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Kedra ♌
aye lil bitch you fuckin or nah
i hate when mfs be like "What you know about____" bitch obviously a lot or i wouldn't be listening to them
the way i fuck her you would think i love this bitch
you niggas talking like hoes that's why ion fuck with ya
if you ain't talkin bout no head i'm like Blah Blah Blah Blah
i know a lot of niggas out here broke and will do anything for some Paper
& you probably don't like me but ion give a FUCK how you feel !
Beyoncé got bitches out here singing "surfboard" 🏄 but they bed on the floor with no "headboard" lmao
i already don't like that British bitch frfr #BBWLA
damn these new hoes got stank attitudes
Stop Lying on YA DICK ASS NIGGAS !
Still up or watever being ugly
a slave of my own mind
My temper like a bubble, you buss it you in trouble
i love it when you say i'm beautiful
S/O To The Females That✋... - TEXT One Guy❗ - CALL ONE Guy❗ - LOVE ONE Guy❗ - SUPPORT ONE Guy❗ - CLAIM ONE Guy❗ 💑❤💏💍😍💋
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cause that night turned into every weekend, every weekend turn into every evening .
Remember when Jamie Foxx said Miley Cyrus would end up on a stripper pole and he had to apologize. Everyone now owes Jamie Foxx an apology
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i give but i can not take love