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northern light$
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That mouf doin numbers....😩😫😖
Imma ask her "What's good with the Little Foot mah?".."Wuss good with that long neck?"
@Anthos420: Godamn..Some head would be too clutch right now..LOL..shit” TOOO CLUTCHH
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Godamn..Some head would be too clutch right now..LOL..shit
Kobe stayed loyal to his team.That's why I give him more respect than LeBron.
I'm no Laker fan but that boy Kobe putting on a show!
@242patron: Hate it when I'm watching a movie and someone keep asking me about it like for fucks sakes watch the damn movie..”
Twitter and Facebook are just full of hypocrites.I don't believe half the shit niggas be saying.
Tired is an understatement.
Why niggas think rapping the only career they can get into?LOL
Don't be wasting someone else's time because you don't wanna take the relationship serious.
I don't fuck with you anymore..
No one is ever "too busy", it's just a matter of priorities.
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im so glad to be moved on from certain people
People buggin bout dumb shit
you ever notice how mad somebody get when you tell em you dont be funny as hell
legit only like 5% of all girls can actually pull this haircut off
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I don't feel right.
Niggas priorities be all fucked up.
I hate it when you're so tired your eyes burn when you close them.😵😪😴
All this data.All these free ass minutes.All these free ass apps.All these contacts.Phones still be dry as
Fuck no I don't trust you.
Nowadays you're better off expecting someone to be fake than loyal.
When you learn to make due and be grateful of what God has given to you life becomes so less complicated and much more enjoyable.
Tired but don't want to go to bed yet.
It doesn't take much to please me.
I'm one hell of a photographer.Gotta neat pic of my son overlooking Sawmill Valley,VA
I get mad easily
S/O to my fellow Aquarians.♒️
Anyone who challenges #Aquarius on a personal level will suffer the wrath of their anger
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It is near impossible to beat #Aquarius in an argument.
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I want it.Bad too.☺️
Stop talkin out the side of yo neck. Fuck 😡
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If you can't love, you can't live.Learn to love.
Y'all fuckin with my AVI??
So many things surround trust.Its just so important.
Loyalty is a big thing for me