item and didn't even realize it. #silenthill
iPhone 6s announcement: "MOVING PICTURES!!!" Soooo....videos?
Dammit @RoosterTeeth - you and your convention are causing train delays. >_< with that said hope the convention is going well.
Aawwwwhhhh yeah. Put my computer in a new case.
It's amazing how I can leave work at 9:30 am and still end up working 13 hours that day. >_<
6th street is scary quiet at the moment. #Austin
I vote this be done in Austin at the @CedarParkCenter @tseguinofficial @Hilary_Knight - I'll be goalie to make it a high scoring affair.
Don't see how @RondaRousey is a fan of #DBZ. Fight didn't last anywhere near 7 episodes. Pay-per-second should exist.
Such a shuttle change. #mustang
People who get in the right hand lane at a stoplight and go straight. #ihateyou
Finally found a use for my #pikachu backpack. #pokemon #germanshepherd
Finally found a use for my #pikachu backpack. #germanshepherd #pokemon
Yay #hockey injury >_<
Better late than never. Can't even remember when I sent that tweet. @CocaCola thanks for the info
Woo! New wheels and bearings for tonight's #hockey game. Maybe now I can stop without sliding 5 extra feet. 😒
So debating on getting season tickets to the baby stars next year. #texasstars #dallasstars
So I bought a new car two weeks ago.
Hey @TheDriskill ... Why are your flags at half mast this morning? I haven't heard of anyone passing today.
Damn it feels good to be back on an iPhone
I vote @WillFerreI and @KevinHart4real visit our co. (7th & San Jacinto behind bikinis 4th floor) since they're doing interviews on 6th
the air is hurting my face
Only a few hours of sleep. Going to be a loooong. #responsibility is lacking
Awh yes. Shit is about to go down. #wii #mariokart #aboutfuckingtime
Ask and you shall receive. @jessicacory #chill #cat
My cat is a creeper
First book I've bought in years and it cost me $70 >_<. Better be worth it
Time for #hockey let's do this
Always thought that Flareon was fluffy 😂😂8V7
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Woo. New hockey laces. No more sweaty crusty black ones
Awh yeah. New #hockey laces. No more sweaty crusty ones.
Unable to decide between @Whataburger or @Wendys . I hate making tough choices.
This cat looks like he's getting ready to cast Fire 3. #blackmage #finalfantasy #nes
Come on cowboys. Stop fucking up.
So lazy. Have not yet left the bed.
Sleep schedule is still too fubar from the holidays to be a normal functioning adult.
Fuck its too cold "@CapMetroATX: MetroRail delays now 10-15 minutes.
Also...just watched a squirrel use the crosswalk system here on sixth street. That cute little fuzz ball is smarter than half the population
Guys guys! I'm not proud of myself, but I just found out that the word "diuretic" does not actually mean "to induce explosive shits" D=
I don't really know what just happened but #webelieveinyou #SouthPark
I think I found Splinter on 6th St. #Austin #NinjaTurtles
Dammit... I told my mom this was a sure thing
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I don't know why I keep eating @sonicdrivein jalapeno burgers when my ass always regrets it the next day.
First fire of the season.
Watching the grumpy cat movie. I'm glad that made it a "we know it's a shitty movie but that's the funny part" #WorstChristmasEver
Also this guy gave me the weridest look when i flushed his urinal for him, people have no concept of manners anymore.

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