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Mary Nagle
webdevelopment bitcoin 25,090 followers
"I gotta get a chainsaw" ~ the modern version of "You're gonna need a bigger boat" #sharknado2
OMG the guy from "Airplane" is the pilot!!! #sharknado2 Oops make that "was" the pilot...
Germany had a little help from #SAP #BigData technology in quest for world cup glory
I got : Wizard of Oz! Which Movie Musical Are You?… via @play_buzz
Surprise! Science has discovered that kindness & generosity = happy couples: "Masters of Love"
Detecting Pneumonia in ICU Patients with Natural Language Processing #NLP
Is Modern Technology Creating a Borg-Like Society? More importantly: is resistance futile?
History of Rock Music by Susie Lu aka @DataToViz Brilliant use of #dataviz to pack a ton of insights into one screen!
Q: What's cooler than 3D printing? A: Zero gravity 3D printing! #ISS #astronauts #space #NASA
D-Wave CEO #VernBrownell tells CNBC "In the next 5 years, your iPhone will be accessing a #QuantumComputer"
Tornado warning for #Austin Texas - live stream here: Stay safe people! Also watch out for hail
Watch how this old #Apple computer entirely flummoxes these kids: "Where's the mouse?"
#TheMachine is a refrigerator-sized, brand new type of computer ~ so powerful it could replace an entire data center!
11-Year-Old Invents An Unbreakable, Spill-Proof Cup For Her Ailing Grandfather
Why you should take notes by hand—not on a laptop Hmm, so would computers learn better if we gave them hands? #AI
In Search of America’s Best Burrito @FiveThirtyEight your methodology needs refining. @PapaloteSalsa should be #1 :-)
If you're scared of violins on planes, please get yer head checked: TIME FOR THREE's violins DENIED ON #USAir FLGHT!!
You Can Learn A Lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History Vermont wins this game with #Poetry :-)
I offer this handy recipe as a PSA for all Portlanders right now:… #pdxboil
Some Strange Things Are Happening To Astronauts Returning To Earth
The Waterfall Swing lets you swing right through a wall of water without getting wet - Interesting Engineering
"How To Marry The Right Girl: A Mathematical Solution" Has anyone tried this?
My niece asked if I'd read "A Wrinkle In Time" - I couldn't help it, I gave away the secret of the tesseract right then & there... #spoiler
PHD Comics: What to call your Academic Event