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i know i fucked up, i admit i fuckeddup , but everybody fuckkkup
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We argue, we fight, but we always end up alright... That's real
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#LukeFriendFollowParty """ Follow Mee :)) """Follow Everyone Who #RT's """#RT When Done """Gain Followers :)) It Actually Works :PP
Before I die, I would like to learn how to play the guitar.
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Brothers together. Nuff love 2 a true artiste @LukeFriendMusic lets do dis damn ting. @Roughians here we go #correct
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5 Days Till My Birthday :D Hoping To Have A Biiiigggg Party Cz My Uncle's Coming :D We Have Kinda The Same Birthday 14th and 16th :P
@Just_Smile140 no we should put SUPER glue Because I don't want to let go of you at all!
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I am so so happy you all mean the world to me,just want to say thank you for helping me have this...
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@Just_Smile140 glue So I can't let go of them, because they love me Oh wait I should do that to you ;) At least I can be wiv u 4eva xxx
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@Just_Smile140 Aww I love Holding Ur Hand too :') Some of the girls hand I hold can be very sticky and wet :/ But your one is Just Perfect!!
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Notice Me #Luke ILY Soo Much <3333 #Friendies #FollowMeLuke #VoteForLuke #TeamLuke <33 Follow Me Luke <33 ILY Soo Muchh <333
Dreams Come Slow And They Go So Fast...
Staring At The Bottom Of Ur Glass....
Everything U Touch Surely Dies....
And U Let Her Go..................