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Mary Nagle
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Aha! So the inner workings of wallets are games of tetris :-) RT @balajis: Fairly good reference on #bitcoin fees:
.@MThompsonCNBC: how can the bitcoin community help you get the bitcoin digi-doc aired on @CNBC, in addition to online?
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Those who believe #Bitcoin isn't "backed" by anything don't realize it's powered by the most immense super-computing network ever created.
I attended #bitcoinconf w/ intention of seeking the "holy grail" - the "killer app" of #Bitcoin - it'll be #MultiSig + #DAO no doubt!!! wow!
I enjoyed the variety of interesting speakers, exhibitors, and attendees at #bitcoinconf - And I finally learned how to pronounce #Dogecoin!
Data is arguably the most important natural resource of this century ~ are we in a data-driven new gold rush?
Computers Are Now Able to Teach Each Other Pac-Man, The End is Near
Now you can instantly transform JSON into CSV format with this nifty tool:
A Revolution in Money to finance your self-driving car in the year 2040.
Rare #Stradivarius Violin Purchased With Bitcoin
Donate some #Bitcoin to help the mudslide-stricken town of Darrington, Washington:… It's fast, easy, and very helpful.
Happy Birthday, Twitter! Here's the #FirstTweet ever:…. What was yours?
Update on DoubleCoin Vault & Introduction of the First 7-Factor Authentication… In The World ;-)
Why is #SpainCoin's website in English if it's supposed to be "the perfect #cryptocurrency for the Spanish people" ?!
buy a 3D printer, print a 3D printer, return the 3D printer.. =)
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Warren Buffett avoids technology investments because he claims not to understand them. So why'd CNBC even bother asking him about #Bitcoin?
Actual magnificent castles vs. comparably priced apartments in NYC
The silver lining of todays events was the creation of the @DorianSatoshi Twitter account. #Bitcoin comedy at its finest. Thx for the laughs
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...but I can confirm that the reg'd email address of #Satoshi used on P2P Ning is the same as that used in orig #bitcoin paper etc
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