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Northern Light$
this aint like how it used to be
I fuckin hate infomercials.They always over-exhaggerating shit that aint that fuckin
I hope Rondo goes to OKC like these recent rumors are talking.
I cant wait to get my new car.Or truck.
Nobody on twitter gives a shit if you're bored.Go read a book or something bitch.
Its bad enough as is.Majority of folks want to be in a relationship for the wrong reasons & have the nerve to question why it aint work out.
Stupid ass relationship goal pictures on twitter.Always wanting something with no real effort behind it.
Chiptole does sound good as hell..
Gonna be busy tommorow too..
cant wait for fall to get here...
i love you...that is all..
You cannot slack off in college one bit.It will always catch up to
I dont feel good... :/
This chick doing her hair in class.Dont make no fucking sense.
People get on twitter and think they got life figured
Went for a walk.Nice day today.Nice and cool.
There are enough restaurants in New York City for one person to eat out every night for 54 years and never visit the same place twice.
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Today gonna be a mess..
Come on Seahawks!!
Seahawks better go in tonight! #goSeahawks
I think new camaros are so ugly 😷
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I hate the radio.Wack ass music.
This heat need to chill the fuck out...
The criteria for maintaining a relationship nowadays has changed drastically...And over a short period of time too..
Mufukas on twitter always saying "I CANT"
Damn i wanna smoke...πŸƒπŸ˜§
I am in love with traveling..just fun
I wanna take a trip to Italy and get some real
My son will sleep any old kind of way.
im tired but i dont wanna go to sleep all early
how was yalls weekend
Make the best of today.Dont stress about tommorow.Tommorow will take care of itself.
i dunno kmow why but morning sex is the
Today was my official completion of 6 years in the Air Force.Go me.
This heat makes me so fuckin tired
Dont take your freedoms for granted.Try to enjoy each day.
tired...slowly fading..