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Mysterio, Or Not.
Close Fight Until Round 9. Canelo Took That Round. #CaneloLara
I Say 2-1 Budden, With Hollow Taking The 3rd Round. #TotalSlaughter
Lmao @HollowDaDonLOM Pulling Out The Big Guns Now & Just Called Out @JoeBudden For Beating On Women. Sheesh! Tense Moment! #TotalSlaughter
Wow. "Put Away This Jagged Edge, I Got 1 12, I Want Jo De Ci" Damn! @HollowDaDonLOM #TotalSlaughter
Holy Crap. @HollowDaDonLOM Is In A No Lose Situation And Is Getting At #TotalSlaughter Management. Whoa!
How Did They NOT Have @HollowDaDonLOM Mic'd Up Already!?!?!?! #TotalSlaughter
Main Event Time! @HollowDaDonLOM vs. @JoeBudden Real Heavy Interest Right Now. #TotalSlaughter
They Just Robbed @MurdaMookez Of His Last 30 Seconds! Wow. #TotalSlaughter
HOLY BALLS!! Busta Rhymes Is Going Crazy! @MurdaMookez Just Exposed @iAmLoadedLux RAW!!! #TotalSlaughter 30 Seconds More Dammit!!!
Lord!! @MurdaMookez Is Running With This Battle So Far. #TotalSlaughter Damn!!! Calling Out Some Real $#!T Right Now!
Mook Is BLACKING Out! Lmao #TotalSlaughter Definitely Got The 1st Round!
I Think @MurdaMookez Got This First Round Against @iAmLoadedLux. Closest Battle So Far. #TotalSlaughter
No Seriously... WTF!? @DAYLYT2k That Was Real Disturbing To See... #TotalSlaughter
Maybe Too Much Hype For This Battle. Kind Of Letdown So Far. #TotalSlaughter
Daylyt Is Spawn. Literally Dressed As Spawn. #TotalSlaughter
#NYC Is Ruthless! Already Booing Big T. #TotalSlaughter
Arsonal Is Running With This Round! Lord! #TotalSlaughter
I've Got Arsonal Winning Round 1 So Far. #TotalSlaughter
That "Aunt Vivian" Line From Arsonal Was Dope Tho. #TotalSlaughter
#TotalSlaughter Tonight! Really Amped For This One!
Wishing My Boy @Royceda59 Best Of Luck Tonight! I WISH I Had Scored Tickets ! >:(
I Swear That Marker On My #FireCider Shot Glass Should Read "Repels Demons". This Stuff Is Strong &…
I got : The Hangover ! Which Movie Is Actually Based On Your Life?… via @play_buzz
Thanks @GENODABOSS @JerryVirtuall @The__maiIs_ for being top new followers in my community this week (insight by
Started My Morning With My Two Little Ladies Via Skype! Shi-Shi Had SO Much To Say To Me! Lol Can't…
Is Twitter As Popping As It Was In 2011?
Lord! These 2 "Glasses Of Wine Got Me Waved Out! #HoodClassy? Lol
I Can't Forget My Shi-Shi Having 0 Fear In Her With Us In A Glass Box Miles Above #Tokyo! My Little…
My Team Is In The Finals!!! #Argentina Is Taking The #WorldCup!! Been Rocking With Argentina Since Maradonna In 1990 & Batistuta In 1998!
#WCW #WomanCrushWednesday My Erry-Day Crush Is My Woman. Natural Beauty, Geek Brains & Her…
Remember That This World Is A Vampire.
Thanks @KaCeTheProducer @IMoveiLive @Stardom101Press for being top new followers in my community this week (via
Thanks @J_C_McDonald @CelineElite @StephanKast for being top new followers in my community this week (insight by