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Soumya Asthana
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You learn that you can't keep everyone happy and that's okay.
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And he is sooo cute. God I want to run back to India to see him RIGHT NOW.
My mama and mami adopted a newborn baby boy. I'm so happy for them. And now a 23 year old brother to a kid :D
Who's on snapchat?
Hate being so sick.
And my rickshawala just said, "Bhabhi agar important kaam na ho toh mat jao" #MumbaiRains
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Mondays. Mondays. Mondays. 'Nuff said.
We lost Senna back in 1990's. And now we lost another rising star. Unbelievable.
Struck so badly by Jules Bianchi's death. Lord rest his soul in peace.
In another news, I had a twitter withdrawal period and I'm still figuring out why.
So my counsellor says I work too much, stress a lot and stay gloomy. I asked if she described my present state or my fathers' ?
Is Zomato in Hindi called Zamatar?
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You break when you lose everything. But you become fearless too because you have nothing to lose now.
Days which end with an aweful disgusted feeling.
If there was a competition in running away from situations, I'd be Milkha Singh then.
When you're dead, you don't know that you're dead. It's known to others. . . . . It's the same when you're Chutiya.
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The distance between us is covered with words, longing and clouds which know us both.
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Stupid blood pressure. Why do you always have to go low damnit?!
She was the sound of calmness for him. He was the sound of serenity for her. #HeSheStories
I dont care go on and tear me apart. I dont care if you do.
The tinge of her need.
Inara. The only name I can think of right now.
She was his ultimate bliss. He was her beautiful disaster.
She was the color in his life. She brought the different shades of happiness to him. But he painted her dark forever. #HeSheStories
Another win for Hamilton. #Respect
And another retirement for Alonso. Terminal MGUK Failure. Third retirement in a row. So aweful. Ugh
So Ferrari tries the undercut for Kimi on Rosberg. Hope this works *fingers crossed*
That mercedes powered williams of massa is on such a charge. Woah! An overtake every lap for the last 4 laps :O
Canadian GP. Go The Iceman and The prancing horses. Go go go!
What goes around comes around. New Ringtone! :D
Me: Son of a BITCH Dog: DON'T you dare drag my mother into this. She had a tough life. You try being a single mother to 8 kids Me: Sorry
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All these rain tweets and pictures makes me miss Mumbai so damn much right now :(
No wait. That's not luck. That's how much one can get an advantage from the reservation system in India.
So this girl years back got into my undergrad college and this year she got into IIM-A. None by merit, but by OBC quota. What fucking luck!
I'm so addicted to all the things you do.
New video is out u guys! This time its a beauty box review, so click on the link to watch me :D @YTCreatorsIndia
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All I need is YOU.
Can I have one of those Men in black gadgets which erases your memory?
if rape is the victim's fault then 9/11 was the building's fault for being so damn tall and crash-able
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I feel if I think even a bit right now my head will just explode.
my head is hurting because i thought about my future for 0.3 seconds
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Rajasthan is known for- 1. historical features 2. Cuisine 3. Dance and music 4. Culture and Art 5. Baalika Vadhu 6. Diya aur baati
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*at confession* Priest: tell me your sin Me: Opposite over Hypotenuse
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7000 miles away and someone close to you is really ill. What can you do? NOTHING. Not even a chance to go and see them. So aweful.
Vampires favourite part of sex would be going down on a woman who's on her periods.
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And the day is screwed up early morning.

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