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@TOSIIX we send out regular contests and opportubnities for singers/artists/bands and sponsorships - so any projects you've done in the past
@QueFMM18 if you would like a donation project - please contact us with the subject and we will prioritise
@The_G_Chans hello, we are the world's only charity studio - we do #free work for unsigned, struggling artists -
@TOSIIX we will be running a campaign for a music video shortly - if you please e-mail we send sponsorships out
@DoUTurnUp hello, please send an e-mail into and we'll send the requirements #free
@carlosm_diaz hello, please send an e-mail into and we'll send the requirements #free
@LOWRHYDERZ hello, please send an e-mail into and we'll send the requirements #free
it is still #free #mixing #msatering for unsigned, struggling artists - equipment used on BBC/Radio 1/Major Labels
our article is finally published on the Music Producers Forum! - biggest music production site in the world!…
we thank @ItchycooRecords for #support of our charity! everyone follow them, or contact them for international distribution and promotion
we know #monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life! - but here is something to make your #morning better…
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Ellie Goulding it's going really well I see.. I'm going to take over some part of the promo campaign for this.....
@Whiteboy_Slim our management system wouldn't allow unfollowing if you follow we only perform regular maintenance and clear the unfollowers
@Luci_Monet nah.. no point in cheating.. if you really don't like someone anyone just tell them..still not nice but better #lesserofallevils
@Luci_Monet dont jave a gf.. and..I am actually just joking.. but don't have respect for anyone that cheats on their gf.. #never
@Luci_Monet nah.. my girlfriend would kill me if she knew what pickup-lines I was using.. erm....oh.. wait...
@Luci_Monet maybe the point of it is for you to casually walk away then bump into my friend next to me and break the ice talking about it
@Luci_Monet why not? It's cheesy enough and funny enough to pass as decent..haha
@RummyRai yes I'm still in check ur phone
is your name Google? cause you have everything I'm searching for.. #saturdaynight #pickupline
@MartinChilton wondering if you know anyone that can raise awareness of our charity, we are the only one in the world