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im going to school goodbye
i found this funnier than it really is
im meant to be getting ready for school but im rolling around on the floor instead
I always thought it was so adorable how Ashton would be like "Hey don't swear!" In like every video lol
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how do you "accidentally bump into your fave band members or artists" do you use black magic or
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im going to sleep good bye lovelies
the lake house is such a cool film like aye how can u not like it
is the time travellers wife any good what is it even about
the nutty belvita breakfast biscuits taste like nutella
anyone want a dm to liam whilst he is online? :-)
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huaraches or whatever they are are so ugly they make me cry
because women are taught "how to avoid rape" rather than men being taught not to rape in the first place #YesAllWomen
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why isnt vine letting me comment on nashs vine
like if i was skinny i wouldnt ever complain about anything ever again
i dont think skinny people realise how lucky they are
im finiding it really hard to concentrate is this normal
new ncis episodes aye
i think i need a new header now bc my icon is making my current one look weird
im listening to little things
if i change my icon to a selfie will u guys judge me lols
i cant believe how big lux has gotten
i dont understand homework it never helps me anway
why are you buying me biscuits i dont watn biscuits i want chocolate
im so scared i got like a F in my physics and chemistry exam