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May29 :)
Gonna lay in my bed alll day and relax
Im not going anywhere today
Gonna have myself a movie night day/night with my baby @Venditti_xo
Yea fuck you Miley #hate #MileyCyrus #Miley #Cyrus #idc #SorryNotSorry #s4s #f4f #share #follow #followback #hashtag #lol #funny #acdc #wreckingball
Scared the shit outta @aliciaa_marieee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My parents have the AC on 😜
My #wcw 😍 such a cutie @venditti_xo
Omg i dont know what to do
This man really has a Disco Tattoo πŸ˜‚#TattooNightmaress
How did @TATUBABY make it this far? She fucked up soo many times #InkMaster
This is why i love her @venditti_xo
AHHHHH HOCKEY BITCH!!! @pepperrzz @krazykiller4
Dont have the time to
I also hardly play anymore
If it didnt have my show scars lol id sell it for more
Im gonna sell it for $100-125
This is my practice guitar
Yea im gonna sell it
I barely play it anymore
Thinking about selling my guitar
Idc what you say about this picture these are type of pictures i like.... Because it shows that we can be comfortable with eachother whenever we want and which is why i love you ^.^ cant believe its been 4 months already and its been among the best months ever❀️❀️❀️❀️ @venditti_xo
Nothing goes to plan fuck me!!! 😀😑
Cant stand people they truly are fucked up
Just imagine what that kids going through
And im more than twice kids age haha
I have hats, cds, jerseys, baseballs, hockey pucks all signed by favorite players and musicians if i lost one of them i would go ape shit
Its like one of the coolest feelings in the world
I know what its like to get something signed by your idols
But i would never take it from him
Sure im jealous of the kid he got a hat signed by my favorite player of all time
This is why i hate people
And because youre a jealous heartless fuck you rob a child
Thats something that can never be done again
The kid is 7 years old
Like forget the fact that it was signed by Mariano Rivera
Thats fucked up how do you steal a 7 year olds hat after its been signed by his idol
Movie night with @Venditti_xo was a perfect night 😊
This ones for Mo :/ #ExitSandman
My favorite MLB Player has retired today πŸ˜”#ExitSandmann
Sitting in my bosses car lol
When me and @tom_cori hear this song we make sure we hit the bell lol
"Jesus Christ has given me many gifts one of which involves me knocking people the fuck out" Pain and Gain fucking hysterical right now
Getting ready to enjoy my night with @Venditti_xo
Downloading movies
Got my windows open