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nabilah ✨
ahhh caspar and joe in the vamps' new video made my whole dayy 😌👏
We did a version of Cecilia for @TeenageCancer, with all of this awesome lot.
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why does rihanna have a screw in her nipple
when someone mentions ur idol's name in public
@BellaLuvThorne that's called a great bra😂😂😂
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scared to turn off the lights bc i might get attacked by a daddy long legs
The mic stand wasn't used..? Why did you want it? #xfactor
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simon tf are u thinking
why am i watching this ://
xfactor does my head in
That time I was so bloated I looked 3 months pregnant...
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when they say 'flash the vamps' on tour we should all lift our tops up nd flash them instead of using the app that would rlly shock them
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About a week agoooooooooo...
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my followers list is beautiful atm
When ur lookin in the fridge naked & u hear the door
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i knew it was an app all along, pls 💅
Who's got their copy of my new album 'LEGACY' yet?! If not make sure to grab your copy here>> 😋🎉
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daddy long legs are invading my house
ariana's the best at follow sprees 🙌
when the teacher picks on u bc they think u aren't listening and u get the answer right
my brother just choked on bread and almost died
rt to bless someone tl with Zendaya beautiful voice 😍
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do i look like i give a shit about nash and hayes
'nash grier' all over my tl, can u not
forever wishing i could sing and play guitar.
I love the way that my girlfriend Amanda kiss me on my nose again😻😻 And it makes me sleep and dream❤️
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wow my stomach hurts so much 😩
goodnight enjoy this photo of brad
When you’re sorting out your camera roll on your ipad and…
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I wish the shower wouldn't attack my arm with freezing cold water every time I turn it on
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love love love love love love love. k? n here's some more love for u. even those who are unkind. here's some love for u too. u need it most.
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