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...only a matter of present concern. A mathematical equation stands forever.
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I consider "uncle/auty" everybody over 18 yo, btw.
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Just chewed a fish full of the time i realised i was almost done so i just mia ma eye finish hard
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When you on your way to the cell games but you think of a fire tweet
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I can't believe this...a cop hugs a black person...racism is basically over
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O wow. Who sucks dick in a alley 6:36 in the morning???
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Victoria Justice's favorite bands are Coldplay and the Beatles
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Relationships are harder now because conversations become texting, arguments become phone calls, and feelings become status updates. #TRUTH
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XMASS LIST #New luks #more foolin @funnyfacegh #a dinner date with @mzveegh on dec 26f #more eatin with ma bruhz
"@iamselassy: @instinzdarko @Vanels_mylz hahhahahahahha.....sure we wait to see" hehee u again??
"@instinzdarko: @Vanels_mylz make you no mind @iamselassy. What tat doesnt kill me will make me stronger #AganistBagbo" haahaa duz it
"@akeemrajnut: @instinzdarko @Vanels_mylz ...hahahahaga....nigga kpor aforku -- @iamselassy__e need hot #VITAGO @akeemrajnut Lol. #Aboniki
"@instinzdarko: @Vanels_mylz #WickedAndBad aforku o buh i go come bak better tat ever ...@iamselassy u naa u go feel" sure. Knt wait bruh
@Vanels_mylz oh boi na o...buh ebi much much better nw..yesty sef i go shoot shoot aroun
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"@instinzdarko: @Vanels_mylz oh boi na o...buh ebi much much better nw..yesty sef i go shoot shoot aroun" duz nice. Holdin unto the #dream