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Malay girls these days should really stop treating boyfriend like husband. A man has never done anything for you until he makes you his wife
Retweeted by bella
so into married man kekekekeke
i could spend all day to watch just married and smiles all the time :')
syukur for all the chances to get to know you, to love you, to be there for you through ur ups and downs. i am thankful for your existence.
Retweeted by bella
clingy is nice when it's the right person
Retweeted by bella
ah god my english boy is back 😍😘 hallo hallo tengteng
I don't know why I 😭😫😢 when I read this caption. Mungkin ni abah rasa bila aku stay jauh, bila aku kahwin
Retweeted by bella
morning!!! lapar la 😥
ah nate henry pun aiii 😍
bsndbjfjfjfbbfjf seung yeon ni sumpah eh gugat iman mana nk cari sial memang husband material duh
why am i meeting my broken self again?
Kawan biasa puji puji, kawan baik sees the real problem
Retweeted by bella
jaerim 😋😋
when you're in her i know im in your head 😌
When hijabis are not wearing hijab and a guy walks in
Retweeted by bella
🙈 (@ Lugano Coffee House by Hayaki in Kota Bharu, Kelantan)
amaigad need my own raden amzar la syial :')
lol staying in ma bed for a day??? lol baru rasa holiday kot?????
I have no idea what she's done, but this is just too much.…
Retweeted by bella
love u babes. just another reminder.
Retweeted by bella
mereput pulak aku harini. lambat lagi ke nk buka sem hehe
window shopping pun best jgk tapi pahal semua busy 😞
yesss titab 😋 (@ Kopitiam Kita in Kota Bharu, Kelantan)
I'm so fragile don't raise ur voice at me ever or I will turn into a ball of tears
Retweeted by bella
brapa kali bye dah ni, omg cant get enough la sial 😭😭😭
duh i want to touch his face so badly missing his scent 😢
so happy la tq 😘
ha tubik dah slang singapore dia walao eh
diam ah adri semak
"bnyak amoi seksi, ketaq lutut tapi ngucap ingat you."
ah god finally, i miss you bby 💕
walao eh kat singapore takda wifi or dah sangkut ngan makwe kat sana huhu
"U, kenapa whatsapp call?" "Sorry, tertekan tadi." "Tertekan ke rindu i ni?" "☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️"
Retweeted by bella
so hot la syal 🔥🔥
tahap mereput aku ni sampai boleh main xbox yang dah berhabuk kurun lamanya 😌

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