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Why do girls feel the need to hate on other girls? Mad cause idgaf about you? Run along
Today was such a bad day.
I love boys clothes
I can't wrap my head around murder...thats the most evil thing you could do to someone
You just a hoe with bad grades.
I'm the queen of outfit repeating...
"@kweenklarke: well-dressed people >"
If people talk money before they talk about their love for art my respect level for them automatically goes down
Retweeted by Sade
One thing I notice right off the bat is someone's handwriting and grammar.
tell me i'm your fave
I don't "chill" with guys because chillin turns into u tryna lick on my neck and feel on some booty and I am a child of God
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I have sushi so that kinda balances out the amount of studying I have to do tonight
stay intelligent, stay prayed up, stay evolving.
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I think the most annoying thing in this world is when your black doesn't match.
gettin back on my workout grind.
Goddamn I could eat sushi for a lifeeetime
Birthdays are overrated...
All black people think they can sing and its so no girl. No.
Fighting temptations every night for you.
Retweeted by Sade
let's get it right this time.
Retweeted by Sade
Sundays are brutally boring.
Tired of looking at squiggly, uneven lines when I talk to some girls. So ugly
If your winged eye sucks, don't wear it ugh
Am I the only one really bothered when a girl has horrible taste in guys? It irks me
So irritated right now
I'm doing great I'm good I'm perfect
Retweeted by Sade
I like that I don't have to match but still make it look good
Kinda over my parents "no date rule". I'm seventeen...I see who I want, whenever I want.. bye
Having to miss church cause you got so much damn homework <<<<<<
"It's rated R so it's probably tight"
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thank God for the day❗️❗️
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Is it appropriate to ask someone why they don't want you?..
Retweeted by Sade
lowkey wanna fuck ur brains out
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Condo in the city sounds perfect
"@smokersclub300: honestly don't like to be around alot of people sometimes I like to be alone just me and my thoughts"
Save your energy: don't entertain toxic people.
Retweeted by Sade
Omfg my composite for p.e is an 89... this is gonna bother me for the rest of my life
Today was interesting..but at least I was surrounded by people I actually like
Kinda scared for my piano recital
I need to associate myself around different people.
Negative people go awaaaay ugh
Literally I'm horny all the time.
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