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Myles Evans
Me and Dj Camillo awhile back
"Privacy is for the cheater, obviously you are deceiving"- @chrisbrown
Me 5 months ago I was 175. I am now 190lbs holding it well. I know it's been awhile since I posted a workout pic but it's coming no worries
I know who you put my heart on layaway.....I AIN'T GOING BACK NOMORE...I SWEAR TO GOD I'M MOVING ON! -X by @chrisbrown great song
I listen to a lot of music the only music that really sets me free are #electro #deephouse #trapmusic #deephouse
Loving feels so numb, just let me lay back and ride me until I'm about to cum.....
I feel God hates me. He gets me so close to where I Wana be and snatches it from me and pushes me back to the beginning.
I'm growing weary with this life I feel like I'm cursed I feel like everyone lies to me.
Another repost of a song I freestyled in one take I finished the song by the way lol. Umm I hope you guys like it
A repost of me singing my way awhillllee ago lol tell me what you think
A repost of my way by usher I sung a whillllle ago lol enjoy
When you touch me here, when touch me likey you can bring it up you can bring it down Goin another round me likey😜
Ain't nothing like a good laugh with people you can also cry with. It's Just Different
The best way to be successful in life is when you do it with successful people. I love my team they work hard and it's paying off. It's just Different
Go follow a great friend of mine and a great jeweler. Hit her up @joanielandaudesigns @joanielandaudesigns
The trump tower event went well a lot of friends were made and a lot of friendships continued. I love singing it's something I am amazing at and I thank God for my talent.
Trump towers discussing how everything is going down tomorrow my team is taking over It's Just Different
My investor's car from the trump towers. I performing at trump towers tomorrow everyone for a lot of rich people wish me luck. I'm so lucky on how far my music career has progressed in the last 6 years. It's only you God. Thank you
A shout out from my boy about my singing all the way from long island. Fan base getting huge. 😊😆
I love making new friends
Go follow my buddy @angelinabioletti @angelinabioletti @angelinabioletti NOW!!!!!!!!😡😉
Young me lol I was so full of myself lol
I can tell that your scared I can hear your heartbeat. Why you come around here I can hear your heartbeat
Me and sarena pr acting in my P.R. new club he's opening
My partner Sarena beautiful as she is talented. We just different
Virginia in the morning until Sunday then next week I'm off to upstate New York then to the trump cocktail party. Work