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Sleep well mi amour x
Couldn't lie to myself that I miss you so much our memories never faded 😞
The hardest part of being in a long distance relationship? Not being able to see her everyday. Not being able to actually be there for her.
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"@owlcity: Ayyy girl are you roti canai because I love u" whAt
Ai frust giler arynie :-) :-)
My working day or not working day forever will be the same, he will never available to spend time w me
Hello 911 my boyfriend is missing 😰
''@AinulHidayahh: ‘hijab fashion’" finally, someone said this. feed you, dumbfvcks.
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Malaysian mentality 💁😔
seriously? tak ada adab or maruah ke nak judge orang melalui rupa paras. memalukan betul perempuan malaysia ni. aishh
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"@NurAdibahRazali: Apa kau expect move on tu senang. Tiap malam aku macam kena parkinson" deeb tabahkan hati
Dang rendang abang pukpuk
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Mereput dirumah aku harini
Still in pyjamas lol actual holiday lol #happygurl #h0lid4y #best #ev3r
"together forever" "best boyfriend ever" "luckiest girl in the world" "so in love"
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Youre my end and my beginning
"@iAppleMustache: Ku sangkakan panas hingga ke petang, rupanya difriendzoned sedalam-dalamnya" HAHAHAHA
But mario maurer still win in everything
"@IzzvddinTan: Sekali pandang macam CR" dua kali pandang macam cb
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have you ever been in love, been in love so bad you'd do anything to make them understand
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Saturday morning jumped out of bed
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"@ThatsSarcasm: Young Johnny Depp is everything😍" STUNNING AF STAPH
Make a cover song wouldnt hurt i guess.
Being ignore again huhuhuhu
"@SfiraSallhdin: boys will always be boys 💁�" this is soo yo@ameeeeeeeeerrrr
"Hukolah jadi kenal smace la kalu dei tengok tino comey gk. Biar tkrajin tengok pun." 😂
May god bless me for having weird cousins. And god, i need more patience limits
it's annoying when i'm always the one who loves more
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i'm the one who is setting the phone in silent mode either at school or home
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Geramnya la tengok badri aku geget gak kang asal hot sangat body uh
where are the boys that will only have their eye on one girl & one girl only?¿
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I wantt flowers
Nothing negative about a cloudy day.
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'thats my girl' and 'im so proud of you' will always make me feel a certain way inside. it never gets old, it will always make me smile😊
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i swear boys who love taking pictures of his girl are the best👍
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Cravings ☺✅ (@ Nasi Air Pok Awie (pantai air tawar))
women use silence to express pain. u know she's truly hurt when she chooses to ignore u
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i miss the old twitter when people tweet about everything or anything, not just about relationship goals & young kids look like 20+
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Ngantoxx (@ trafic light kubang kerian)
Cravings satisfied! (@ Taman Selera Kraftangan - Nasi Ulam Cikgu in Kota Bharu, Kelantan)
Rise and shine! ☀
Too many thoughts. Sigh.
"@Real_Liam_Payne: Gym gym gym" 💪💪💪😘