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Goofy people are the best kind of people, duhh😁
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Uptight people are hella boring. Lawd, live a little. Have some fun. Its okay to be goofy now & then.
#Aries know what they want and is not the least bit shy about going after it.
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I'm everything you think i am, but nothing you expect me to be.
"Prove yourself better than the best or make yourself different from the rest"
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Lol why wave hi to someone you cleaaarly don't like. Makes 0 sense.
A lot of people will start hating you when they see you doing good.
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It's actually very annoying when someone always feel like they need somebody else to make them happy. Independent.....or nah?
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It feels nice to not have to take the bus.
Whenever I'm on my phone, i literally drown out everyone & they're all just noise to me...
I hate grease stains on sweats because they never come out. Ugh 😤
I love the window seat because I'm a sucker for clouds, it's easier to sleep & I don't have to stand when people want to use the bathroom.
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Define "normal"....
disliking me wont make you relevant✋
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I don't tolerate anything I don't feel like I deserve.
Everyone has that one class where they walk in and immediately want to commit mass homicide
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Headache 😫
I'm all about women with nice stomachs. 🙌
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I cant believe i have to take the ACT next week....😬
Give credit when it's due or just keep your mouth shut
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I'm already looking at a Prom dress for next year that I'm 100% sure, NOONE will have. 💁
Its great having a cousin who lives in Cali & working in the business. Can't wait for him to show me the works 👌
Bet I can do what you do but better.
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Why are Sundays always so boring..?
thought u was doin why u watchin me?
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Wow I do not want to go to school tomorrow at all
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I want to stab people who say Andrew Garfield is the original spiderman. Fuck no. Fuck that shit.
Jamila has to take her ACT tuesday and she hasnt studied for not one ACT passage. Gooooood luck 👍
I was working on my ACT when my young cousin comes down and says "that looks easy." I literally LOL'd. How great is it to be that young.
*does the duck face and chucks up the peace sign in my mugshot*
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I hate to have 2 retweets in a row 😅 My tweets have to be inbetween...
If I tweeted half the stuff that went through my head I'd be sent far far away
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Life is not going to follow you, you have to follow life. Grudgingly or happily, that's your choice.
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98% of people who win singing shows, become so irrelevant after releasing their first single. .
Every day is an opportunity to be happy. To love someone. To make another person's day and to be better than the day before.
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Everyone nowadays think they can model.😒 chile pleeease.
If my nudes ever got leaked... it wouldn't even faze me. My nudes are A1. I'll leak them myself.
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I just feel bad for people who don't believe in God. You're gonna be misguided for probably the rest of your life...
Always consider yourself a work of art. Always consider yourself a work in progress.
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My obsession with jeep wranglers is kinda sick
Why is it that girls who constantly have to say they're sexy or cute are always the ugly ones? Humble yourself.
Why does my dad insist on taking me out THIS early for driving ?
When you got it, make the most of it.
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Oh that's cool. My phone deleted half my music. 😌
good things take time, just wait on it 🙏
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Successful driving day today.
I love making people laugh. It makes me feel good inside.
I would love to be in Cali right now laying on the beach🌴🌻⛅