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Its so funny when my parents try to catch me in a lie...i'm too smart. Stop.
it's unfortunate you have remove some people from your life to reach happiness
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Hate when clothing store get mad when you messy. Bitch YOU signed up for this job. Be mad at ya self
Lol really appreciate my job 💰💰Kh9
How tf is this a goal??? Your husband should do this no matter what. Ugh y'all annoying…
This Sandra Bland case makes me sick to my stomach.
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This nigga telling us Drake don't write his shit like we don't know lmfaoo. God wrote that for him, Drake a prophet
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Damn who be writing Drake raps he deserves a fuckin award 😭
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American Apparel. My favorite store that i cannot afford
Self love is the best love. Keep callin' yourself beautiful, sexy, bad, whatever you think you are. I love it
The only girly side to me is my love for makeup lbs
I just hate super light and frilly colors.
I remember i used to be such a girly girl as a kid. Like pink was my favorite color. Now i hate pink and i only like to wear dark colors
I don't think i've ever been this tired before..i'm about to collaspe
Lord knows i wanted to hop across that counter and smack the shit outta that dumb ass five below worker
Nothing irks me more than a person whose a cashier but CAN'T COUNT. Bitch you literally have a computer that does it for you. Stop playinn'
Recording your kids cursing, twerking, (etc) while you laugh, just proves your parenting skills are trash #MyUnpopularBlackOpinion
😂 okay so we've established watermelons are disgusting #MyUnpopularBlackOpinionn
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It be like damn where have you beeennn??
when his friends call and he says "nah i'm laid up with my girl right now, I'll catch yall tomorrow."
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For someone who loves tattoos and pain tolerance is extremely low
Can't wait to get my curly hair
😭😭 its true thougxl
It is tooooo hot outside no ma'm. 😭😔
Out here getting this 💰�c7
G whattt?! 😭😂 yall niggas annoyinCa
Boy you know we got thangs to do so getcha ass in the car and come thru
Idk what i was looking at
Like she fr in some shorty shorts leaning over the corner ordering food with two of her lil thot bop friends...her mama is not in SIGHT
This little ass girl comes in in shorts and a sunhat holding her purse talking about can i get a salad. Girl can you get a whoopin? Fast ass
Lol new people at my job are so hilarious cause they're so shy and afraid to call the food down
Cannot wait to move to LA... that's been my dream since i was 8 years old

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