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Mary Nagle
Turing Test 2.0: can a computer demonstrate true friendship? How do we define true friendship...hmm...that is the question. #AI
Carly won the debate when she answered "#Secretariat" to "what would your secret service code name be?"
Can we do an FOIA request to obtain the notes they write to themselves during the #debate? Would love to see those!
I try not to take it personally when she does this
He loves the new dog bed!
“We can’t solve law enforcement’s problem by creating vulnerabilities that are going to be exploited”…
I've gone quiet because it's happening. Bitcoin is like TCP/IP. They don't know what it is or how it works, and that's ok. Because it works.
"The Death Of Conversation: I Photograph People Obsessed With Their Smartphones"… #StreetPhotography with a message!
We worry about #ArtificialIntelligence because humans are untrustworthy. But what about #EquineIntelligence? Horses may be more trustworthy.
"I solemnly swear not to talk about Hillary's appearance because that is not journalism" #CecilyStrong #WhiteHouseCorrespondentsDinner Yes!!
How do we define the line that is crossed when #ArtificialIntelligence becomes #ArtificialEmpathy?
Having fun with this new account manager called "Walz" ~ I just hold my phone up to the screen to login to websites:
Americans have collectively forfeited 41 million IQ points from exposure to lead, mercury, organophosphate pesticides
"i have no eyes" got me to donate. Someone hand me a tissue. Now lets all move to san fran & work here forever.…
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I just backed The Age of Turing - An Interactive Experience on @kickstarter
About to launch #Windows10 using #VirtualBox on a #MacBookPro. Stop me now if this is a bad idea... #Holodeck, here I come!
.@TLCarter72 I want a dog collar that can GPS-track my dog's walks and automatically pay the dog walker in #Bitcoin while I'm at the office!
Apple Pay begets a "stupendous" amount of fraud #Bitcoin payments are immune to such theft as it's a push not a pull.
This never happens...just look at these odds! #SharedBelief
Calling all twitter budddies: I just built a @facebook page for @QuidPOS & could use some #likes / #follows please
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Verifying that +maryellennagle is my openname (my Bitcoin username).
This article asks why so few black people use #Bitcoin but doesn't answer the question… @TLCarter72 what do you think?
Adjusted for inflation, #NASDAQ won't reach parity w/ year 2000 levels until it hits 6786. Hitting 5000 again today was just a big illusion.
Kudos to Facebook for letting us write whatever we want in the "gender" box. I changed mine to "irrelevant" because gender shouldn't matter.
Never gonna give up the open internet. Thank you @FCC & @TomWheelerFCC!
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Alright people-what did you think of #InsideMan's #Bitcoin episode? I found it to be almost good until it fell into a pit of ignorance #CNN
Andreas FTW!!! @MorganSpurlock you should have spent more time talking to Andreas.
No, @MorganSpurlock you don't know the basics. You've already demonstrated that in your inadequate CNN show so far. #Bitcoin
This is what the "internet of things" endgame looks like
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Some laugh at Bitcoin. 20 minutes later those same people walk down to an ATM and pay a $5 fee to withdraw their own money.
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“This is about returning sovereignty to the individual for all of their digital life & digital assets” @winkelspecht #devcore #multisig #BTC
"The #blockchain is the operating system for distributed applications" says @winkelspecht at #Bitcoin #devcore
"We'll get to where you can have a hot wallet with 10 million dollars of bitcoin in it" says @gavinandresen #DevCore #SecurityInfrastructure
"Mining centralization is going to ebb and flow" & "decentralization forces will eventually take hold” says @gavinandresen #DevCore #Bitcoin
Great summary of the regulatory perspective by @msantoriESQ at #devcore: FinCEN for anti-terrorist aspect vs states for consumer protection.
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Twitter trending stats suggest that @MBTA GM #beverlyscott won the February 2015 #BOSnow debates.
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Quincy fire says #MBTA sent rescue train to push disabled train, but even that got stuck on snowy tracks.
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With #MBTA shut down on Tuesday, this may be the only way to get around in Boston
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None too soon, the #mbta puts new vehicles in service for the modern age.
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I'm gonna need a bigger snowmobile RT @MassEMA: @MBTA All #MBTA Subway, Trolley, & @MBTA_CR service will be suspended all day on Tue. Feb 10

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