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In trying to go to bed and my two year old son taking up bed space so he can watch Mickey Mouse.😒
I'm up like I forgot I got work or some shit.😒
Fuckin traffic.😠😠
Serge Ibaka survived a war and played ball with empty water bottles as his shoes growing up. You're heading down the wrong path Matt Barnes
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Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were the ones who organized the team practices at UCLA.
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Aye American @MeekMill. Didn't say don't come. Just puzzled why you'd diss a Canadian hero a week before coming to his city.
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You're no longer welcome in Toronto, @MeekMill.
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Too many people on Twitter believe they have the answers to every fucking thing.😒
When your ex's try to come back in your life.
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Great having our team together working out to get better. #Thunderup @okcthunder
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RT if you are excited to see the OKC #Thunder rock their new orange alternate jerseys next season!
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Ugly ass bitch in people's DMs looking like a blonde fat trel.😱
See.Drake don't need a crazy ass trap beat to diss someone.He killin niggas on classical music with no steady tempo.
You late bruh, it's "charged up" listen to it…
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I hope Drake serves Meek in a diss track or some shit.Now fans takin sides they part of the beef.LoL
Fuckin hate TV. Animal Planet got redneck shows, NATGEO got Dirty Jobs and History Channel got stupid ass pawn shows. Nothing relevant.
I seriously don't think KD would ditch Westbrook.They are way too close of friends.A lot more complex than basketball.
Sex...then food...then Netflix....Perfect way to end a night.😏
@jamesaurora_ 😂 it's that serious! It's so much variety! Everyday doesn't sound bad
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Just a continuous show of our bros and sis' screaming out with no one to help because we're busy filming it…
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I wanna move back to Germany.America is on a steep decline.
Mexican food is the best.😩
So tired of seeing videos of cops beating on someone.I don't agree with it but ain't shit gonna change if I retweet it. #RealLife
I don't know why America always worried about terrorists.We gonna end up destroying ourselves anyways.
My TL is quite depressing & upsetting, but this is America 😔
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"I would love to see him stay in OKC his entire career." -Charles Barkley on Kevin Durant
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Ken Berger of CBS Sports reports that many NBA executives believe Kevin Durant WILL STAY with OKC next season
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All the OKC Thunder players are having non-mandatory workouts and are bonding in LA.What the fuck is your team doing? #ThunderUp
How are yall going to sit here and believe some made up shit about Rihanna. Last time I checked we RT on Twitter not take screenshots!!
All yall was dick riding Meek.Now Yall disrespecting him like you was never a fan.Type of fake shit is this?
Twitter has become over saturated with bad grammar,stupid ass relationship goal memes and fight videos.😑
BMW M-Series or Camaro SS?
Trying to decide what car I wanna get.
Fuckin hate liars.Quit being a pussy and be honest.You fucked up.Own up to it.
Yall keep forgetting the only thing that's held OKC back from the Finals is injuries.Thats it.
I don't see kd leaving okc bruh not at all
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サンダー最強のコンビ、KDとラスの試合前の仲良しツーショット(2014/12/14) 明らかに悪いことを考えてるKDの顔w ラスは少しだけ耳を傾けるけど最後は笑い飛ばして終了!みたいな。 こんなの見つけてはニマニマしてますw
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BUT...OKC had to make a choice given cap/lux tax economics and their needs. Harden/Russ/KD have a TON of overlap. They chose Ibaka over JH13
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@JonesOnTheNBA There's no situation that gives him a better chance to win than playing with Russ and Ibaka for the next decade, either.
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Everyone hating on the thunder but when KD comes back everyone gonna like them again
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I hate it when I try hard not to argue about something then someone fucks it all up.👿

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