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Goofy people are the best kind of people, duhh😁
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Uptight people are hella boring. Lawd, live a little. Have some fun. Its okay to be goofy now & then.
#Aries know what they want and is not the least bit shy about going after it.
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I'm everything you think i am, but nothing you expect me to be.
"Prove yourself better than the best or make yourself different from the rest"
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Lol why wave hi to someone you cleaaarly don't like. Makes 0 sense.
A lot of people will start hating you when they see you doing good.
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It's actually very annoying when someone always feel like they need somebody else to make them happy. Independent.....or nah?
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It feels nice to not have to take the bus.
Whenever I'm on my phone, i literally drown out everyone & they're all just noise to me...
I hate grease stains on sweats because they never come out. Ugh 😤
I love the window seat because I'm a sucker for clouds, it's easier to sleep & I don't have to stand when people want to use the bathroom.
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Define "normal"....
disliking me wont make you relevant✋
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I don't tolerate anything I don't feel like I deserve.
Everyone has that one class where they walk in and immediately want to commit mass homicide
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Headache 😫
I'm all about women with nice stomachs. 🙌
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I cant believe i have to take the ACT next week....😬
Give credit when it's due or just keep your mouth shut
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I'm already looking at a Prom dress for next year that I'm 100% sure, NOONE will have. 💁
Its great having a cousin who lives in Cali & working in the business. Can't wait for him to show me the works 👌
Bet I can do what you do but better.
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